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It’s time again to encourage self-expression. Try not to burn the place down while I’m gone.


Things to Consider:

** (h/t Claudio) Should you pick stupid people to launch nuclear missiles to end the world? There is some twisted underpinning logic to the Chinese Approach. They won’t overthink the order; they’ll push the button.

** “Take me to the Brig. I want to see the real Marines.” Lt General Chesty Puller USMC

** President Kennedy? You know…, They killed him for far less than we are seeing now.

** Fox reported, “Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter arrested and released amid NYC anti-Israel protests at Columbia University.”

Isn’t she also her niece?

** Should we discuss L. A.’s mansion tax?

** Is hand-made matzah appealing to anyone?

** Military Misgendering – Misuse a pronoun=Article 15 action. Under a 2020 Equal Opportunity law, commanders may now subject anyone who refuses to “affirm” a transgender servicemember’s “gender identity” to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) for alleged “harassment,” according to Captain Thomas Wheatley, an assistant professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

While any such move would be an apparent infringement of a servicemember’s constitutional right to express their closely held religious beliefs, there are other more “subtle” ways the military could punish members for the politically incorrect sin of misappropriating pronouns.

** We learn from history that we don’t learn from history?

** CDRSAL discusses an imperfect future for the US Navy. “We can fix it now or wait until another, larger national defeat to force change.” I bet the gilded admirals and their woke staff will keep whistling past the graveyard, trusting in their enlightened, smug, wokeness to tide them over.

** Note: Slower blogging ahead. If I can’t get to things in between, I will try to post something every Sunday. Likely more often, but maybe not daily. Don’t be concerned. It’s not a health issue. God be with you.



You are no longer free to have children. You are a free-range tax slave, indoctrinated to understand that every demand that you make of your government subjects you to further servanthood. You have resigned yourself to the life of an indentured servant. Your highest aspiration is to elect good masters who will provide the things necessary for slave ownership. Food, housing, jobs and healthcare. Things that the slave owner was responsible for before he changed the name of slavery to citizenship.

You beg for a “universal basic income” and claim it is a right of citizenship. Healthcare, too, is claimed as a right.

More than simply not understanding freedom, you have become fearful of its responsibilities. Freedom frightens you. You ask the government to take it away from you—take it away from you and your scary neighbor. If you cannot have it, then neither should anyone else. We should all be equally yoked. We will own nothing and be happy if no one else has anything.

Bow to master! Bow to the government. Good slave. Run along, pick the cotton, and pay your federal and state income, property, estate, gift, capital gains, payroll, sales, and excise taxes. Remember, there’s ten percent for the big guy if you want permission to do something illegal and not be held accountable on top of the rest.


$4,000,000,000.00 for a Ship that Doesn’t Work x 3


Columbia University

Columbia has over 31,000 students, and the university administration, through vacillation, lack of leadership, and collusion, has permitted only “dozens” of students to intimidate, paralyze, and damage the university in favor of murderous Hamas. The failure is on so many levels that it would take more time and space than I have to examine it here. At the root of it is a simple truth akin to parenting: you will fail as a parent or a person in authority if you do not lay down clear lines demarcating unacceptable behavior and fail to uniformly, swiftly, and strictly enforce those strictures. Failure to do so leads to greater chaos and destruction.

This small group of anarchists and leftists have been led to believe, through the over-indulgence of their parents, peers, professors, and administrators, that they have a right to “demands” and the right to interfere with and disrupt the lives of those students who disagree with them or who want to go about “learning,” a privilege they have paid a great deal of money and spent much time doing. It is time the protestors were disabused of that notion.

Even when they are finally removed from the campus, the university will most likely not impose any consequences on them for their actions, and that is a lesson that will not be lost on them or others.


Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts

Timeless advice…


Identify the Aircraft


Identify the Armor


There’s the track, and then there’s the weapon.


Hunting in the Shadows:

Borneo and South Vietnam 1964-1968

by Michael Watson


Hunting in the Shadows

This is a non-fiction book of history.


The events described here occurred in Borneo during the Indonesian Confrontation in the latter half of 1964 and the Republic of Vietnam during that country’s fight for its existence throughout 1965-1968. Malaysia, with the assistance of its allies, prevailed in the Confrontation.


Unfortunately, the Republic of Vietnam, after being abandoned by its allies, succumbed to a full-scale Communist armored and infantry invasion in April 1975.


This is the story of an Australian Army officer who was seconded to support the efforts of the Republic of Vietnam in their clandestine war against the National Liberation Front. The story is told precisely as events unfolded without efforts to minimize or maximize.


It’s a story of a brutal civil war, proxy war, love, death, and revenge in a wartorn setting. Both the government of the Republic of Vietnam and the National Liberation Front (Viet Kong) engaged in systematic assassination as a matter of policy. Reading this book requires that you lens it in the context of people and events as they took place.


Parting Shot:


33 thoughts on “Open Forum

  1. Identift the Aircraft:
    Saab J-29
    Identify the Armor:
    1. Matilda II
    2. 15 cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf Selbstfahrlafette Sd.Kfz.4/1

  2. The Kennedy remark? It’s true & it does make you wonder. I suspect the end goal changed (grown) and there are a lot of new players (banks, money managers & tech) on the power side of the equation than there were in 1963.

  3. “A weak America” by those who have decided men are irrelevant and those in government are our rulers. By example: (Hamas/Anti-Semite “protesters”)…Real men would have brought in the paddy wagons, rounded up the rabble, bulldozed their tent (sh)city then hauled them off to jail…and done LAST Friday so they have to stew in their decrepit juices until their court appearance a week from Monday. But because of too much touchy-feely weakness the rabble get to run amok, then make demands that they get taken care of, while twisting facts into making themselves the victim. Worse, as if right on cue, there are people outside of that idiotic fray making excuses for them, saying “they have a right to be heard”. Uhh…nope…they have no rights to disrupt , especially in support of an evil criminal element.
    Biden-wreckage-nomics (a program of international criminals): “Office-Loan Defaults Near Historic Levels With Billions on the Line. Over $38 billion of U.S. office buildings face loan defaults, foreclosures or other forms of distress, the highest amount since 2012”
    A result of 2020-2023 Lockdowns by the Self-Appointed Slavemasters who decided societal norms needed changed to generate a weak, lazy, and malleable citizenry who prefer their captivity while justifying their addled mentality (see above, same thing).
    God be with you as well…a proper sentiment needed more now than ever.

  4. Identify the Aircraft : This jet was made by the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Company for the C.I.A. at $6 B. each.
    It doesn’t fly but it sure does suck.

  5. Chesty Puller was right about Marines and GETTING them to the brig. I was an Army MP, but I had my share of Armed Forces Patrol and had to deal with Sailors and Marines. I gave a few hickory shampoos and they shrugged them off. Funny, how I never had to deal with Air Force personal. That little Saab J-29 gobbling looking aircraft. If I was a pilot, I am sure I wouldn’t fly something so fugly. Since I am emanating negative Moriarty waves that Navy boat that is being jockeyed by a tug, That looks like something my 3 year old nephew would draw.

    I am sure since the precedent for eliminating Presidents have been established and recently for President Kennedy, I am sure there are plans afoot for Trump. I pray he has an impenetrable security, mainly his own personal security, I would trust anything associated and draws a governmental check.

    1. I was TDY to LeJeune for a while. USAF,
      My buddy and I had been at the NCO club too long.
      We left and a little later he made some smart aleck remark to a ticked off gyrene with a shotgun standing watch for something somebody else did (drop a rubber banded grenade down a fuel filler tube on a pickup in the motor pool).
      We got back to the barracks and he headed for the head across the street.
      That’s when the Provost Martials got him and threw him over the hood of the M-151.
      I missed it by that much.

  6. Slave.

    “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”

    –George Bernard Shaw

    1. You’re right, there’s no fraud in the UN. They do pay commissions, though – perfectly legal if it’s the UN – 10% to the Big Guy.

    2. $40,000,000.00 taxpayer dollars a day to the Taliban. Less ten percent as LL stated above. My how the crooked Pedo pals have aligned just right since he was head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee from 2002 on. In the mean time the Chinese blatently occupy Bagaram Air Base, Afghanistan on September 2, 2021 only to strip mine lithium, copper and other natural resources that the Pedo regime buys back to forward their BS “Green Initiative.” The CCP look at the Taliban the same way Hamas looks at the college protesters here, “Useful Idiots.” They continue to build infrastructure pretty much unimpeded throughout Southwest Asia. Elected and appointed officials will continue to fund the Taliban until we finally wake up and turn the spigot off. Hopefully it wont be too late. Lest we forget the Americans (if still alive) that are still there. Just left behind

      1. About sums it it up…what will The Administration say when The Taliban shows up here to wreak havoc? — Hearing the close of Looney Tunes with Pokey-Pig…”That’s All Folks!”

  7. I really don’t understand the fuss about the radicals and their tent cities. They are clogging far lefty “universities.” Who cares? I say send ’em pizza and beer and let them live it up.

    1. It is a bit of a double-edged sword, rule of decorum and law – or – leave them hang themselves (agitators AND Universities combined) with the rope they brought, it can be a fitting end to higher education indoctrination as is needed.

      1. There was a classified op some time ago where that happened. A bunch of the leadership in a foreign military croaked all of a sudden. I won’t say more. It’s history.

        1. there is a report that some guy walked into the crowd at ucla, set down a duffle bag, unzipped it and released a bunch of lab mice marked with die like experiment subjects, then melted into the crowd. most of those folks are going home to the corners of the us of a in a few days. incubation period of ebola? mutant bird flu? remember you heard it here first. then forget you heard it at all.

          1. The Army of the Twelve Monkeys. Or 120, or twelve-hundred. Whatever.

    1. The Soviet Union also made a version, I think the Yak-15. Which the Russians said was based on the Yak-3U but looks suspiciously like a bad Russian copy of the P.1101.

  8. Regarding the USS Boondoggles, how friggin hard was it to build an autoloading 155mm gun system that was compatible with all NATO and US 155mm shells. It’s not like we didn’t have actual auto-loading 6″ guns that we created back in WWII and used on the Salem class cruisers. Which would also have allowed them to use the Army’s precision guided munitions, the M982 Excalibur. But, nooooo, had to waste money in order to create a gun too expensive to shoot. Brilliant. Top Men, TOP MEN.


    Hell, it was supposed to be a fire support ship for Marines. Make it a manned turret and put Marines in it. They’d do it.

    Why is this so friggin hard? Oh, that’s right, it’s all run on cost-plus purchasing and making sensible decisions isn’t allowed. Factor in the senior purchasing staff probably being paid by the ChiComs to make every weapon system ineffective and, gee, there should be lots of people hanging for stupidity and treason.

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