And the progs critique Trump for things he did two decades ago…
(LINK) Never shy of controversy, the pop star Madonna has offered fellatio to anyone who votes for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 
“If you vote for Hillary Clinton I will give you a blowjob,” Madonna told a packed crowd at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, first reported by The Hill. 
“And I’m good,” boasted the 58-year-old Queen of Pop, during her opening act for comedian Amy Schumer. 
“I am not a douche, and I am not a tool. I take my time,” boasted the Like a Virgin singer. “I maintain eye contact, and I do swallow.”
Keep in mind that it’s an aging flying monkey with a wicked pecker wrecker on her teeth who is offering to blow for a vote, not Hillary herself, who, it is said, prefers the female gender. I wonder how many votes that Madonna will earn for Hillary?


  1. Much like Hillary, she sold her soul to Satan. You could blame the demon who inhabits her flesh. I'm guessing that she will be working hard for Hillary over the next 30 days.

  2. Madonna (who claims that she's a witch) wants your package – if you're willing to sell your soul and vote for Hillary.

  3. Young Madonna (the Queen of self promotion) leads this issue

  4. How many friggin' dybbuks does it take to pull off this level of crazy? This is Lilith level sh*t. Satan's Executive Secretary level. Baby-eating, flesh-melting, kitten-skin-coat-wearing demon-possession right there. This is a woman who once complained about how hard it was to keep her kids from watching bad stuff on TV. She has 4 kids who you can be quite sure knew how well she gave blowjobs to strange men long before she explained it yesterday. No human being could maintain that level of disconnect without demonic support.

  5. Has Madonna reached Frampton status with the press? A coworker turns on CNN, and ALL DAY LONG, show after show, all they do is ask people how crude and uniformed Trump it. Not until Wolf Blizter came on in the late afternoon did they even mention that a GOP office had been firebombed. If Madonna said the same if you voted for Trump, it would be headlines – this is the "rigging" that Trump talks about, and its true and obvious. If a DNC office had been firebombed, it would have been because of "racist" rhetoric from Trump, and somehow they would question whether Sarah Palin did it in order to incite lynchings of blacks.

    I'm just sayin'….

  6. Bck in the day, Hanau, Germany there was a wooded area near the barracks known as, "Five Mark Corner". I would rather take my chances with the gender/disease risks there than with that woman.

  7. I don't think I want anything to do with that mouth. It has had too many stuffing's from too many different servers. No telling what is in there.

  8. Precisely true.

    And yes, the election is being rigged against Trump in a different way than it was toward Sanders, as America descends toward becoming "something else" – something other than what we've been all these years.

    Maybe it's Obama's dream of radically transforming America?

  9. People who have more diseases than she has – likely.

    Madonna has been cited as "the gold standard" for the progressive movement. I think that she fits in nicely with the Kardashians and the rest of the progs.

  10. As I said on some other site : Boys, line up – blow your load and vote Trump anyway. That'll teach her to keep her mouth shut.

  11. Sure, all of the above is true, but she sure can write a catchy tune from time to time. I wonder if her partner, Beelzebub, had any input into her material.

    I actually bought some of her recordings, back in the day. Yes, Madonna has some of Fredd's scratch in her bank account.

  12. Over at blazingcatfur today I saw a link suggesting many young Catholic priests were afraid to do exorcisms…looking at that I can see why.

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