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The US Environmental Protection Agency has an $84K grant to study churches that preach climate change and environmental justice. I suggested to my friend, the Lone Star Parson, that he take the money and use it to buy ammunition earmarked for purchase by the Social Security Administration (because they need a billion rounds of .223).
Environmental Justice is a scam that even George Orwell didn’t think up for inclusion in his dystopian book, 1984.
The US EPA is asking these questions in its march to control the weather through taxation: 

Are minority communities and individuals burdened with more than their share of environmental risks in this country, while enjoying fewer of the benefits of environmental regulation than others? Is environmental justice policy no different from education, criminal and civil justice, and a host of other socioeconomic institutions in this country in being tainted by the broad brush of race and class discrimination? If not, what besides race and class discrimination could possibly explain these differences in environmental burdens and benefits? What explains the apparent lack of concern for the uneven impact of environmental policies and activities in most of the original federal environmental legislation?

Anyone who challenges the fact that the climate changes from time to time because of lack of taxation, is an anti-multicultural fascist bent on preserving the big business model of oppression and subjugation. It is that very big business model that the EPA is taking on by reaching out to faith-based groups (primarily pagans and witches) to fund their efforts. BUT WAIT! Statistically, most pagans and witches are white. Is this a racist program, cleverly disguised by the establishment to conceal its roots in neoracist income distribution to a racial majority, therefore denying the minority their cut of income redistribution?
The plot continues to unfold. Is Hillary involved in any of this? What efforts has the uber wealthy Clinton Foundation made to insure environmental justice?

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