Plague Vaccinations

A friend of mine (a fireman) is dying from the Johnson and Johnson plague vaccination. He was in great shape, had the plague in January 2021, took the vax because his employer demanded it and he has to be transfused every week because of blood chemistry that has gone haywire. The diagnosis was the plague vaccine.

There are a lot of these situations and the media is very reluctant to report them because it goes against the national dialog. Examine the agenda of your betters who are running the country and ask yourself if it is an agenda that you can accept.

Caveat Emptor




National Fraud Numbers:

8.1 million excess votes in the 2020 US general election

Jo/Ho – what a couple of goofs.  This begs the question of whether the conservative majority in his nation outnumbers the progressives, the socialist plutocrats, the anarchist totalitarians, the ‘woke’ sleepwalkers, the anti-fascist fascists, or whatever the hell the ever-changing host of nameless darkness, lies, and confusion is calling itself these days?

Ten or even five years ago, had you told me that half the nation supported political correctness and the woke agenda, I would have looked around at the widespread havoc and agreed.

Recall the times: Obama had declared war on the cops, undermined the military with shocking ruthlessness, rushed to give billions to the Ayatollahs, urgently attempted to arm them with a nuclear bomb, and illegally thrust an absurd Ponzi scheme of socialized medicine, complete with death panels, down the throats of an unwary America, and ran up a national debt in the trillions.

Lo, he was reelected with a healthy margin and to spare. Mitt Romney failed to fight him tooth and nail, with brains and guts. The Harlem Globetrotters defeated the Washington Generals yet again.

Obama’s easy victory was shocking to me, considering his performance. It was inexplicable – more or less, half the nation supports the malign Orwellian insanity called Political Correctness.

And Political Correctness is the doctrine, simply put, of substituting political narratives for reality, and preferring false above true, vicious above virtuous, foul above fair. Political Correctoids do not care about performance. Or about reality. Reality is their enemy.

After the 2020 voter fraud, seeing the estimates by experts in this field as to what Joe Biden’s true vote tally actually was, I no longer believe half the nation supports political correctness.

The estimates I saw showed a landslide victory for Trump. I estimate the Orwellians are not half the nation. They are at most a third, all told. But they occupy the commanding heights of law, education, media, entertainment, Big Tech, and use their power with a fanatical devotion to denaturing womanhood, to killing babies, and to spreading the pleasing lies needed to accomplish all this madness, horror, evil.

Union workers, farmers, factory hands, Negros, Hispanics, and Portuguese-speaking immigrants or second-generation Americans supported the Demon Party as a group with unwavering and reliable loyalty, as did a majority of Catholics.

In the Trump Era? The GOP once was the party of the Plutocrats and Conservatives. The Dems were once the party of the Socialist and Workingman. The Plutocrats reached across the aisle and made a deal with the Socialists in the Dem Party to combine forces against the conservative base of the GOP and against the workingman base of the Dems. Thus the uniparty was formed.

Trump, seeing the conservative and patriotic base of the Plutocrat Party being trampled and ignored, appealed to them directly, using social media to bypass the newsroom and donor class apparatchiks. He organized a plucky rebellion against the Mitt Romney wing of the party. The base rose against the elite.

The Dems are suffering similar fights, thanks to President Obama, but in opposite terms: the elite Socialists and intellectuals, the Barack Obamas of the Dem Party organized against the workingman wing, and the establishment figures. The base of the party was forced to the sidelines. The opinions of pipefitters and ranchers and coal miners were set at naught, but the opinion of cross-dressers and extravagant perverts was glorified and given command.

I do not recall a single major figure in politics openly confessing to Socialism in American politics until Bernie Sanders, late in the Obama administration, started making headlines.

And so the base of the Dems joined forces with the base of the GOP to form a new Populist wing, still called Republican, opposing the Optimate or Elitist wing of the party still called Democrat.

There was a tectonic shift here. The only part of that shift, reported, or, rather, underreported, by the news, was the shift of Black and Spanish-speaking voters from their longstanding loyalty to their Dem plantation masters, to the “what the hell do you have to lose?” big tent of Trump. It had been predicted for decades that if ever the voting mass of the Black vote fell below 90 and 80 percent for Dems, the Dems would have insufficient voting numbers to maintain their position as a major political party.

And that is what happened in 2020 at the ballot box. The Dems were voted out of office and massive numbers, apparently for the foreseeable future. Without their hands on the levers of power, the Dems would be investigated and condemned for their crimes, including treason, they committed under Obama and Trump. Without their hands on the levers of power, the poor classes and the minority races would escape their clutches forever.

Desperation provoked boldness. The reason why the mask is torn and the Dems are putting everything into one rapid, rushed, mad push to wreck the economy, start wars, and solidify a permanent voter fraud state, is that this is their final hour. Their masters in China are tottering atop an unstable pyramid scheme, facing economic collapse. George Soros is not getting any younger. Brexit kicked Big Brother in the teeth, and Trump came within one vote (McCain [R-AZ] or undoing Obamacare, which is a crucial part of controlling the poor and eventually controlling everyone.

Trump also showed that an America First policy enriches both America and the world, and showed that confidence abroad makes NATO pay their dues, cuts Russia’s oil pipelines before they are built, chides China, and drives North Korea to the bargaining table. And as for peace in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East, if the Nobel Peace Prize were not unutterably and disgustingly corrupt, Trump would have three by now.

Joe Biden’s puppeteers cannot tolerate any of this. Destroying the economy takes priority over all else: hence the reason for the executive order illegally shutting down the Keystone Pipeline on day one of his regime.

Both parties, during Obama and Trump, underwent metamorphosis and metempsychosis. The GOP ejected its plutocratic elite and cleaved to his conservative base. The Demons ejected its workingman based and cleaved to its socialist elite.

But Biden is an old-school Dem, meant to appeal to the workingmen of coal country, places like Scranton, Pennsylvania. His first hundred days displayed repeated treachery against the Socialists and Anarchists who supported him. The party has always shown remarkable, even diabolical, unity before.

The Democrats are in the same position now, with their internal shifts and struggles, as the Republicans would have been in circa 2016 had Jeb Bush won. The visible leader of the party no longer represents the dominant wing of the party.

The difference between a GOP base rebuking and replacing its elite, and a Dem elite rebuking and replacing its base, is one of numbers. The Dems just jettisoned their majority.

So the two elite wings of both parties are gathered against the two bases of both parties. That is the new line of demarcation, the new array of battle.

It is the Populists against the Elites. We outnumber them.



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    • I will add, “the jab” is something else, and it IS killing people. Some sort of culling of the herd/nanotech crap…otherwise they wouldn’t be pushing it so hard. Open air concentration camps.

      MrsPaulM got a mandatory vax notice for anyone coming to the home office, plus masks, plus verification. Not happening. And we have nixed flying from our modes of travel…why purposely enter into that insane colosseum with the potential to get eaten by tigers?

      Prayers to your friend, I hope he has enough strength to overcome this horrible result.

  1. Interesting map. That Kansas is nearly all green does not surprise me since the state is solidly Republican. The glaring exception, the county colored red on the map, is Johnson. While fraud there would not tip the balance to our current fearless leader it is enough to tip the 3rd Congressional District blue. The previous congressman served multiple terms receiving as high as 68% of the vote yet in 2018 was booted in favor of a woman who was not only POC, but LGBT as well. Makes me wonder about those possibly fraudulent votes. I’m glad I live in the 2nd District.

  2. It is N-O-T an agenda that I can accept, nor will I. Neither the jab nor the agenda of destruction of the Republic embarked upon by our alleged “best and brightest.” BFYTW.

  3. “It is the Populists against the Elites. We outnumber them.”

    But “they” control the media, almost all of it.

  4. I took the J&J jab. It made me have a flu like symptoms with a 101 degree fever. I will not be taking a “booster”. There are too many issues with these experimental anti-disease potions.

    I think next year (2022) will be the breaking point; the Democrats are going to need to commit extreme electoral fraud if they want to seal their siezure of power. If they are more blatant than 2020 which I think they will have to be the real revolt will begin.

    • The virus was the result of a “gain of function” research program, aided by US-based companies and individuals. That’s not a secret. I believe that it had been an accidental release, but others may differ. The vaccine is an experiment. Yes, it’s been tested to some degree, and most people don’t die or experience anything but a sore arm in the short term. What will the experimental drugs do to your body chemistry? They may know in a decade or two.

      The point is that the government should explain before you get the jab that you are a test subject (one of hundreds of millions) to see how it all works out. If they told you that and you still accepted the vax, that’s ok. As it is, it feels a little like the Tuskegee study. The study initially involved 600 Black men – 399 with syphilis, 201 who did not have the disease. Participants’ informed consent was not collected.

  5. A friend of mine, Neil Mammen, was mentoring/discipling a young man who got the shot and died of heart complications. Of which he had no history of.
    My friend Pastor Rick, who comes on my show occasionally and I on his, advised me last week I might be carrying his show alone as he was suffering from the results of having taken the shot.
    I could see the distress he was in. His heart begins to race. It started the night of the jab.

  6. National Fraud Numbers:
    Must disagree with one portion. My county is shown in red. The county went 70% for President Trump. The County Clerk and Recorder, who oversees elections, is a person of integrity.

  7. Not getting anymore shots… And yes, the ‘Uniparty’ is now in control, and will be forever if HB-1/SB-1 pass. And Kabul is lost. Taliban have the Presidential Palace and are firing on the airport, while US citizens have been told to ‘shelter in place’… Grrr…

  8. The vax killed my best friend in June.
    Normal, healthy, took the J&J vax, Three weeks later dead of a stroke.

    My daughter is trying for her next child, her doctor told her not to get vaxxed until well after giving birth. He said that if she was vaxxed right before or during her first trimester she would almost certainly miscarry. He said if she got vaxxed at anytime during her pregnancy he would refuse to continue to be her physician.

    I will not take the vax no matter what they do. I have done everything I can to convince my family likewise and they agree.

  9. As for the nation, it will not matter if we outnumber them if all we are going to do is “be patient and vote harder in ’22”, they will defeat us in detail and those that survive can whine about it in the camps or sing a rousing chorus of “God Bless America” standing in front of a deep ditch.

  10. I’ll write this before I read the other comments, as it covers a lot.

    I’m very sorry your fireman friend has suffered the consequences of this horrific gene therapy. The people who started this scamdemic would be right at home running Auschwitz. I’m truly sorry for he and his family that *WE* all let it get this far. We tried (some), and we voted, but as your map shows, it was for naught.

    The analysis of the current “administration”, installed by Hook-AND-Crook, is spot on. We’ve basically had 30% of the population sieze control over the other 70%, and that’s truly scary, as these people consider themselves far above the law. To them, the law is just to keep the undelings in control, and the prosecution of law is conducted at their whim.

    Your analysis of the Dems loss of base is also confirmed by your fraud map. They wouldn’t have stuffed the ballot boxes in the “red” areas as hard as they did unless their base was showing a massive shift to the right. They overdid it “just to be sure”, even at the expense of having well over 100% return vs valid, registered voters. The blatancy of their crimes didn’t bother them becuase they’re playing their “End Game”, hoping to illegally sieze complete and total power to the point where voting is meaningless. They basically rubbed our noses in it, and showed their true colors. Umless there’s some way to get the sheeple riled up enough to support the patriots, we’re witnessing the fall of America.

    Where Regan spoke of a “New Morning In America”, and a “Shining City On The Hill”, these theives are giving us midnight in America, and a shithole city in a cesspool.

  11. Most folks out here that I know have had one or the other of the shots. I haven’t heard of any of them having problems. I had the J&J with no issues, though of course I had already had the Covid (with no real issues). Out here, it was only a matter of time before it was going to be forced on me, anyway.

    I also don’t know anybody who died of the Covid, although certainly people have, and Rhode Island is among the very worst death rate performers.

    I don’t tell anybody to get it, I don’t tell anybody not to. Both seem to be extremely low-risk activities, with occasional very bad results.


    • “Both seem to be extremely low-risk activities”

      That is, of necessity, only the short-term assessment. The long-term effects of essentially giving yourself a pseudo-autoimmune disease, are completely unclear. But probably not good.

  12. EXCELLENT sermon. I liked this: “the ever-changing host of nameless darkness, lies, and confusion”
    Their “final hour” is also good.

    Evil destroys itself, for all its waxing strong in the interim.

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