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Stupid is as stupid does. Voting for Barack Obama because he’s half negro makes every bit as much sense as voting for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman. Neither Barack or Hillary have ever held a straight job — and that’s a real problem when it comes to dealing with the nation.

“It was the women and especially the young and pretty ones who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party the swallowers of slogans the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.” – Orwell, 1984

12 thoughts on “Lemmings

  1. I think there's a good chance Hilly won't see my vote either. Neither will her daughter.
    Jeez! Bambi Runs For President.

  2. If she truly runs, and the Republican's continue their current "moderate" stance on issues . . . we will be saying Madame President come January 20th, 2017 . . . just sayin'.

  3. If the Republicans run Christie or Jeb Bush, what's the difference between them and Hillary other than a dress…and Hillary likes to wear the pants.

  4. Enough of the Clintons and the Bushes! Is there not, in a nation of 340 million, a better candidate to choose?

    Great quote from Orwell, but those gals certainly aren't the young and the pretty, although they certainly seem the kind who would enjoy the nosing out of unorthodoxy. Whether they would enjoy putting the pistol to the back of the head, and pulling the trigger; or whether they would leave that to someone else, remains to be seen.

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