The Magna Carta

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“No freemen shall be taken or imprisoned or destroyed except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.”

Magna Carta, a charter of rights, was agreed to by King John on this day, 1215. Over time, it became a symbol of the rights held by all English people, and became a model to be expanded upon by free people everywhere.

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A Message from Arizona

It’s been in the news. I’m posting it here for your review.


It carries that “don’t tread on me” vibe doesn’t it?


Mystery Aircraft – Identified

This photo started out to be a mystery aircraft for you to identify, but it’s a trick question, really.  It’s a Coast Guard SOC-4 at US Coast Guard Station, Brooklyn, 1938-1940.  The aircraft was transferred to the US Navy in 1942 and redesignated as an SOC-3A. Both answers would be correct.


This painting by Simon Pasini elegantly tells a story. It’s not a unique story, but I find it very engaging.

19 thoughts on “The Magna Carta

    1. The states created the Federal Government. And the Federal Government created the 10th Amendment. Both are lost on modern America.

  1. I agree it is a very good letter, kinda takes a solid poke at the Goliath’s nose. Her is praying more states step up and take a poke and several solid round house punches to dot-gov kidneys… The fed needs to be neutered back to it’s ORIGINAL purpose. I have a snarky question on that seaplane, aren’t those castor wheels a might too small to handle a dry, pavement take off? Did the rear seat person, a gunner or observer?

    1. That aircraft was never intended to take off from land. The rear seater was an observer, spotter, radio operator. The aircraft were carried aboard ships and were used to spot naval gunfire against enemy ships (primarily). They didn’t need to fly from land since they were a component of cruisers and battleships. They didn’t need a rear gunner because they arrived before aircraft carriers were perceived to be a serious threat to battleships…or lumbering spotter aircraft.

  2. Badaboom…don’t tread on my state in strong yet accurate words. “Rule of Law”, gee, what a concept.

    Next to the P40 “Attitude” is the Eagle…it does ring truth to our side of the yard and should put the fear in subversives.

    A great vibe [in the painting] indeed. I want to be there.

    1. Arizona is trying to do the right thing, or at least that is my perspective. Not all of Arizona, to be sure, but there is a current of America that still runs through the place.

  3. Joey B’s mental capacity is obviously inadequate to fulfill his job responsibilities. The press can avoid talking about Biden’s rapid decline, but they can’t prevent either our allies or our adversaries from noticing it. This is horrible. At some point I expect him to walk down some long hall to go to the Mens room, and get lost coming back. Zthe man’s an embarrassment to the country How these Dingbat Lefties allowed him to be elected (If in fact he was elected) I’d never understand it.

    That Progressive Hag who is so proud of Old Demented Joe. After going from ‘oil independent to buying over a million barrels of crud from Iran. Ain’t Joe a real patriot. Some one needs to write a song about him. He also wasted no time getting pervs as himself back in the girls bathroom being at the top of his agenda. Let’s give Crusty Joe a big Hidy Hoe

    On the 1st morning of the G7 Summit President Joe Biden nodded off to sleep during the opening remarks welcoming the world’s leaders to the summit. At one point the speaker began naming the individual leaders in attendance by name. Hearing his own name called, Joe bolted awake, disoriented, and asked loudly, “WHERE AM I?” The speaker replied, “G7.”

    China who has ripped off our industry for over 25 years from plumbing supplies to military hardware and everything in between plus gave us a virus that has killed over a million Americans. According to Slop Sing Joe. We were only kidding

    And get this one. Biden nearly caused an International Incident when he walked up to the Queen and said, ” Hello Barbara Bush, what are you doing here?”

    His battle on oil in his war on America has cost Americans tens of thousands of jobs cutting oil pipe lines adding a dollar onto gas prices. Our White House still sets behind razor wire looking like a third world shit hole which it should being who resides there.

    Our Southern border is breaking new records each month of uneducated, unmannered, ungodly, undocumented, democRats thanks to Pedro Jose and his administration getting those plane tickets to those illegal democRats as fast as they can. Trying to lessen the numbers at the border while building his voter base of government dependence all throw into the shit holes of America along side the plantations

    A bad joke to world leaders both friend and foe and it is the foe we should worry about. For Old Joe it’s hard talking tough when you can’t talk at all. I don’t think sniffing their hair will change their hate for our country but Joe will probably try.

    So far there is nothing this administration has done to better the U. S. but plenty to put us on the road to ruin. Then again I haven’t caved in my head with a hammer to get the prospective on things as you leftist, being born with that capability. So far none of you has said a word on what Joe has done for America. Now is your chance and don’t hold back of the greatness of Razor Wire “No Amendment is Absolute” Joe. If not I will always see you as ‘something for nothings’ allowing nothing to get in your way of a free-bee never giving anything in return. So sound off on what Joe has done for me. I’ll even start you out being you democRats are so shy and stupid.

    1. Joe told me my hair smelt pretty and wanted to know if I would meet him at the girls restroom at recess.

    One more thing. After a few states give Trump their votes someone will have to drag Old Joe to a federal prison or a place for the mentally stupid. Which one of you will step up and admit Joe and democRats in general are pieces of shit that give genocide a good name?

    1. ” buying over a million barrels of crud from Iran”

      First, that’s an excellent typo. A sincere hat-tip if that was intentional.

      Second and more seriously: Must get money to Iran somehow. Chocolate Jesus got bad press sending literal pallets of cash, so a new approach must be made. Iran must be propped up as a credible threat. It would be a disaster if there was actual peace in the Middle East.

    1. Yes, describing it would lead me to a list of pleasant adjectives. There’s nothing about freshly. baked goods and a pretty girl that’s not good.

  4. Kudos to the AG! And definitely an interesting painting… One wonders what the man in the background is seeing? A beautiful woman, or??? Love at first bite? :-)

  5. The country dodged a bullet when Garland failed to be placed on the Supreme Court.
    Next opening, should one occur under SloJo/Ho, the nominee will be Eric Holder.

    1. Obama or Hilary would be my guess and I pray God neither them or Holder gets it.

      1. Barack Obama wants the job. Michelle lost her license but I’m sure that they could fix it. Husband and wife team.

  6. As I read the letter, i summed it up as an F U to the Federal Government and in particular AG Merrick Garland. The Democrats want to essentially disolve the States and return them all to Teerritorial status so they can have full national government control from dogccatcher on up. If these audits find that the Democrat (Crime Syndicate) Party committed fraud, I figure the Democrats will go full tilt to rig all future elections.

    WSF, Eric Holder!? Another Democrat Clown who disdains the law and cares only for power.


    1. Maybe Anthony Weiner would receive the nod to the Supreme Court – and Holder could assist. him as the Weiner Holder.

  7. Didn’t know about the Arizona letter. Your AG is very admirable, and sounds like he has the stones to make good on it.

    That eagle has gone beyond “Don’t Tread On Me”, beyond “Time’s Up”, and is in condition RED, lining up on a target run.

    To paraphrase Rod Stewart, “Every Picture Tells A Story”…

    1. We need to stand as free people against the Federal Government or we won’t be free much longer. Yes, it could be argued that we’re less than free now – but it could be much worse.

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