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The Second World War produced the apex of propellor driven aircraft. Yes, some modifications would come along that we seen in the new C-130’s and E-2D and in other Air Forces, but those have come along sixty years later. The A-26 Havoc flew after the Second World War in the Vietnam War and the War in Laos, and at the Bay of Pigs. It was an exceptional aircraft in all respects. Some of them are currently used in firefighting roles.

Modified A-26

A frequent visitor to the White Wolf Mine flew OV-10A Broncos (FAC) in Vietnam. The OV-10A is another favorite aircraft that is still in service in firefighting roles.


She Has Skills


Yes, it’s Boxing Day – all day long


The Day’s Festivities

Boxing Day is often also “range day”, but it’s supposed to snow here today and tomorrow, and I am enough of a fair weather shooter to believe that discretion is the better part of valor.

Thanks Jules.


You’re supposed to open your Christmas presents on Boxing Day. How many of you waited? I’m guessing – not many.

Is it proper to receive an “old weapon” on Christmas and open up with it on Boxing Day? Even if it’s snowing?

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    1. The Chinese ship them to Mexico and the Mexicans smuggle them north. If creepy, corrupt, old Joe and his Ho tear down the wall, Patriots will reap the rewards of military quality firearms, mines, RPG’s, hand grenades and other ChiCom gear currently in cartel inventory. Possibly stretching the intent of the Second Amendment, but clearly aiding in the common defense.

      1. About the intent of the 2nd Amendment…As I recall when the British marched on Concord in 1775 they were looking for more than small arms.

    1. Everyone needs a ho. You just have to pick the proper model that can eat snow and spit it out fifty feet away.

  1. Off topic for sure LL , blow of if inappropriate.
    Is any one here considering ivermectin as a prophylactic. Everything I find , except for .gov sources says it’s safe and effective. Few side effects, and cheap. $8.00 at the feed store for 5 doses for a 200 lb human bean. It’s pony medicine of course, and worst case you will get a good worming. I told my bride I would take first hit, and if they didn’t find me grazing in the river bottom , she could be next.

    1. a consortium of doctor researchers proved ivermectin works on covid and prevents infection to begin with. its been used in people and animals for decades safely. however, i saw an article saying the leading manufacturer discontinued it and is pulling it off the shelf. if you can find it i’d buy it immediately. the main hcq plant in china blew up, days after it was okay’d for treatment again. they are evil, we must prevail.

    2. Found this at Wirecutter’s site:
      Unexplained explosion and fire destroy world’s second largest pharmaceutical factory producing precursors for hydroxychloroquine

      The lab is in Taipai. I’m wondering whether it was an accident or an intentionally set explosion??
      Interesting comments as well
      We’ve been taking (2) 200mg doses of HCQ a week for months with absolutely NO side effects.

      Merry Christmas y’all

      1. I’ve been following these events as well. HOQ would have been the go-to therapeutic from the get go, but President Trump touted it as effective. Given the use of plague to subjugate people, having a solid supply of HOQ coming out of that factory is not something that a lot of people would want. It’s inexpensive, effective, and given the patient’s risk factors, is not harmful. Certainly no more harmful than plague (right to try) if you’re on your way to boot hill.

        I tend not to see conspiracies everywhere, but given the stolen election with rigged voting machines, the plague scams, the sham impeachment, the Russia hoax — (Ephesians 6:12) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      2. Have to take out the supply chain whereever possible to maintain the grand illusion promoted by the grifters.

    3. Ivermectin (we use as a dewormer in horses), in the proper human dosage, was brought up in the congressional hearings a few weeks back. The doctors speaking about considerable prophylactic success in conjunction with hydroxycloroquine and zinc were ignored, then dismissed as fringe. That was the first I had heard so asked MrsC, she agreed with the science. These are inexpensive and tried and true drugs. And as the Left did with hydroxy…, they discounted the science. Also, like the immoral losers they are, the Dems boycotted the hearing entitely then employed the propagandist MSM to give it a shoulder shrug, which they continue to do in order to shut it out of the public eye. Not suprising, because on the Left whatever is good and right that doesn’t cost a fortune and can’t be used to control or foment fear among the masses, can’t be allowed.

      As others have stated, why get a 95% effective (as the drug co’s. state, may nit be true) for a 99.5-8% virus recovery rate? Makes no sense. Besides, I never buy 1st year anything, and would never trust the gov’t on any of this…it’s an obvious grift. The Mengelas among the government and big pharma want us to believe they have the answer to the problem they created. All sales and marketing…a huge lie. Better to ignore them and take an immune system booster and/or a prophylactic regime…assuming you find a doctor to prescribe the meds.

      1. A common dose of Ivermectin for humans for an adult male is 1% livestock form injectable is 1.25cc orally and I stress orally every 3 months prophylactic. Do not inject it. I am not a doctor, just an old retired nurse who worked with an old country vet that took it, YMMV. He swore by it and I too take it as well on the same schedule. I am sure there are other protocols for use, say if have an infection or other maladies, ask your personal primary care giver if they have knowledge and would study it and/or use it. It is used in Africa and other Third World places in humans for parasites and other infections so it is safe for humans.
        Brand names I am familiar with is Ivomec and Noromection, I am sure there are others.

        1. Additionally: a common rough comparison vets use is a 200 pound pig is physiologically comparable to a similar weight human. Pigs are very close to humans in diet, stress, and reactions to medicines and treatments.

          1. Thx for the info. Horses get theirs orally as well. Don’t know if the Dr. testifying was using a pill form or was this oral liquid, which if it’s anything like equine liquid won’t taste very good unless it’s apple flavored. Maybe mix with a shot of bourbon.

        2. You can give horses orally or as a paste. One nice thing about Ivermectin is has anti-viral, antibiotic, and anti-inflammation properties. It is cheap to make, that is one of the reasons drug companies don’t want to make it for humans, it would take a lot of drugs off of the market if it was readily available to us to use it, possibly OTC… It is kind of a wonder drug.

          1. Another one of those Old Skool drugs that my Doctor back in Long Beach favored. He and I were talking about pharmacueticals one day, and he commented that it would probably take 20 years to get aspirin approved these days…..

  2. There are a few politicians (all stripes) that need to be boxed.

    Nice howling wolf…me off the deck during a full moon. Haven’t gotten a response yet. Maybe this coming year.

  3. A late Merry Christmas to all who frequent this site. I hope you all had a wonderful day with family and freinds. Much rain here in southern Oregon but it did not dampen a fine day that was topped off with a zoom call with daughter, her husband, and they’re 5 month old son who i might add is a handsome young lad.
    Yes, much evil in the world with a large amount of it centered in D.C. which used to distress me more than now as i have resigned myself to this obvious fact. I like to think myself as ready for whatever may happen but i think i may be surprised how deep this all is.

    1. It’s my birthday today, so I’m receiving a little pampering. Everyone is always exhausted from Christmas so it’s anticlimactic. I’m with you, in that I’m prepared and at peace, but the rot in high places goes all the way to the bone. We’ve seen that. I worry for the young people.

  4. Is it proper to receive an “old weapon” on Christmas and open up with it on Boxing Day? Even if it’s snowing?

    Better, swim across under a cold lake in your vicinity then surface and let’er rip. Relive your youth!

    1. I always have hated jumping into cold water. There is one thing worse, cold, third world, sewage harbor water. Those days are past, WSF. One of the reasons that I live in striking distance from the Phoenix Valley and points south is that I can visit warm if the weather here is too cold. As it turns out, the weather is nice today. I’ve been out and shot up some pumpkins so that the elk would smell them and come and feast. I put out milk and an egg for the local bobcat mama.

      And that’s pretty much the high point of the day. I have a book to finish for a review here on the blog for the Naval Institute. So it’s that, a fire, and some coco.

          1. Can’t remember, only the water was filthy and damn cold. One time we bridged the Donau (Danube) with water so cold the hull radiators worked too well. Some of us ranch/farm kids made flow reducers to keep the engines working. Pull up a pail of water and in minutes a solid sheet of ice would form.

        1. I spent some time in a bridging outfit in the early 80’s. It was a fun MOS and for the most part enjoyed myself.

          1. It was an interesting time in my life. Despite not earning a Good Conduct Medal I got out as a Spec 5. Not that great an accomplishment with the draft dodger mentality of many troops at the time.

          2. I can’t see you getting the Good Conduct Medal, WSF. You would have rejected it if it had been offered….Now a Bad Conduct Medal… would wear with pride.

  5. Just a heads up, ivermectin on amazon seems to be in short supply. Some delivery dates into March. Called the manager at the local farm coop, he has it in stock. Just so happened to be at the store today, even though closed. On the way now to resupply. Friends in high places.

  6. Urm.
    I am no longer qualified for that level of skills. Maybe a few decades ago.

    Christmas when I was a kid was usually a lot like your Boxing Day picture… although a little
    more MMA.

    Weapons are always appropriate for any occasion.

  7. I’ve never heard of opening presents on Boxing Day, but then I’m not Canadian. I do like your old present though. Hell yeah, go out and shoot a couple or seven clips. Enjoy it. I know you had a great Charistmas with the grands, too.

  8. Interesting photo of the young woman. I wonder if she hobbles around with one bare foot?

    Wonder what the A-26 with tip tanks and the long nose was for. Some of them had three 50’s added to each wing, giving a total of fourteen Ma Duce’s raing down fire and destruction. Not something I’d want mad at me.

    The little rifle looks like a CQB type weapon. I guess spray-and-pray is good for keeping the other guy’s heads down while your guys move….

    1. I don’t know how she does it – smoke and mirrors?

      It’s AK-submachine gun. As accurate as an M-3A1.

  9. What gun? I only saw the lathe.
    Give a guy a gun and you arm a man.
    Give a guy a machine tool and he can arm armies.

    1. Tools and raw material. I’d go in the ammo business if I thought that the raw materials would continue to be available.

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