Korean Unification (under Un)

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The only fat man in North Korea has changed his approach but not his goal. The shrill, nasty, elite, smug, sly mainstream media is not picking up on it because they’d have to give President Trump credit for suggesting to Kim Jong Un that he’d be melted early in a war between the US and North Korea.
On 15 January, in the second session of working-level talks, North Korea agreed to send a 140-member orchestra to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The North’s Samjiyon Orchestra will hold concerts in Seoul and Gangneung, 240 kilometers east of the capital, Seoul’s unification ministry said after the talks. Gangneung will host ice sports during the Winter Games.
“The two sides plan to discuss details including the venue, stage conditions and other matters through consultations,” a joint statement said. “In this regard, the North will send an advanced team at an early date.”
The two sides agreed that the Koreans would march as one team in the opening ceremonies and that the Korean unification flag would be carried. 

The Winter Olympics are scheduled for 9 to 25 February. The next round of working-level talks will take place on Wednesday, 17 January.

The wording of the press announcement about the visit by the orchestra suggests North Korea agreed to a South Korean request. Other reporting indicates that South Korea had prepared an agenda concerning the Winter Olympics. North Korea took over the agenda.
The working-level talks have not yet discussed the North’s requirement that it send an art troupe and, possibly, the all-female Moranbong Band, which was created as a communist modern pop group by Kim Jong Un in 2012.
The orchestra, band and art troupe have no connection with the Winter Olympics, but strongly support Kim Jong Un’s reunification theme. The messages are:
– North Korea is not hostile and poses no threat to South Koreans; 
– North Korea has refined taste and achievements in music, dance, art and sports; and,
-The South Korean government has misinformed its people about North Korea. 
Last week, North Korean media blasted South Korean President Moon for crediting the US President for North Korea’s opening to the South.
An opposition member of the South Korean National Assembly warned that North Korea is manipulating the Olympics to build popular support for reunification among South Koreans and weaken support for the South Korean government. 
Thus far, Kim Jong Un’s Winter Olympics scheme is emerging as the most effective North Korean perception management campaign to appeal to the South Korean populace in more than a generation.

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  1. I have yet to hone in on what the heck is ever going on with the Koreans – both North and South. I do recognize that North Korea is a bit of shithole, while South Korea is not. I also recognize that the ending of my life will probably be as it started with a Korean war.

  2. It won't happen, but I would LOVE to see the DPRK Orchestra defect en masse at the games.

    I wish I had some insight as to how the average ROK (South) citizen sees the North. Pretty Korean Girl tells me that the man on the street doesn't think about the North much, and if he does, it's with a mixture of pity and dark amusement (at what a clownshow the regime is). But then again PKG is a STEM PhD who is not very political.

    >I have yet to hone in on what the heck is ever going on with the Koreans – both North and South.
    I'm sure our host will have insights, but here are some links to perhaps still pertinent posts by WeaponsMan (RIP) re Korea(s). This one is a comparison with the fall of the USSR with emphasis on the writings of Soviet historian Andrei Amalrik. and THIS post I'm linking mainly for the comments – read especially those by "Kirk" who IIRC was an Army SNCO combat engineer who did a number of tours in the ROK.

    And finally, as a person living in the PRM (People's Republik of Massachusetts) THIS one just struck me as funny.

  3. Yes, but they eat and sweat a lot of garlic. So you need to be in country for a while and eat your share of garlic first – or it's troublesome.

  4. Okay – the last article on Massachusetts veered off into obesity and your comments were excellent. Since I started Weight Watchers, I've certainly had my eyes opened to how fat we've all become and how we're unable to judge someones weight.

    Last night at my weigh in (down another 4.4 lbs – yay!), I inadvertently glimpsed the weight of the gal in front of me which was slightly over 300 lbs. I was shocked. I think it's because we're incapable of imagining the fat that's "hidden" – wrapped around our organs and vitals and we're so accustomed to seeing fat people as fat.

  5. Fredd, why is Seven-Up the national soft drink of North Korea? It's the Un Cola… (every bit as bad as your ham sandwich joke)

  6. I'll throw my cracker in the soup for what it's worth. South Korea has a lot of compassion for the North Koreans, who may be an enemy because of politics but they're all Koreans. I haven't been there in the last few years, but the South understands the history and horror of the North even if they were able to wrangle up an all girl choral group.

  7. Klever Kim. Of course if we go to war with the Norks again, the British Army can always send in its gay Muslim infantry and watch as the North Koreans die laughing.

    Still not happy about that ad campaign…

  8. >hidden fat
    Yeah, when you first start looking at tomographic,cross-sectional medical imaging (CT and MRI) it's a revelation. Usually there really IS a thin person under a thick layer of fat. Now that kind of layer-fat is subcutaneous fat which, while not particularly desirable, is not as bad for a person as visceral fat. While we need some visceral fat, the large quantities borne by many in the West are particularly unhealthy because the v-fat has paracrine (local endocrine effects) that adversely affect metabolism and are associated with things like excess deposition of atherosclerosis. PKG knows a lot more about that stuff (the topic of her PhD and first post-doc) than I do.

    Heh. Fortunately PKG is remarkably garlic-free, but that might be because she "identifies" as a Texan more than as a Korean, and would live off of brisket and barbeque if she could. "I think you eat more Korean food than I do." Anyhoo, I've seen her eat a literal pound of grilled meat (local Brazilian place, think Fogo de Chao for poor people) then go looking for desert. She is in for a surprise if her metabolism ever slows down!

  9. Will the Coldstream Guards end up as a blend of angry lesbians, jihadis and gay cruiser males? I would say yes, if the ad campaign is successful. We clearly know the population that the Royal Army is recruiting among. Will they be able to fight? They might be able to shoot in the air (jihadis) and the male gay cruisers will scratch your eyes out.

  10. It should be entertaining. You know that NBC will be gushing over Un in their Olympics coverage. I can only hoped that they wormed their athletes before sending them to compete.

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