A Rape Whistle?

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Yesterday afternoon’s video of Colorado State Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar was released from a hearing in which he was arguing for the disarmament of college students (HB13-1226). Rep. Salazar feels as if a rape whistle is enough. 
One in four collegiate women report rape during their college years in America. Read more HERE.

Salazar: “It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles.”
When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Apparently women have been carrying firearms on campus in Colorado because they feel unsafe. The old saying, “nobody ever raped a .38” has a particular meaning to a vulnerable woman walking alone in at night on a nearly deserted college campus.
Rep. Salazar feels this is protection enough: 
It would seem that the Democrats in the Colorado Legislature (House of Representatives) fear vulnerable women defending themselves as the Constitution allows. So they want women to simply blow as if their life depended on it – the whistle, not the rapist.
How safe is a “safe zone”?
Yes, Rep. Salazar would feel safe, backed by his armed security people, the campus police and he, himself, would likely exercise HIS right to carry a firearm. That’s different. “All pigs are equal but some are more equal than others,” (Orwell, Animal Farm) would seem to apply to Democrats in the Colorado Legislature.

7 thoughts on “A Rape Whistle?

  1. He also wants the young ladies to vomit on themselves (on cue) and pee themselves. And that they should fake a disease to deter their attackers.

    He must not have children. Or if he does, he must not care about their safety.

    Liberals think that wishing makes the world change.

    They should understand that negotiating with a rapist is about as safe as negotiating with the so-called Moderate Taliban.

  2. Simply advertising the weapons free zones and the presence of whistles as the only line of defense should draw those inclined to rape college women like a magnet. However, adding a government stipend or a tax deduction for convicted serial rapists to relocate would seem to be the 'progressive' thing to do.

  3. The government should hold classes for women (at taxpayer expense), where they can practice vomiting and voiding their bowels and bladders in front of others and role play strategic methods of feigning communicable disease. Additionally, vulnerable women can shat in front of a movie camera to review how effective they are – and that can be critiqued by fellow students and perhaps a panel of convicted rapists. Those videos could be posted on YouTube to get public input as well. "It takes a village" (H. Clinton).

    But as a fall-back, there is the pink whistle. That will terrify any hardened convict or drunk frat brother.

  4. Additionally, the weapon of choice for many progressives is not bodily excretion or a pink whistle to summon help within ear shot. It's a ballpoint pen.

    Any women who are comforted by a ballpoint pen in their purse are living in denial. It's a lot like the myth that a kick aimed at a man's balls will cause him to keel over and surrender.

    I'm not suggesting that women can't train to defend themselves, but it takes several years of ceaseless, dedicated physical training to get to the point where you would be with a few hours of tazer or a handgun training.

    I wonder if the newly disarmed female firearms permit holders feel more comfortable now?

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