12 thoughts on “Two Cities

  1. Everything the Left touches it destroys. You could show the liars among us these facts and they'd call you THE liar. It is their go-to tactic.

    Today's Judiciary Hearing was another prime example…the grandstanding lying mentally deranged Dem's on the committee twisting the facts around to obfuscate the truth of the matter in a last ditch hail-mary attempt to save their handlers rear-ends.

  2. My response to people upset by guns is as follows. We live in a country with a population of over 340,000,000 with around 70,000 gun deaths a year. That won't make a pimple on a statisticians ass. If they are still with me, I declare politicians love to rant about an emotional, but insignificant problem, so we don't notice they don't tackle serious problems.

    Just last night I was at a meeting and the topic many were discussing was the shooting that day at a school in Douglas County. The old car salesman in me believes I made a few sales as I saw heads nodding in agreement.

  3. Simple explanation: those stats were compiled by Republicans to make Chicago look bad. Those evil, rotten conservatives, they should be ashamed.

    Now Chicago has a new mayor: one that wants guns outlawed. A new mayor that wants the police force to stand down against violent gangs. Chicago voters sure know what they are doing, don't they?

    As Roger Daltry crooned so many years ago, 'meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.'

  4. All I can do is blink my eyes and shake my head and wonder how people vote this way…

  5. Chicago does have concealed carry, and in fact, they've defended themselves at least 5 times this year. But there are no ranges, or shops. And the county has a $25 tax on firearms, and a $0.05 tax on each bullet sold.

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