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Nose Art is Always Truthful



Not made of yew…


A Big Friesian Pirate

The zweihänder sword and helmet (presumably) belonged to Pier Gerlofs Donia (1480-1520), otherwise known as Grutte Pier (Greate Pier), Friesian pirate, warlord and folk hero of the late 15th century who sunk 132 enemy ships – including one epic battle where he destroyed 28 Dutch ships (most smaller than his) in a single day.

Grutte Pier’s sword

The sword measures: Length – 2.13 m (7 ft) Weighs – about 6.6 kg (14.6 lbs)

The Blade has the stamp “Inri” (Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews) The handle is made of oak and covered with goat skin in one piece, taken from the leg, that is, there is no seam. In all likelihood, this sword with identifying marks, came from Germany. The sword is on display in the Museum of Friesland (Fries Museum) in Leeuwarden.

In 1515, Pier Gerlofs Donia’s house was destroyed and burned by soldiers of George the Bearded (Georg der Bärtige, 1471-1539), Duke of Saxony, founder of the Albertine branch of the Wettin family. The Landsknechts raped and murdered Pierre’s wife, after which hatred prompted him to take part in the Guelders Wars (Dutch: Gelderse Oorlogen) against the powerful Hapsburgs, on the side of the Duke of Guelders, Charles II (1492-1538), a member of the House of Egmond.

Grutte Pier’s helmet

According to legend, Pier was around 7 feet (around 2.13 m) tall, and was so strong that he could bend a coin using just his thumb and forefinger.

Another legend attesting to his great strength is that he was able to pick up a plough with just one hand.

There is another legend that says that Greate Pier could cut down several heads with his sword at once.

I don’t know how fast he was, though. Could you get past the sword and take the giant in close? Or stand off use the proven Biblical method of a sling and a polished stone?


Mexican Trebuchet

US border patrol agents have found a medieval-style catapult mounted on the border wall with Mexico, designed to launch bundles of drugs into the US.

The device was discovered last week, southeast of Tucson, Arizona, when agents spotted a group of men scattering as they approached.

A closer look turned up two bundles of cannabis weighing a combined 47 lbs (21kg), which had yet to be launched.

The catapult was dismantled on the Mexican side. No arrests were made.

14 thoughts on “Weapons, Curious Weapons & Transportation

        1. No, it isn’t a trebuchet. Trebuchets are counterweight siege weapons (or occasionally man-powered siege weapons), this is a spring-tension siege weapon.

          It’s more like an onager.

          1. Yes, it’s difficult to put in a category as a weapon, since it’s a drug catapult.

  1. In my experience, yes, 7′ tall beasts can move very quickly. Saw one beast using two zweihanders, one in each hand, and did it very well. If you have the body mass and muscles to do it, you can. And, yes, it is rather scary to have some mountain giant hit your shield so hard it drives you to the ground.

    As to the tree-bucket, a little counter-battery fire from some cluster munitions would be a fun thing.

    The Apache is a fine helo. Excellent combination of power and speed and all other things. The LongBow radar set was a great leap forward.

    Nose-art would be nice today. If you could get it past the woke-scolds.

      1. No, no it isn’t. Especially if they speak with a Southern hill accent and have a face a troll would be scared of.

        My answer, after 5 minutes of being battered, and we stood down and took helmets off to get some water, was to say (I thought in my head or under my breath, but noooo…) “Please put your helm back on.”

        Ha. He laughed, the people watching laughed, I laughed, he said “Armor up, let’s go for another 5 minutes.” Since he was a ‘king’ at the time I couldn’t, short of an armor failure or heart failure, deny his ‘request.’

        When will I ever learn to shut my mouth?

        Though he did pay me the compliment of, “You lasted longer than most of my knights. Good job!”

        I was pretty much broken for the rest of the day.

        We ran into each other several times the rest of the week (him being on the other side.) I actually gacked him a couple times.

        1. I keep sayin’ it-
          Never fight the way your enemy fights best.
          In this case, I suggest tossing a plague victim over the castle wall with a trebuchet.

        2. The movies make it look so easy. My suit weighed approx. 75 pounds which was bad enough plus wearing a gambeson under it all. Being a live steel group we had to have proper visors which greatly restricted airflow (and field of view). Even being in good shape, one can’t smash into each other flailing weapons and shields for very long at a time. :D

  2. Thanks for “Bartige”, LL – now I know why bardiches were called that.


  3. The drug-a-pult is nothing new; they’ve done this many times. Smaller packages will sometimes have a rope tied around them and be flung shotput-style over the fence, too. Plus the drug subs, vehicle compartments, and the old semi-reliable two footed mules backpacking it in through the desert.

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