It’s About the Children

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Tomorrow Belongs to Me!

The UN follows an old pattern. You’d think that the One World/Climate Change movement would have come up with something a bit more unique. Greta Thunberg’s dramatic reading on how we’re all going to be dead in 10 years. She essentially said, “the future belongs to me.”

Disarm the Americans!

That didn’t work so well either. Oh, big government did fine at Lexington Green, but things changed on the their retreat from Concord. And my point is that it’s been tried before. 
Yes, the US Army was successful in disarming some starving and freezing Indians at Wounded Knee. They just surrounded them and shot…mostly women and children. And while the National Socialist Worker’s Party of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would like to pull something like that off today to eliminate the opposition, I don’t think that it will be so easy.
The Rot and Corruption of the Deep State

Generational corruption within the Deep State has become so common that we accept it as “the new normal”, or we did until the coming of President Trump.
I was aware of Hunter Biden’s distinguished Naval career, but it so outrages me that I didn’t want to put it out there amid all of the other corruption and filth that the Biden family wrapped itself in.
Our fellow blogger, Jim, did mention it and I guess that it bears repeating:
Hunter sounds like a real piece of work. Dumped his first wife so he could “comfort” his brother’s widow. Now he’s married again to a woman he fell in love with after knowing her about a week. Then there’s his naval career. From Wikipedia: In May 2013, Biden was selected as a direct commission officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve, a program that allows civilians with no prior service to receive a restricted line officer’s commission after attending a two-week class covering topics such as military history, etiquette, and drill and ceremony, in lieu of boot camp. Because Biden was past the cut-off age for the program, he needed a waiver. Biden received a second waiver because of past drug use and drug-related arrests. One month after commissioning, Biden tested positive for cocaine use and was discharged from the Navy reserve in February 2014. Probably calls himself a vet.
Old Slow Joe Biden likely thought that Hunter would look good in a naval officer’s uniform, and it would advance Hunter’s political career… 

Fredd addsIf this obvious Biden Family Crime Syndicate is left to flourish, there is no need to claim that the U.S. is where justice prevails; we are nothing more than a great big Banana Republic. Inarguable – two tiered justice systems eventually crumble, just FYI, as the lower tier always gets even. Guillotines are usually involved…

Old Joe is in the lead now, showing the Donkeys how it’s done. Don in Oregon recommends SECRET EMPIRES by Peter Schweizer goes into Hunter’s lucrative adbentures in China and the Ukraine in detail. Schweizer is one of the best investigative journalists at work today.
Government always tends toward rot and corruption. The Founding Fathers knew it. They read history. To counteract that inclination, they provided us with a Constitution and with a Bill of Rights as a framework for good government and a hedge against tyranny.
Scum like the Donkey line-up for 2020, the Clintons, the Obamas and the Internationalists do not have American hearts. Allowing them to regain the foothold that they had would be a monumental mistake and will ultimately lead to the reckoning that Fredd discussed (above).

9 thoughts on “It’s About the Children

  1. History that is no longer taught in any form, which means we are likely doomed to repeat it.

    Sorry for the delete. Can't stand when I miss a mistake.

  2. re: Greta Thunberg — Seems Earth's inhabitants have been saying the same old "the world is coming to an end" Chicken Little baloney for a millennia (pick an era). And it always has to do with "when times are good" there are a few nitwits among us ("out there among the English"…h/t Witness) that clearly have nothing to do in their daily doings so have to generate fear and self-loathing )that the rest of us normal's get the share whether we like it or not.)

    Who gives a rip what this child thinks or says (or more likely, parroting someone else's script), anyone giving her any platform is a fool and playing into the court Jester's who will profit by this power grab ruse.

    It is obvious Miss Thunberg is being handled…being used by those who believe they have a better line to God than the rest of us and somehow know for sure the world will NOW end…for sure…maybe. We shall see. In the mean time I'll get up each day and do what I do all the while ignoring the moronic among us English (as it were). Oh, and in Northern Colorado the climate is changing..for the better…love this time of year.

  3. On disarming- it seems like a really bad idea to go collecting items with cavities in them, pre-announced, from people who have experience and attitude. Especially if they smile while handing them over.
    Also seems questionable to have a bunch of people in a long line , getting ready to hand over their items at some designated spot.
    These people are not just left in their politics, they are on the left end of the intellectual bell curve. One really regretful thing about the poor education they have is the destruction of the ability to infer consequences. In the idiom, it is the "what could possibly go wrong" factor. Particularly prevalent in issues of taxation, for example the 10% "luxury tax" which immediately ricocheted around every yacht builder in the country, flushing all those "living wage" jobs down the shitter. Takes fifty or so well paid people AKA skilled trades a couple of years to build a nice yacht. Poof- have a nice can of job-be-gone.
    A really cynical person could make the argument the entire point of the tax was to destroy middle class (kulak) jobs. That thinking is passe- the communists are just not that smart anymore. They used to be- their screeds from the 30's indicates some ability to reason, but no more. The fatal mistake was allowing themselves to be infected with the same PC virus they inflicted on the rest of us. Some famous person once made the comment, it is OK to lie to your enemy, and to expect your enemy to lie to you, but it is fatal to lie to yourself. Sort of goes along with the old German military axiom of the worst possible officer being the one who is both stupid, yet energetic.

  4. Peter Schweizer was a guest on Fox last night. They briefly discussed his book that is mentioned above. He's scheduled to be on Life, Liberty and Levin this weekend.

  5. Some years back Credence Clearwater Revival released a song called Fortunate Son. I recall a couple of lines ran

    "It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no senator's son, son
    It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, no"

    I've wondered in the past, given his four month tour, if that wasn't a reference to Al Gores Senior and Junior. It might apply today to ol' Hunter and his dad.

  6. Greta Thunberg resembles David Hogg in that both have a habitual peevish, pinch-faced, perpetually constipated facial expression. Both appear to be a case of you really can tell by the cover what's in the book.

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