14 thoughts on “Isn’t it Monday?

  1. Were you looking at your hound's sad face as your fingers danced across the keys to post that message?

  2. But you're in upper management now. You need to be waving the banner for all to see and urging all forward into the breach.

  3. There were nesting falcons outside of my office at one point in downtown Los Angeles. Everyone watched them as they took out pigeons in mid-flight. They hatched their young, kicked them out of the nest and a hundred people delighted in their progress and cheered each time they took out a "flying rat".

  4. Mondays were my Sundays for quite a few years when I worked the ER and the FS… they don't get better by being moved to Tuesday…

  5. "Monday" is almost more of an attitude rather than a weekday. It's like "Wednesday" (hump day) or "Friday" when you race to the parking lot to race to feel a bit of freedom (though of course, you owe your soul to the company store).

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