Listen to your Betters (sermonette)

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Should liberal professors and community activists run the nation? Over half of American voters answered yes…twice. If you’d put it to them the way I just did, I think that the answer would have been ‘no’ unless you were speaking to a liberal professor or a community activist…

It’s time for a(nother) Sunday SermonetteThe Liberal Mindset, explained:

A smart king will have an even more unpalatable dupe waiting in the wings to take his place should he fall. This is called the “retarded stepson” maneuver.

10 thoughts on “Listen to your Betters (sermonette)

  1. It kept Barack alive. It may keep Hillary alive should she win her party's nomination. Odious dupes are hard to find.

  2. We will all have endured 8 years of balls to the wall liberalism, where we can all see that our betters shove crap down our throats, and don't even bother to lube us up any before they jam our 'much needed' medicine into our protesting gullets.

    Even the dullest cretins are starting to protest. Hard to believe, but true. 2016 will not be a repeat of the last 8 years.

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