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When I was a kid, the dynamic duos wore capes. I refer to Batman and Robin – Superman and Supergirl – and so forth. Today it’s just a bit different as Dale captured in his graphic (below):

We harken back to whether the free flow of information on the internet is a greater threat to national security than fundamentalist Islam. Or whether the ObamaNation (more spending in the last two years than in the previous two hundred as a nation, combined) is a greater threat to America than the latest evil that the Mainstream Media discovered: The Tea Party?
Americans voted (the poor deluded unwashed masses) and returned the House of Representatives to the Republican Party in an effort to balance the books – but will Obama and his toadies in the Mainstream Media ever forgive them for doing that?

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  1. Oh shoot. Forget all that stuff, John Boehmer is going to save us; kill the health care plan, cut social programs to the poor and desimate Social Security. This will reduce the deficit and if people start giving him a hard time about anything he'll get every one of the masses behind him with a few well displayed tear.

  2. The problem with the free flow of information on the internet is that ordinary Americans might talk with and educate each other about politics, history and our great nation. Communists hate that.

  3. The socialist problem with free speech reminds me of a quote from the Broadway show 1776 (later made into a movie). The line comes from the character Stephen Hopkins, delegate from Rhode Island, to the Second Continental Congress on whether or not to debate the question of American Independence:

    "Well, in all my years I ain't never heard, seen nor smelled an issue that was so dangerous it couldn't be talked about. H**l yeah! I'm for debating anything."

    So much of leftist politics tries to shut down the debate – on the spending (a.k.a. stimulus) package, on health care, on entitlements. The wonder is that our country works as all, held together, I suppose, by an unfailing bureaucracy.

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