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“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”



Mobs always raise a Caesar to be king and then they worship him as divine.

Your rights restrain your Caesars from oppressing you. But if he has the power to protect your rights, he has the power to dissolve them when he sees fit. Such a situation greatly pleases a Caesar, or else he is not a Caesar after all. What is it, besides their forbearance, which holds him in check?”

When the agents from the government come to take your family away, you may assert yourself. “You can’t do this!” You’ll shout angrily to the calm-faced federal man directing the arrest. “They haven’t done anything! They haven’t hurt anyone! You can’t arrest people without cause! You have to read him his rights!”

The man will look down at you with polite contempt. “Sir, we’re acting under the authority of the National Initiative for Coordinated Emergencies. We can only protect your family’s rights by suspending them. The emergency is permanent. Volunteer cooperation is mandatory.”

“Let them go! Don’t you need an arrest warrant?”

His face will grow cold. “Warrant? That is anti-government language. It is dangerous disinformation! Silence is violence! Questions are insurrections!

“Show me your badge!”

Instead of being shown a badge and credentials, you will be handcuffed and hooded, thrust into the vehicle, never to be heard from again.

And when you arrive at the re-education camp and are given a bunk, you might notice a black dog laying next to the stove, wagging his tail, with the name “Banner” on his collar… And that’s the Sunday Sermonette.


(Banner is WSF’s dog)






Night Sky (series review)


Night Sky is science fiction series on amazon prime that I’ve been watching. I haven’t finished it but I have enjoyed what I’ve seen. I suspect that there will be a second season but it was just released to good reviews.

Irene and Franklin York are a lot like other older couples. They keep on top of each other about following doctor’s orders, joke about their complicated daily intake of pills, and, when the mood is right, they put on some Sam Cooke and dance in the living room, just like in the good old days. In short, they’re adorable. But there’s one key difference between the Yorks and most retired couples: hidden away in their shed right behind a wooden sign that says “to the stars” is a portal to another world.


The Survey Says


Thoughts on Crime

Solving the “crime problem” isn’t the challenge you might think that it is if you focus on the demographics, reflective of the true source of the problem.


Formerly Vichy French Air Force airfield, with French Potez 630 fighter-bomber, at Aleppo, Syria, following its capture by Australian Army during the Syria-Lebanon Campaign against Vichy French forces in Lebanon and Syria (June 8th – July 14th, 1941).

The Potez 630 was not a well-known aircraft, flown here by the Nazi occupation government.


60cm self-propelled mortar Karl-Gerat “Adam” at Kubinka Tank Museum, Moscow, Russia. The Maus prototype can be seen behind it.

Two 60-cm self-propelled Karl-Gerat mortars with their munitions carriers. (below)


Saudi-Iranian cold war

The geopolitical rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran is nothing new. Even before the 1979 revolution, which saw the establishment of the Islamic Republic, Iran under Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi has been largely viewed in the Arab world as a regional rival except that, back then, Iran had robust relations with the United States and Israel.


Income (average)


Map of Alexander the Great’s invasion of Persia from 334 BC to 323 BC.


Cuban Food Riots

Cubans have experienced shortages of basic goods for more than two years. The government turned to Russia for help, and although Moscow responded with food and other shipments, the volumes are insufficient for the problem.


    • The word “Kulak” means “fist” in Russian. They were the middle class who rose through hard work to develop their farms, expand their herds and flocks, and hire others to work for them. The peasants who worked for them were the ideal vessels to carry envy, stoked by the communists. So the communists killed them and installed collective farms (like an Animal Farm) run by a party apparatchik who became the New Kulak.

      I know that you know that WWW, but I wanted to write an explanation for other readers who might not know the source of the book, Animal Farm.

      • Robert Conquest’s The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-famine. There are others, it’s just the only one I’ve read.

  1. crime problem- exactly. but if you say that in public you become the problem. twisted. until we face that we will never be able to live in peace.

    • I say it in public all the time. Of course, I live in rural Arizona and there is a consensus.

    • I say it in public too.

      Now I don’t go around starting up with it, and I try to de-escalate by changing topic when others bring it up in a situation where I can’t easily just leave, but if people won’t leave it alone, I’m not backing down. The only fallout I’ve noticed so far is two white shiksas (naturally) in their early 20’s refusing to speak to me. This is not a loss.

  2. Great opening statement…had that same conversation with the brothers and cousin (we are all of the same mind it suggests). Most will not do it, to them routine is comfort, change is fear. Like reading the Bible…simple to do, putting it into practice is not as easy.

    Income – Any wonder why those areas work to control the rest of the country? Because they believe they are better. Wealth often eliminates humility and gratitude, breeding arrogance and envy instead (to Kle, EdB, & Mike_C’s comments yesterday). More is just, more…which leads to the condition you outline in your Sermonette. Just once I want to tell them to go screw themselves and get off their high horse. “Brood of vipers!” comes to mind.

    We need more Banner’s…looks intimidating enough to keep the invaders off the bunk nearest the stove.

    • None of the scriptures or the commandments/laws are designed for one-off behavior. “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me,” has wide-ranging implications. TELL ME WHAT YOU LOVE AND I’LL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE. None of it is in the least bit easy to pull off, but to do it properly, you have to do it every day.

      • Takes changing one’s daily routine, as wisely suggested by VM’s very prescient proprietor.

        Btw, no surprise Sweden is lowest on the God belief scale, the bridge to Denmark now affords cheaper liqueur acquisition. They do get props for not fearing The Covid, never locking down…and fear does not come from God, so theres that aspect.

        • Dealing with the Swedish Military Intelligence Service, Militära underrättelse-och säkerhetstjänsten, or MUST and their secret police, Säkerhetspolisen or SAPO, was interesting because of the different cast of characters (about 180 degrees of separation). I remember meeting the head of positive HUMINT collection from SAPO. Everyone in the room wore suits except for him. He showed up with shaggy hair, a Hawaiian shirt (worn), unbuttoned halfway down his chest and pukka shells around his neck, shorts, and flip flops. He wasn’t undercover, it’s how he went to work every day, nursing a hangover from the night before. His work product reflected his demeanor.

          If you wanted to tie one on or do a bar crawl, he was your guy, though.

          I’ve heard that they tightened SAPO up with all of the internal Muslim problems that they’ve had since that meeting 15 years ago or so. But Sweeden has a lot of problems, not the least of which was the importation of a million savages from the Middle East & Africa.

          • I figured you’d have some sort of a direct experience, and no surprise there.

            The Danes told the Middle Easterners to leave once discovering they refused to assimilate, sucking off the social system. Now they shut off immigration, said thanks but no thanks.

          • It took the Danes longer than the Norwegians and Fins, but they got it right. The Swedes are in it so deep that they don’t know whether to shit or go blind.

  3. The death statics graphic is a good one, too bad it won’t been seen by the people who go to the MSM & social media for their news.

    That 60cm mortar, that’s almost 24″!

    The per capita income.. my only surprise was that Louisiana & Arkansas weren’t on the lowest rung, learn something new every day!

    • You wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that bunker-busting mortar when the round hit. I don’t know if they had an air-burst round (steel rain) but that would have been worse.

      • I don’t think you’d want to be too close when that monster fired. The muzzle blast must have been impressive.

      • Nope, just designed to crush fortresses. That’s it. Couldn’t hit a moving target unless by sheer luck. But against a fixed target? Yeah, no escaping the boom. Any infantry killed was collateral damage.

  4. Thought of the Day. You hit the nail on the head. It is always for the “common good” which can be defined any which way the powers that be want on any given day.

    The 60 cm mortar would make a very impressive thump on both the firing and landing ends. It would be impressive to watch it fire.

    Statistics. When put into a table like that it has much more of an impact than just reading about the numbers separately. Unfortunately I don’t see this going any way but worse in the coming years.

    • The Bill of Rights are RIGHTS of all Americans – not bestowed by Brandon or any other political hack. They must be defended in that light, or we’re all doomed.

      • Absolutely agree. But the corollary of that is that everyone should have an understanding of the law and the constitution. Hence me taking a refresher in constitutional law when I am damn near 69 years old.

      • LL- Hear that noise, it’s the Dem’s chipping away at every right at will and the feckless R’s are handing them the tools.

    • Weather changed here, again (snowed Friday), came inside for a lunch break and per LL’s recommend started watching Night Sky. It’s intriguing, like Lost, but without the heavy drama and people dying left and right.

      We’ll look at the other two.

      • It’s not really lost – sort of Stargate meets with a secret society instead of people with snakes living inside of them who really like Egypt.

  5. The 630 was a pretty decent plane for the late ’30s. Kinda flimsy, and only mediocre range/payload, but it was light and agile enough that they used some models as fighters.


    • There are two sets of deaths included in the graphic, so the total if you just add everything up is 200%. Break it down like this:
      1. Of the Black people who are killed by other humans*: 1% are killed by police, 2% by whites, 97% by other Blacks. (1+2+97=100)
      2. Of the white people who are killed by other humans*: 3% are killed by police, 16% by other white people, and 81% by Black people. (3+16+81=100)

      Note the proper use of capitalization for white and Black. (Look look, Mr Chertoff, Ms Gorelick! I am being a good person.)
      *The actual denominator here is probably whites, Blacks, and cops (where cop-ness trumps whiteness or Blackness), not all humans. You might be able to eliminate Hispanic as a category by classifying it as an ethnicity rather than a race (i.e. Hispanics are also classified as white or Black), but Asians must account for some killings.

      • Rooftop Koreans are lumped in as being “white”. If it’s all the same, I’ll claim them. I’ve always gotten on with Koreans both in the ROK and in the US.

  6. I see where JIF has recalled some peanut butter. I have a jar with a number within the recall range….that I am 2/3 the way through with no problems.
    While I could have been lucky, it makes me wonder if this has the same questionable parentage as some of the other food shortages.

    • It’s peanut butter, what could possibly require a recall? Bad peanuts? Or was it the oil?

      We do have a bunch of rotten peanuts running things, maybe we should focus on recalling them instead.

  7. What an excellent sermon! I especially liked the criminality message. Clear, concise, to the point. But what’s the solution? perhaps the UK, oddly, is heading the charge with deportations to Rwanda.

    • The UK is headed in the right direction.

      We should start with Obama’s illegal alien kin.

  8. Income: That’s “per capita PERSONAL income” (PCPI) which is not per capita income (PCI). Basically PCPI adds more categories (e.g. “transfer payments” such as welfare, rent income, etc.) to the total basket of things considered income, so the numbers are going to be higher than for PCI.

    The other thing is that the numbers in the graphic are mean (“average”) PCPI. Because the income distribution is NOT normal (Gaussian) but rather highly skewed, a few billionaires in one state can drag that state’s mean up by quite a lot. It would be more appropriate to summarize income by median and interquartiles (median = 50th percentile, interquartiles 25th and 75th percentiles) rather than by the mean.

    I am sure the gnomes of BuEconAnal know all that (Stats 101, after all), but they have an agenda to make it look like the nation is more prosperous than it actually is. This seems to be my day for being on the receiving end of deliberate misinformation, or rather data being presented in a way that invites the reader to misinterpret what he is reading. Reviewing a submitted paper for a Radiology journal right now (well, actually around 0100 earlier today) and it’s written by some slippery SOB, for damned sure. Also, the References section is FUBAR. The last is not the most important thing (unlike a legal paper where citation accuracy is key), but it tells me that the weasel (or eel) who submitted it didn’t even bother to proofread his own submission. Unglaublich.

  9. “Night Sky” is a very weird show, and you need to get past the first episode before it really starts rolling.

    “Outer Range” is another Amazon show, and that one is weird as copulation. Sort of “Yellowstone” meets “The Twilight Zone.” On the fourth episode and… still waiting for it to make decent sense.

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