Is this how the DNC Ends?

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Everybody spoke of the glass ceiling being broken…and in a fit of good will the flying monkeys squash the hopes and dreams of progs everywhere. (h/t Grunt)
It turns out that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was squashed like a bug on the alter of progressiveness for nothing…
We all thought that Hillary Rotten Clinton would take a victory lap on her broom, maybe demand that Dorothy surrender or something spectacular like that, but those thoughts were obviously premature.

Then there is the whole black gags matter crew who felt that the fix was in from the beginning. Welcome to the Democrat machine sunshine! Cash and power matter these days. I can’t believe that the Oregon Delegation was shocked that the Democrat Party system was completely rigged from day-one. If Hillary can buy the FBI off (yes, YOU Director Comey), directing her flying monkeys to fix the nomination was no big thing.

The decision when it comes to an election could never be more clear, yet the mainstream media (a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC) continues to shill for Hillary.

I get a kick out of the Russian hack of the DNC e-mail. So much for Hillary’s reset with Russia.

13 thoughts on “Is this how the DNC Ends?

  1. Sometimes the Russians come in handy. Mostly they are a pain in the US neck, but sometimes….

  2. And Hildabeast immediately hired her as the 50 state campaign coordinator…LOL

  3. Putin has a redeeming quality in that he hates Hillary and her cankles as much as Trump does.

  4. You have to make sure the person who knows where the bodies are buried stays happy – or sleeps with the fish.

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  5. Didn't Dorothy also have an affair with Bubba? I'm certain Hillary didn't take her victory lap on the broom because she already threatened Dorothy with a law suit and/or an unfortunate suicide if Dorothy dared accuse Bubba.

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