More Balls than Brains?

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I’ll let each of you be the judge. Click HERE to watch the video. I did freefall parachute work in the Navy but this makes that look like SISSY jumping.

Wingsuit Base Jumping! [Wikipedia]

I’d put it on my bucket list, but at my age, I suspect it would plant me…but that’s the juice, right — it might NOT plant me. (LINK) This outfit isn’t all that far from home for me…

11 thoughts on “More Balls than Brains?

  1. Wow. They're in incredible shape! Looks like fun, and it's really, really cool! Sort of what I imagined as a kid –flying and swooping through the sky.

  2. Odie — Yeah, maybe, but something about this sport calls to me. It has a high pucker factor and if you end up as a smear on the rocks, it's better than growing old gracefully.

  3. It calls to me too, LL. It calls, "Stay on the ground, you twit!"

    However, it might have interesting military applications.

  4. WoFat – the military application closest to this is the HAHO (High Altitude High Opening) glide system. These skin suits are not suitable to the sort of gear, weaponry and sustainability on the ground that the military requires.

  5. LL: I paraglide (though not nearly often enough). When I mention PG to new people I encounter, they look at me funny and say something about "extreme" sports. Now you've given me something truly extreme to point them to.

  6. Crazy! If you could guarantee that I wouldn't die doing it then I would…but I guess that's the fun of it…the unknown.

  7. Looks like fun. Of course those of us old guys can say that since we know we'll never go out and do this….

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