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Here’s a religious map of Russia. Orthodox Christians are a plurality in the country and are stronger in the West. Islam is #1 in places like Dagestan and Chechnya. Spiritual but not religious is also a common religious identity. Atheism and Buddhism show up too.



Nations with a Median Age over 40


Percentage of…

Europeans with a net worth under US$10,000.00


On the Danube

I was going to make this a mystery ship but it’s just too tough. It’s the famed Austro-Hungarian Panzerkutter No.1 Linz, that saw service during WW1. It had a crew of 8 and was armed with three Schwarzlose machine guns and a 7 cm cannon. It’s what happens when you marry a tank and a patrol boat.

With that much steel on top, I’d be concerned that it would capsize and take all hands to Davy Jones, but it only operated on a river and the water is more forgiving there.


Identify the Armored Car

Yes, it’s a museum piece, but it saw service and you guys are driving me to this to try and find something that you can’t figure out.



The above is not emblematic of their work, but Hidden Passageways is a very good company, headquartered near me in Arizona. Check out their website, browse the gallery.


Twice Each Year

At least that’s the way the legend has it…looks like a photoshop job to me.

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    1. Yup, I agree. has what appears to be a machine-translation of an article that covers this vehicle, as well as what I believe to be a photograph (about halfway down the article) of the museum specimen Larry has provided in actual deployment. It has the same weapons layout and the same weird bumper, something none of the other illustrations of this model in the article have, and it has the three crown device and same “IV” identification number on the hull and on the bow (which I think has been painted over or obscured by the museum placard of the one in the museum photo). That may be a unit marker, though….

  1. I love that Italy with its massive underground economy (ahem … or so I’ve heard …) has the lowest proportion of people having net worth under $10k USD.
    The relevant question is how far does $10k USD go in each of these nations?

    1. It depends on how far your network goes (Wasta in Arabia, Xuangi in China). $10K can go a long way if you live (like a parasite) on the economy. Some cultures and economies embrace it more than others.

      For example, if you are an archemandrite living free on a Greek Isle where people who build homes must also include “priest’s quarters” and you’re expected to feed and care for the priest it’s not just about the skim and how much you can sock away. It’s not about the gifts of gold crucifixes that you accept. I know that you take my point. It’s Sunday so I made my answer religious.

    1. As Martin outlines below, two drivers, so maybe you switch off on crawling out and flipping them?

  2. The mystery tank is a Swedish ‘Pansarbil FM29’, built in the early 1930s.
    The vehicle introduced a groundbreaking technology, namely as it had two drivers, forward and rear which allowed a rapid reverse movement out of duel situations. This concept was utilized later on in the Panzerspähwagen (= armored reconnaissance vehicle) Sd.Kfz. 234 of the Wehrmacht and after WWII in the Spähpanzer (= reconnaissance tank) LUCHS of the German Bundeswehr.

    Thank you for the challenge and the magnificent map.

    By the way, the river monitor would not have been too difficult as the caps and the uniforms of the crew pointed strongly towards a pre-WWI Austro-Hungarian vessel. All further details can be found after a diligent search in Pawlik-Christ-Heinz “Die k.u.k. Donauflottille 1870–1918”.

        1. @LL & Paul M: Thank you for the compliments. However, the level of my ignorance on lots of other subjects is also impressive.

  3. The tank looks like some Heemeyer made out of his wife’s old Datsun before going big time with the Attack Tank in Grandby, CO.

    Really nice “hidden” woodwork, must have a lot of creative fun when designing a piece. Seems a lot of our neighbors have a hideaway spot in the house if the husbands are away and someone comes around looking for trouble. Ours is small but you’d be hard-pressed to find it.

    Legends are what make life a little fun even if often contrived.

      1. Yeah, my attempt at a semi-humorous correlation. Thinking his singleness might have been additive to his frustration.

        1. I was friends with the FBO at the nearby airport. He had harsh words for the town “establishment” and admired Heemeyer. Many in the town shared his views he said. Having grown up in small towns, I didn’t doubt him.

          And, I should have recognized the humor.

  4. The hideaway is too obvious. Needs to be higher up and off to the corner, maybe in a darker part of the room.

    Every home should have a priest-hole. Otherwise known as a storm shelter or safe room. Sadly, most homes don’t have them.

    I am sure our host has at least 2-3, but being he understands OPSEC, he’s not telling.

  5. Great maps and an interesting tank, to say nothing of a boat. But surely the “state atheism” infomap is out of date. North America’s not listed as a practitioner. As in:

    “Don’t you even think about praying to God on federal land, it’s against the Constitution, which is racist, so mask up serf. It’s science.”

    1. When Nancy Pelosi is your high priestess and the media are her acolytes, there’s not. much hope. for you.

  6. Mr. Lambert- Please excuse this tangent.

    Many of you may have seen this.
    For those who haven’t…please think long and hard before getting one of the current Covid shots:

    Read this…

    Time stamps in the above blog post refer to the following FDA live stream on Friday Sept 18 2021:

    …the blogger below ran the numbers for the Pfizer shot based on the data from the FDA livestream above:

  7. When the hell was Mexico an atheist State?

    Everybody’s Catholic down there, that must’ve gone over real well.


    1. It’s a communist country today. Andrés Manuel López Obrador (called AMLO) ran on the communist party ticket and won. AMLO takes no stand on religion but Mexico has been a socialist state, and at times aped the Soviet Union as a matter of government policy. Now they didn’t forbid other religions, but as far as the government has gone, it went atheist more than once.

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