Why wasn’t I born rich instead of just impossibly good looking? Old NFO and I are both cursed the same.
Actually, I can afford this truck, but I am out of places to park cars even with a three-car garage and a four car driveway at the house. I’m almost car poor. So I’m helping a friend buy this one.
It’s a 1949 Dodge Power Wagon.
And those of you who don’t love this sort of vehicle won’t understand it. You simply won’t get it. Don’t try.
To put it in context, the friend who is buying this ride bought a Ford Raptor yesterday and last night, pranged it a bit while running though the desert in the dark at 120 mph.  That’s what the Raptor is for. The Power Wagon, and more particularly this particular vehicle, is an object of love and adoration.


  1. It's up in North Idaho about twenty miles from where you live at the moment, but it's coming south to be part of the West Mojave Mineral, Timber and Transport Company.

  2. Very Nice truck. VERY nice.

    O/T: Doesn't the navy have more important stuff to do than this?


  3. Yes. Brig knows her stuff.

    Dodge took the vehicle that they made for the US Army and re-purposed it for civilian use, primarily for farms. It turned out to be an uber-classic.

  4. Sweet! I learned to drive on a '53 version of that, and yes they WILL climb a damn tree (don't ask me how I know)… That restoration was a labor of love for somebody!

  5. Brig doesn't know squat, however she does love old trucks, research, and her grandsons…
    "2 speed transfer case, 4 speed manual transmission. Custom structural steel flatbed with solid maple rails. New paint and interior. New steering gear box. New starter. Reconditioned radiator. Modern brake master cylinder. New dual exhaust. New fuel tank. New 10.5 -16 Specialty directional military tires on reconditioned, powder coated wheels. All new glass and weather stripping. Updated dash and gauges"

  6. M-37. Many miles in one. A Power Wagon was something my father wanted but couldn't afford at the time.

  7. Nicely restored, that's apparent. This condition is the way I like antiques to look, unlike quite a few folks who say they like the 'patina' that comes with the aging of the vehicle.

    I personally don't much care for patina: I call patina what it is – damage. No patina on this Power Wagon, just the way I like it.

  8. They're really bullet proof, but I think that in this case, my buddy will drive it to shows or to show it off more than as a rock truck.

  9. I've wanted one myself but living in the city, it's simply difficult for me to justify. I wouldn't get to enjoy it. If you're going to go a long way in an old girl like this one, you need to drive it up onto a flat-bed trailer and tow it most of the way.

  10. The guy who restored it also restores old airplanes. His wife is making him sell this one and my sense is that he wasn't all that enthusiastic. I wouldn't be either. Better to swap out the wife.

  11. Better to swap out the wife. Sold my Harley to keep the wife happy. Turned out she liked the Harley. 23 years of wedded bless since she left. Do miss the Harley though.

  12. I am in love with this. I'd get one, but then I come to my senses and realize that I live in Arizona and it's currently 109 degrees outside. Yet…I could drive this during the winter months. Hmmm.

  13. My Dodge is still gathering "patina," and after another decade or so, I'll restore it like that one. The owner chose a good color, and did a magnificent job. I'd bet his planes are just as nice.

  14. I have a lovely 20 acre ranch down south, where the only thing I'd have to worry about would be drug cartels….

  15. Barack said that the border is secure…and the guests to America, who cross the secure border are your friends.

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