Is Russia Feeling the Bern?

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Bernie Sanders loved the Soviet Union. As a frequent visitor, partier and vacationer, he met a lot of people. I don’t know if he ever met Vladimir Putin
There are a lot of people (Democrats and RINOs) who are working very diligently to drive a wedge between Russia and the USSR. Russia is a democratic, Christian country, the USSR was not. While we have differences with the Russians, some including me would caution that China is a far bigger threat to us. The Chinese throw a LOT of money around, though and many in the beltway are uncomfortable with criticism of China. They don’t want their rice bowl broken. That includes former Vice President Biden.
Apparently the Russians have been reaching out to help comrade Bernie. He’s their guy. Who can blame them for favoring Bernie. At the same time the corrupt, lying, smug, sly mainstream media has been flooding the airwaves with false information that the Russians favor Donald Trump.
It’s obvious that President Obama had a soto voce comment caught on an open microphone, now famous, and the media didn’t explore what was going on. If President Trump did that, the House would try and impeach him (again). But of course, President Trump would never say that. If you criticize Barack, you’re a racist. If you’re black and criticize him, you’re a race traitor.
Trey Gowdy weighed in on the discussion. 
Make what you will of the situation, but CNN is still burning (Berning) up the airwaves, indicting President Trump in the court of public opinion with allegations long since proven false – but not saying much about the Bern.

But they’re saying ENOUGH about the Bern. Whether it’s a conspiracy theory or not, the mainstream media should soon play Bloomberg as the only alternative to having a Russian spy in the White House. Sure, Bloomie is heavily invested in China, but the MSM won’t discuss that.

Moving on…

Biden – Joe gropes you – you don’t grope Joe

Bloomie vs Bernie

MSNBC asserts that President Trump 
has no path to re-election…
and they’re proud as a peacock…

9 thoughts on “Is Russia Feeling the Bern?

  1. Michael Bloomberg is buying the election with his own money, while Bernie is buying the election with other people's money (the tax payer's). Who is the scumbag here?

    A: Mini Mike
    B: Crazy Bernie
    C: Both of the Above

  2. The Russia did it! narrative's even more phony today than it was when first rolled out. Come on, guys, can't you be a bit more creative?

    I go with the c option but find mini more odious. He has no soul. Listen to its voice.

  3. Absolutely. Sure, Bernie's a Communist, but at least he's a committed Communist.

    Mini Mike has run as every party he can think of, the only thing he's committed to is power for himself.

  4. Why is CNN showing in every airport? If they lose that outlet, they would probably fold. Maybe those who are frequent flyers could start pressuring the airlines? Just saying.

  5. Bloomberg has enough money to buy everyone in America a new Rolls Royce, and there is no law against buying an election. In fact that may be the wave of the future, oligarchs buying votes.

    Bernie is a communist and his hoards are investing in free stuff to come.

  6. "CNN Airport airs at 58 airports in the United States. CNN pays these airports to display the channel exclusively on their monitors."

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