Fox News  Six people charged after allegedly plotting to abduct, kill Michigan Gov. Whitmer.

Among those individuals identified were Barry Croft and Adam Fox. Through electronic communications, Croft and Fox agreed to unite others in their cause and take violent action against multiple state governments that they believe are violating the U.S. Constitution.

On June 6, 2020, Croft, Fox, and approximately 13 other people from several states gathered in Dublin, Ohio. The evidence set forth in the affidavit demonstrates probable cause to issue a criminal complaint charging Fox, Croft, as well as Ty Garbin, Kaleb Franks, Daniel Harris, and Brandon Caserta with conspiring to kidnap Whitmer.

What sort of mouth breathing, Vitamin D deficient people would join with FBI undercover agents to plot this sort of nonsense?

The FBI is not out looking for terrorists, they are looking for white people who gather together and talk smack. The overt act (going to buy explosives) triggered the arrest and completed the conspiracy to commit yesterday and the press release today.

Whether these people had the capacity to carry out their intentions is unknown. Maybe they’d have been able to pull it off with FBI tech support?



  1. It’s like the three old buys who got arrested for talking smack about ways to get rid of the Obamination while drinking coffee. Turned in by a fourth who was jacked up by the Fibbies. Yes, all white conservative retirees.

    Now, do it to the idiots who are constantly throwing things at the White House and such.

    And, well, if the government was actually working correctly, they’d have taken the group and sat them down and showed them how to do it right…

  2. Get five people together to bitch about the government you can bet one is a reporter doing a special report and two are Fed agents stirring the pot.

  3. Ah ok. Any competent dude is not going to hook up with a bunch of strangers via the web to do this to a sitting govenor. First rule of fight club…. Further why kidnap if your plan is to execute? And they bought explosives? Why not just make them under the radar?
    So we know these boys aint real sharp. It would seem there is an abundance of “low quality recruits” for damn near any misguided adventure these days. Glad they are off the street. Next the media will paint them as white supremacists.

    • It sounds as though the FBI special agents who infiltrated the AntiFA group advised them on how to move forward, which is why it is a mish-mash. I’m not suggesting entrapment…but.

  4. Somebody asked me why Trump didn’t send federal troops into states during riots.
    I looked it up and the Constitution says that the governor must ask, or if incapacitated, the state legislature.
    So I mentioned this on my show a few weeks ago, wondering what the response would be if a group captured both the governor and the legislature.
    Could the feds rescue them legally?
    Could you have a coup of a state?
    The feds haven’t visited the house yet.

    • I think that in this case, the feds could, but there are likely competent county assets who could relieve the siege…but dollars to doughnuts, the feds would lawfully intervene.

  5. That is the reason I steer clear of militias. Were it no for paid informants and undercover LEOs, most couldn’t fill a booth at Waffle House. Those of you who have worked undercover in outlaw biker gangs know that well.

    • It’s not just paid informers. Most aren’t paid. In biker gangs, they’d be working off time on another case or acting as ‘third party informants’, and working off somebody else’s sentence. It can be a horse trade.

      I recall a situation where the California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement had to rent a car for a Mexican street gang to go to a warehouse, controlled by law enforcement, and pick up drugs. The gang was so poor that they had no cars between them, were such losers that they couldn’t borrow any that worked. They did borrow one car but it didn’t make it five miles before it broke down. So a BNE undercover rented them a car. The warehouse was controlled by the Orange Co. Regional Gang Enforcement Task Force when I was the TF Commander. When I heard that they had to rent the car, I just shook my head because it sounded too much like entrapment. I called the Deputy Attorney General who was prosecuting the case and he said that it wasn’t entrapment. So these bedraggled, pathetic, late teens show up in the car that BNE rented them, they take possession of actual cocaine at the warehouse, were busted and did hard time. Not Law Enforcement’s finest hour.

  6. It sounds to me like there are things missing from the reports…
    – Search warrants were served at a dozen locations, for 13 arrests – seems not many people per warrant to me?
    – It mentions they met in Dublin OH; unless they met in a restaurant, who owned the property they met on, and why were their no raids or arrests in Ohio?
    – What happened with the people “from several states” since all mentioned arrests were in MI?
    – Dublin is inside the Columbus beltway – it isn’t very rural; meeting there wouldn’t be a good idea (to me).

    200 men to storm the governor’s mansion? Sounds like a fantasy to me… IIRC, the Bracken idea had a small handful of people involved, all of whom were already know to the organizer…

    Reminds me of Shakespeare “Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing”.

    • The report didn’t mention grand jury subpoenas for phone records, but I expect that they had Title 3 wiretaps up and running. Given the time involved with this, it was likely a “Group One” investigation. That’s a term of art in the FBI but it essentially means that they have a lot of money to spend on the case. Search warrants usually don’t equal bodies in custody.

      My sense is that there was an initial FBI undercover who brought a friend (another FBI u/c) into the group. Maybe two, possibly three. You don’t need that many. And the anarchists would have had plenty of rope to hang themselves.

  7. yeah i noticed when the media put the mugshots on air they left one “not pictured”. there’s your u/c.

    • Yes. I’m sure that he will be able to make bail and go out and recontact the tailings of the organization in the hopes of reloading the conspiracy.

  8. Hmmm. Coz every anarchist flag screams WHITE NATIONALIST.

    Some say it was a case of the FBI selling explosives to FBI who were part of an FBI plan to catch people who were friends of the FBI.

    You have to wonder at the smarts of the anarchos concerned. And where, btw, are the antifa/blm arrests? Seriously, those bomb throwers have been at it for months with seeming impunity.

    Gretchen needs to be fired. She’s like a character from a Scandinavian horror tale. So does Wray.

    • They’re the same morons who burn Portland every night, Democrat party operatives. In fact, I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t some sort of false flag operation, designed and timed to be used by the donkeys against Trump.

      By all rights, they are Biden/Harris people.

  9. NPR is running a headline today on their website:

    “Michigan Domestic Terror Plot Sends Shockwaves Through Militia World”

    All I can think is “there’s no such thing, and if there were, why do you think you’d have any idea of what was going on inside it?”.


    • The agenda of the progressive left is always there for public view at NPR.

      Soros and friends have been heavily funding anarchist groups for the past year to create this sort of “group”. The Left.

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