Welcome to Saturday (2.22.2020)!

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This is your Weekend Safety Briefing 
Brought to you by Virtual Mirage

Don’t add to the population. Don’t subtract from the population. Stay out of the hospital, the newspaper and the jail. If you do end up in jail don’t bother calling me, but establish dominance quickly.

The New Toy

Jericho 941FS (baby Eagle) in .45 ACP because it’s the weekend and it is important to spoil yourself. If you may (at some point) use it for defense against a Mohammedan, better that it’s a handgun made in Israel. I’m told that the bullets hurt more.  I think that I’ll load with 10 rounds of JiHawg.

And for Mr. Bloomberg, this is my first firearms purchase ever. 

It is officially the Weekend!

If you’re getting cleaned up, it should be in a setting like this:

Unless you’re a woman and then it would be – just not right.
Advice Corner
Marry somebody who likes to leave parties at the same time that you do.

26 thoughts on “Welcome to Saturday (2.22.2020)!

  1. Nice gun. The Decocker had me confused as I thought the Baby Eagle did not have one.
    Is this an "R"?

  2. I have a pair of Jerichos both 9mm and IMI produced. That model is Israeli take on the CZ75 and are great guns though a bit on the heavy side. One's a SA only and I rather like that. The other is a DA/SA model of 1995 vintage in beautiful shape that I got for a song. When I stripped it I found that the previous owner was either REALLY good at cleaning, or that it wasn't fired much. Never cared for the "Baby Eagle" tag Magnum Research stick it with. You'll love it.

  3. That barber chair resembles a medieval torture aparatus. I see no leather strop dangling from the side, so perhaps a barber chair can be ruled out. My best guess: Vlad the Impaler's 'persuasion chair.' Or maybe his 'recollection enhancement seat.' And just for the record, it looks perfectly suitable to strap women into it, just saying.

    How far off am I?

  4. Looking at the menacing weapon, at first I read "it is important to SOIL yourself."

    Sounds right. Then I re-read it, either works.

  5. That's a sexist remark. And it could be racist depending on the woman that you intend to strap down. Or it could be a fake Indian like Warren where there would be an unprovable allegation of racism.

    Moving on…

  6. Excellent weekend safety briefing. Back in the day our 1st Sgt gave one that was shorter. "Don't fuck up".

  7. Ah, the Baby Eagle. Nice looking pistol and obviously useful, whether at a DrawMo or a barber shop.

    Speaking of which, whatever happened to barbers? All we have here are these "salons." They're OK, but all I want is a barber for a quick #4 without all the hairdresser nonsense. Sorry, that's just me.

  8. Sitting in a chair like that being shaved by a pleasant smelling buxom female barber wouldn't be a bad way to start the day…..

  9. Yes, and I that this one will be lost in a deep lake soon. I have that sort of rotten luck with firearms. When the MAN comes to take them, they'll have a lot of fishing to do.

    When the Man Comes Around: youtube.com/watch?v=Hwt1DVaYLy4&t=192s&bpctr=1582433798

  10. There is a modern but retro barber shop here in Preskitt similar to that. It’s near the Elks Theatre.

  11. I've always heard those are nice guns.

    A little "CGI" looking, but in a good way.

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