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I stole the graphic (below) from Woodsterman, who stole it from somebody else. 

I told myself that I’d let the whole political thing go today…but I couldn’t.

This is precisely how the world sees Putin and Obama:

Obama humiliates the nation and for the most part, the mainstream media still loves him and works very hard to portray something else. But it only works for domestic consumption. 

10 thoughts on “STOLEN!

  1. I saw this this morning and had to spread its "Wealth". This is how the world sees our boy king. The guy that photoshopped this is a genus,

  2. Best to be well prepared if your in the long game and playing with the big boys. Putin makes Obama look like what he is…

  3. Rather than Obama holding Putin, I feel after what Obama's done to Syria, Putin would have to hold Obama.

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