The thought of the Day:  The same people who took twenty years to replace the Taliban with the Taliban (and leave them the largest arms cache in Central Asia) are now fighting a war with Covid.


Creepy Pres. Brandon Loves the Taliban

“The United States is announcing a new contribution of more than $308 million in humanitarian assistance for the people of Afghanistan,” Horne said in a statement provided to The Daily Caller. “This brings total U.S. humanitarian aid in Afghanistan and for Afghan refugees in the region to nearly $782 million since October 2021, and we remain the single largest donor of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan.”


The Latest in Plague News

Admitting that none of the vaccines have any value in stopping people from contracting the infection, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla stated the following earlier today. WATCH: [ 01:35 ] “ We know the two-dose vaccine offers very limited protection if any. The three doses with a booster offers reasonable protection against hospitalization and death.”

Of course, that will change tomorrow as the fifth or sixth dose will be the clincher.

In an ordinary time, this admission from the CEO of Pfizer would end all the COVID-19 rules, regulations, and vaccination passports efforts. Alas, we are not in ordinary times.


Aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is a private luxury train service from London to Venice and other European cities. It is currently owned by Belmond, which operates 45 luxury hotels, restaurants, tourist trains, and river cruises in 24 countries.

It’s about £12,000 for two – London to Venice (one way) in a grand suite. That includes meals and limitless champagne.

This would be great for a politician wishing to take his “niece” on a trip to see Venice, he could dip into his campaign funds and it wouldn’t cost him a dime. If you’d already announced that you intended to retire at the end of your term, nobody would scrutinize the expense…


Historical Reference – The Third Eagle

The fact that Germanicus on his campaigns in Germania recovered two of the three eagles lost by Varus in the Teutoberg Forest is well known, but the fact that the Romans eventually managed to recover also the last one — not so much. The third one returned to Roman hands much later – more than 30 years after the Germanic tribes captured it.

It was regained by the forces of Legate Aulus Gabinius Secundus in 41 AD on a campaign against the Chauci.  (under Emperor Claudius who had only shortly before ascended the “throne”).

Nine years after the third eagle was recovered,  in 50 AD, the Romans defeated a detachment of Chatti raiders (…another tribe from Arminius’ former coalition) and to their amazement found among them several old slaves-former legionaries of Varus’ army whom they freed.

The latest German historical action-drama series (on Netflix) Barbarians narrates the story behind the battle of the Teutoburg Forest that took place in 9 AD between the Germanic tribes and the Romans. Created by Arne Nolting, Jan Martin Scharf, and Andreas Heckmann.


The advice of the Day


  1. Barbarians sounds quite interesting! Wish there were more historical series’ to give a better glimpse of time. I had particularly enjoyed watching the Last Czars and Vikings, not sure how much justice they did with the real stories. Apparently, vikings was more of a job description, with females being substantially involved as well.

    Wine definitely does the trick! Hope you’re doing well LL, its always good to come back and see your musings here.

    • I hope that you are well, and wish you’d get back to blogging – but we all have our reasons for our blogs.

      Hollywood and the natural impulse of actors and writers to impose modern standards on their productions tend to warp history for the sake of telling a story. I think that the first season of Vikings showed a serious effort to tell a historical story, but as the saga progressed, there was a significant departure.

      Even if you, Purple Assassin, were part of a television biography, would they be telling the true story of who YOU are? Subjective and objective views of ANYONE are so subject to revisionists. It’s like blind men looking at the elephant. Which is right? Can any be right?

    • For I dipt into the future,
      Far as human eye could see,
      Saw the vision of the world,
      And all the wonder that would be;

      Saw the heavens fill with commerce,
      Argosies of magic sails,
      Pilots of the purple twilight,
      Dropping down with costly bales; etc.

      Except in China.

  2. Maybe en masse we should stop paying federal taxes when these clowns continue to send taxpayers hard-earned cash to our enemies, disguised as “aid”. Treason in my book.

    Covid War – same drumbeat as the war on drugs, war on poverty, etc. Useless, and only made the problem worse while the players got well paid for their grift.

    There [currently] is no sterile immunity offered by a vaccine for a respiratory virus, yet that’s what we hear from the drumbeaters, until the wheels starting falling off the Covid wagon. Now it’s an excuse offered to help the deluded maintain their false sense of security (placed in man, not God). After 2+ years, the hypnosis is so complete that the vax’d/revax’d/boosted/maskee/dbl maskee recipients will emphatically explain they were super lucky once they got The Covid, that it was milder, regardless their symptoms [generally] matched the unvax’d, otherwise they would have been hospitalized with a severe case! Their crystal ball must be better than mine…

    Thankfully we have a stock of wine in the house. Advice taken.

    • If it was the 60’s, we’d have an anti-Covid theme song by a good band. Alas, today their descendants are now swilling down government Kool-Aid. How times change.

  3. Sars video is hilarious. Just what I needed. Prostrate biopsy Monday a week ago. Next day flu (or something) hits me like a semi. No respiratory, no nausea. Just constant joint pain, a daily dose of bone rattling chills, and crushing fatigue. Just now getting back on my feet.

    Fortunately, Total Wine store is only ten minutes away.

    • I hope that the biopsy results are benign.

      Who knows what is circulating? 2020 saw the end of the flu, allegedly, it was all Covid. Then Delta, Omicron, and some of the woke parasites at the CDC are suggesting a flu shot – after the victory over the flu was declared. The Covid tests that the left put so much faith in are declared somewhere around 50% accurate, CDC admitting that they’re unreliable. So, WTF?

      I’m glad that you’re feeling better.

  4. The Ultra Safe option should be:
    “Genuflect, avert your eyes, hand her a glass of wine and say, “For thee, milady,” Then back away silently.

    You may just live to see the morrow.

    Not sure why the medieval theme. Stream of consciousness.

  5. Barbarians could be interesting. I had a quick look at the cast and it’s all European (or at least mostly Euro-looking), so that’s scotched my first concern. They apparently didn’t take the BBC route (interpret “take the BBC” as you will) with Jamaican Anne Boleyn or Ghanaian Zeus or Black Alexander Hamilton. Nor does it seem likely to be Costner Robin Hood with a Moor (Morgan Freeman, yet!) awkwardly wedged into the story. But seeing as Germany has been locked into eternal guilt for being German, who knows how they will choose to portray their own ancestors. (Speaking of eternal German perfidy and genetic German evil: Did you know that both parents of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourlas — a proud Greek-American — barely escaped being killed in the Holocaust? It’s true. It’s a big part of his Wikipedia page. Everything comes together at the VM blog.)

    I never watched Vikings but am seriously considering investing the time to watch Norsemen, a Norwegian show. But fear not, each scene was shot twice, once with the actors speaking Norwegian and then again in English. No dubbing nor subtitles. As to shield maidens, Silje Torp (Frøya) is one of the few actresses who has the size (178/67 — that’s 5’10” and 148 lbs in real units) and physicality to be somewhat convincing. For some reason I watched the Battle of the Pelennor Fields from LOTR just yesterday, and Miranda Otto, bless her heart, is not at all how I pictured Eowyn. My good friend “from the land of Don Quixote” turned out to be a huge LOTR nerd — not what I expected in a 175/60 Senorita with dual doctoral degrees (sorry for the stereotyping but there it is) — but she has never seen the movies. “I know what Strider looks like. I don’t need to see what Peter Jackson thinks he looks like.” My friend has a point.

    SARS WARS tells me there is apparently a metric, er, shiptonne of Chinese SciFi movies out there. It’s probably a whole parallel universe of bad movies, except that they likely glorify and build up their nation and people instead of tearing them down as our (for values of “our”) Hollywood set do. But then again, to be fair, are we “their people”? I did see some bits from some Chinese action movie about brave “Chinese SeALs” helping Black Africans fight off American Imperialists in sub-Saharan Africa. Talk about “confession through projection” — which admittedly is very Hollywood and Progressive Elite American Ruling Class (but I repeat myself).

    Finally, funny you quote Tennyson. I was re-reading his “Ulysses” last night.

  6. SARS Wars was great, thank you. Depressing day in WA since state officials are discussing giving local authority to health officials at their sole discretion to send people to quarantine camps if they are not inoculated ( The dose of humor helped.

    Sending additional billions to Afghanistan does not surprise me at all. If more than 10% of the funds actually went to support Afghan refugees would surprise the ever loving hell out of me.

    If I ever won the lottery, and I am told you really have to buy tickets for a chance to win (who knew), a train trip in a luxury car would certainly be on my bucket list. Certainly agree with you about The Wild Wild West, great entertaining program.

    Glad to see the surgery was apparently a success and you are on the mend.

  7. “Humanitarian Aid”……..Isn’t that a “Dog Whistle” for graft, corruption, and misappropriation?

    “Boosters”…..don’t get me started unless it involes LOX and RP-1….

    I always wanted to take a nice, relaxing train trip. Wonder what the exchange rate is these days?

    Very familiar with the hormone guide. Happy Wife, Happy Life rules here…..

    • All of the aid to Afghanistan flows though NGOs controlled by the democrat party. They skim and pay congressmen who voted for the aid

  8. I take issue with the hormone guide. Row 3 is incorrect.
    “Could we be overreacting?” Is very passive aggressive and that would cause a much greater negative reaction than “What are you so worked up about?” Also, “ Here’s my paycheque” is far safer than “ Here, have some wine”
    With a man’s wages you could buy new boots, clothes, get your hair did, and have a completely stocked wine rack.

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