Spineless, but Deadly

The Irukandji Jellyfish A.K.A. The Invisible Jellyfish. The Australians seem to have lots of nasty surprises in their oceans, more than other aquatic environments.

Look at the picture above, and tell me if you’d be able to see this creature underwater? I’ll answer for you, no, you wont. It looks like water!

This Irukandji Jellyfish produces venom that is 100x more potent than a cobra and it’s 1000x more venomous than the tarantula that we have migrating across Arizona highways at times.

They inhabit the waters of Northern Australia and are responsible for some deaths and many injuries.

The sting itself is painless. The venom injection may go completely unnoticed. Between 15–20 mins after, symptoms  begin to manifest, and good night, Irene.


A Woman for Beans?

Here at Virtual Mirage, there is an effort to please readers. She’s not wearing chainmail, but we could put some on her, and some plate to please Beans. Too Yellow?


Low Country Boil

If you want, you can share it with a friend, but there is no rule that says you have to.


Ready to be Canceled?


The Little Corporal

France’s greatest general? Perhaps. Greater than Charles Martel? What do you think? His win-loss record was most impressive. The invasion of Russia was a mistake, but he wasn’t the only imperator to make it. Waterloo was a gamble, and he almost pulled if off. Marshal Ney let him down. If he’d been running France during World War 2, how well would the Germans have done? Likely there would have been two blitzkriegs. One French and one German.


Driving to Work



  1. When I saw the “Spineless but Deadly” headline, I though the answer was gonna be “politicians”.


  2. Not to sound like a prehistoric creature, but in the seventies in Kansas we just hung our guns on the rack behind our heads in the truck, and left the keys in the ignition. Both the truck and the gun were still there when we came back. My how we have evolved!

    • Your prehistory sounds much like mine. Still in Kansas, but the gun rack’s gone and now I lock the truck.

      • I take the long guns out when I get out of the rig. And I lock things up. Too much city living.

        • Some ‘expert’ is now saying that the US will experience a population decline of 100 million by the year 2025. Wonder what he’s been hearing.
          If that happens, we’ll have less city living influence, so there’s that.

          • Cuomo was just the start of the much maligned “death panels” assertion, his approach was only one that’s in play. Now with the mRNA “vaccine”…aka. test run experimental treatment that technically is a vaccine – but where’s the challenge data? Oh that’s right, the test subjects are standing in line waiting for “the shot”.

            This will play out badly, and I predict (that and $3 gets you a small Starbucks coffee) the population reducers may be correct…because… “old people are too much of a drain on the system”. Reprobates.

            (Yeah, I’m in a mood. Drafting a cease and desist letter to Sen. Kerry Donovan regarding this 1984 style online censorship bill she’s championing in Colorado. She purports to be a cowgirl according to her bio pics but is not a rancher, far from it…she grew up well-off in Vail and is another wolf in sheep’s clothing.)

          • Correction…to be accurate her family owns a small cattle ranch in Edwards outside of Vail but [what I meant to imply] she operates like a Boulder Democrat vs. one who grew up on a ranch while skiing/working in Vail.

  3. I guess I meant to call myself a Neanderthal! That seems to be what slow Joe has decided we all are!

  4. Looking for a decent sword cane, had an incident the other night and broke my great grandfathers walking stick. I had bored the end and poured several ounces of lead. When push came to shove it broke. I guess I bored out too much. But old grandpa Eddie would have been pleased with the results. I was aiming for the nose , and it went down his throat. Broke clean off. Messy.

  5. She looks good enough. Now some hot looking latex and 4″ heels….

    And Charles Martel? Can’t be beat, for the time period. He was also a total badass fighter, and a general, and a politician.

    A better comparison would be Belisarius. Who, during his time, was a total badass fighter, and a general and a politician.

    Napoleon was great, no doubt about it. A good soldier, an excellent general and politician, but individually wasn’t as badass a fighter as The Hammer, or Belisarius.

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