An evening view of the Holy Jim Fire as seen from Lake Elsinore, California.

In my role as good Samaritan and decent human being, I’m pitching in with others to help with the clean up effort today/in a few minutes. A lot of people in the path of the fire were old/poor and from what I’ve heard, they were overwhelmed. No kidding, right? So I’m showing up as a “grip”with a shovel and a broom in weather that promises to reach 93 degrees. 
There have been looters in the impacted area so yes, I’ll be armed, but you’d expect that wouldn’t you? Since I’m going in with the Sheriff’s Department as part of their community effort, I doubt that I’ll have an opportunity to exercise my right of self-defense. 
Usually these sorts of efforts are “Chinese fire drills” (with apologies to my Chinese readers). But I’ll be there, wearing work clothes (as opposed to my standard summer wardrobe of shorts, t-shirt and sandals) and doing my part. If I find that I am able to do any good, I’ll return tomorrow.


  1. I arrived and the effort was a pig circus/goat rodeo, etc. I hung out for four hours and then left. I'm afraid that I'm not good in disorganized settings.

  2. One older guy had a heart attack and there was insufficient respirator type gear. Ash is toxic. Thus I didn't wade in. I did my part (what 'er thou art, act well thy part) and left when they said that they didn't need more help.

  3. I haven't been watching the Kalifornia fires this year, so I just looked that one up.

    YIKES! It's one big, nasty, MF!

  4. >Chinese fire drill

    Hah! I was going to ask which Chinese readers you have besides me, then realized that with your consulting background you probably have dozens of Chinese keeping track of whatever you say 😉 And parenthetically, I now apparently am consulting for a Chinese medical group, and am realizing that I have no FREAKING idea how to "read" actual Chinese people. Americans, sure, and I'm okay with Britons and Germans (and Swiss-Germans), not to mention inte sĂ„ illa med Nordics (tack, Ă€lskling — or to be honest, inte min Ă€lskling; all 175cm and 54kg of your own dual-doctorate holding, ridiculously accomplished bad self) but damn me if I can "read" Chinese from the mainland.

    Anyhoo, for what it's worth, I've taken great delight personally in teaching people the phrase "Chinese fire drill". If for no other reason than to watch liberal heads explode.

  5. I went vegan and had tostadas for dinner.

    I also make a dish that I call Glop. There are a number of ways to make Glop. I may need to blog on the subject – Glopping with LL. Fredd's Aunt Sally could take some cooking tips from me.

  6. There are mainland types who do lurk here.

    The easy thing about dealing with mainlanders, as opposed to "Overseas Chinese" who are culturally compromised, is that they work diligently to think the same way as each other. (progressivism on steroids) Once you break the code, it's almost universally applicable.

    It's interesting to read Confucius and then apply his maxims to the culture and watch how well it fits. That's not a bad thing, it's just the opposite of Western thought, which is based on individualism – unless you're a liberal.

  7. There are a lot of big, nasty, fires raging in CA this year. Controlled burns and prudent management would create a situation where these were not as dire, but what if a snail or a fly was injured in a controlled burn? The lawsuits would be endless. Better to wait until its a general conflagration. And then they can blame President Trump.

  8. One of the lurkers (you know who you are), often referred to as One Hung Low, smuggles antiquities out of China and is always looking for a new way to do that successfully. Their group engaged me to deal with some "financial matters" and it quickly became apparent that they were engaged in a scheme to violate Chinese law and launder money. Yeah, no cigar there. I don't do crime.

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