I’m Disappointed in GW

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The only candidate who was smart enough to read the mood of the nation and who had the guts to speak his mind – without a filter – was Donald Trump. The other 16 candidates in the running either spoke in sound bites (Rubio), or simply were left in the dust early (Jeb!).
The most disappointing part of the Republican National Convention is George W. Bush’s failure to take the stage and endorse Donald Trump. I realize that Trump criticized the former president, but every word he said was true. Presidents make mistakes and GW is a genuinely nice guy – and even a humble man after a fashion. 
Many Republicans are unhappy with Trump over style, but times change, Trump won and he laid on more primary votes than any Republican in history. It’s no small thing for a non-politician to do.
Jeb, the dullest knife in the Bush drawer didn’t do well despite spending $100 million and the reason is clear. The public didn’t want him. I’m surprised that he received 4 electoral votes for his trouble (for a third place finish in New Hampshire).
Jeb clearly didn’t have the energy to show up at the RNC and fulfill his written pledge to support the nominee.

8 thoughts on “I’m Disappointed in GW

  1. I don't know, the Clintonians are doing well. Chelsea will run for Hillary's third term…

  2. 30 to life. With a shackle welded around her fat, kankle and connected by a chain to a cannon ball.

  3. George W. Bush was my LAST choice in 2000, and it turned out for good reason. He spent money like a drunken sailor, and felt that the invaders from the south pouring over our borders was a good thing ('American compassion doesn't stop at the Rio Grande'). He never stood up for himself during the non-stop onslaught of vicious hate hurled at him from the left, and a lot of that hate stuck in the minds of the country. He should have stood up for himself.

    I have been disappointed in GW for a very long time.

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