It’s mean to poke fun at somebody like John Fetterman, who suffered from a stroke that left him significantly impaired and in a situation where his cognition may be roughly on par with Joe Brandon. The question of where he was in terms of raw capacity before the stroke is something that I can’t answer but the consensus remains that while he was a dim bulb before, he’s dimmer now.

Fetterman’s opponent, Dr. Oz was accused of engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed man during the debate, but Fetterman wants to sit in the US Senate and he’s cognitively impaired. Democrats point out that being somewhat less capable than a potted plant didn’t keep Joe Brandon from serving as the US president. Who can argue that one? The Democrat Party promised to have handlers present to manage John Fetterman if he becomes a US Senator and to tell him how to vote.

Former President Obama endorsed Fetterman, saying that he needed a teleprompter to be able to speak during his 8 years in office. How is that different than Fetterman’s apparent need?

John Fetterman’s medical condition post-stroke and the massive growth on his neck, which he hides usually by wearing a hoodie are said to be on par with many US Senators who have difficulty walking and chewing gum at the same time. The editorial staff at Virtual Mirage is forced to agree with the argument posited by Fetterman’s army of handlers.


      • x3. Doesn’t it seem like this year’s electees are really just scrapings from the bottom of the barrel in several states?

        • Please don’t say that they can’t find anyone worse…the donkeys are experts at lowering the bar. Just because Fetterman has been a loser all his life, hard-core unemployed until he discovered politics (Kipling said, “epileptic fits don’t matter in political employ). I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Fetterman had a grand mal seizure somewhere in public and then they said, “it pushed him over the top with sympathy votes”.

  1. I am not in PA citizen but Fetterman is 1) not fully able to handle all things normal people do, 2) would be run by Puppet Masters like Brain Dead Biden, 3) even before the stroke he had stupid ideas like letting violent prisoners out of jail and letting dugs on the street, and 4) never held a job so He does not know what people go through.

    • Hey man – Joe Biden never had a strait job unless you count the one where he beat up Corn Pop (or was it Popcorn?) when he was 16.

      • I’d like to hear Corn Pop’s side of that story, assuming of course that there is/was such a person.

        • Apparently, he is still alive. There was an interview of him by one or another media outlet when Brandon was elected. His account of events differed from FJB’s. Shocking.

          • There is an obit from 2016, but it was discovered by a CNN reporter, so just from that it has credibility issues.

  2. I give no quarter, the guy wants a Senate seat, scrutiny is fair game. Fetterman needs to be back-burnered to convalesce..and friggin lose a hundred pounds. Yet, like clockwork, there were media who said he was strong and direct. Unreal.

    Anyone voting for Fetterman needs to rethink their life premises. Seriously, can his supporters can any more blind? In contrast, Oz was polished, had studied his opponents record, and kept bringing the narrative back to the critical topics. He made mincemeat out of Fetterman…and his excuse computer.

    • It’s good that Fetterman had the computer where his handlers were feeding him answers in real time or he would have done worse.

      The joke in PA is that if you put a lightbulb in his mouth, he can make it glow – Uncle Festerman.

  3. “Seriously, can his supporters can any more blind?”

    Yeah, I think they can. I call it the “Don Quixote” syndrome. Don Quixote was defeated by the Knight of Mirrors. The progs have two choices–look in the mirror, or double down, again.

    • They’ve drunk the Dem Cult Kool-Aid for sure, voting for Mr. “Hi, goodnight everybody.”

      We are witnessing the self-immolation of half the population…Darwin Award winners on a grand scale, eliminating their carbon footprint. That’s fine as long as us normal’s can sidestep the flames.

      • If he said, “Goodnight” and had walked off the stage, disoriented like the president, with handlers directing him back, it would have been even more fun. More Bidenesque for sure. As it was, and even with handlers feeding him answers to Oz, he was still compelled to be able to read them and he didn’t do that well.

  4. Apparently he lived with, and was supported by, his parents until his mid forties. He was a failure as a mayor, never attended meetings and drove the town into third world status. A perfect dem candidate.

    • The Peter Principle comes into play. It’s time for him to be kicked upstairs.

      Robert L. (Bob) Citron was the treasurer of Orange County, California for 30 years. He had never held a job that he wasn’t fired from until he became an elected politician. Friends joked him into running for office and Bob took it seriously. Because his name started with C he was first on the ballot and the other 2 candidates savaged each other so he was elected and ran as an incumbent thereafter. It all worked out so long as government entities were forced into very safe investments. When the law changed a series of events led to Bob (70 IQ) running the county off the edge of a cliff financially to the tune of almost $15 billion in leveraged funds. A political tale told and retold over the centuries.

    • The Democrats were calling the debate a “tie” and the media slavishly put the line to the public with pundits damning Oz with faint praise. At the same time, they referred to Fetterman as a politician for the working man who had some health issues.

  5. I live in PA. I don’t like Oz. He’s a carpetbagging, snake-oil salesman. PA breeds RINOs and I just hope he’ll be better than Toomey.
    But Fetterman is nothing but a thug. He looks like a washed up bar bouncer. He turned the small town he was mayor of into a shithole. As Lt. Governor all he did was get covicted criminals released from jail and campaign to legalize pot. I truely believe that like Kamala in DC, the Dems picked him because they needed someone so incompetent and low IQ he would never outshine the idiot in the Governor’s Mansion.
    He was an incompetent buffoon before his stroke. Now he’s incoherent to boot.
    Sorry. Had to rant.

    • Oz is all that and more.

      Fetterman is all that and more.

      Of the two, Fetterman is worse but it doesn’t mean that I’d want to vote for Oz. It’s like the choice between Obama and Romney.

    • “He looks like a washed up bar bouncer.”

      Fetterman is what you’d get if you dunked Hagrid into a giant tub of Nair (chemical hair remover) while holding him by the chin. (With apologies to Robbie Coltrane, OBE)

  6. I’m going to annoy (create white-hot anger in) a lot of people: deliberately!
    This sorta reminds me of that situation where a (I don’t know how to put this politely) retarded girl wanted (or possibly her parents may have wanted her) to sing with the school’s chorus. She didn’t know the words, couldn’t pronounce the words, didn’t know the (or heard a different) melody, didn’t know or understand the beat or rythym of the song, but, by Golly, she was appropriately dressed and up there wandering about the stage while the chorus sang (or tried to) the evening’s program.
    The audience (or most of us) were too polite (read embarrassed) to leave.
    I do not agree with a lot (most) of Dr. Oz’ positions, but I’d sooner him than a poor unfortunate stroke victim representing me in what used to be the greatest deliberative body in the world.

    • Based on the Fetterman Dilemma: You don’t need to have the capacity to deliberate anymore to be a senator. You don’t need the cognition level of the average (C student) fifth grader. All you are is a placeholder with party apparatchiks who vote for you. Without handlers (including his parents or his wife), would Fetterman even be able to dress if left alone with the task, even if all that meant was pulling a hoodie over his head and enlarged neck?

      • Boron, not everyone in this world is capable of doing every job, or singing in the choir and holding a tune. General U. S. Grant said, “I know two tunes and one of them is Dixie.” He was tone-deaf but an able general. Quoting the film, “Master and Commander”, not all of us become the men we once hoped we might be. But we are all God’s creatures.

        Fetterman, though a big strong guy, was either too lazy or too inept to manage a simple lift and carry job, or to prune trees, or dig in the earth to earn his bread. Mommy made his bed, fixed his meals and that apparently pleased John and his mom for 40 years. Eating the bread earned by better men than he satisfied his ambition. Until he found politics and assumed positions that did not require his attendance.

        • Mr. Hi, Goodnight Everybody has no legs, physically and mentally, therefore no foundation to lift anything. But like FJB his arrogance won’t allow a gracious gentleman approach and bow out, instead he’s forcing the country to deal with his obvious severe declining ineptitude.

  7. What ever happened to Honor ? Isn’t it the Honorable thing to resign if medically incapacitated?

    Oh, wait….I forgot we were talking about Democrats….

    • Yep, what I think is gonna happen.

      Either indirectly, like Edith Wilson/Eleanor Roosevelt/Hillary Clinton/Jill Biden, or directly by being appointed to the seat after the election because Fetterman will be found unfit to serve.

      As seen above, there is a long history of ‘The Wife rules the President’ in the Democratic party.

      • From Wikipedia. Fetterman’s grave is in the National Cemetery at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. He had never married and left no heirs.

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