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I haven’t commented much on the RNC because it spoke for itself. The blogs have been discussing the Cruz speech, the Cruz decision to decline to endorse Donald Trump and getting booed for his effort.  However, I thought that I’d throw my cracker into the soup.
Ted hopes to be president in 2020 but his move tonight didn’t take him in that direction with anyone but the bitter ‘never Trump’ people. And there aren’t that many of them. Cruz wasn’t bringing unification to the Party and he wasn’t a good sport. Nobody in Washington DC likes Ted. Trump beat him in his stronghold states in the South and his religious rhetoric doesn’t play very strong at all. He would have been better off pulling a Kasich and staying home like a spoiled child.
Ted helped Trump tonight, because the crowd defended Trump. As Cruz was concluding his speech the crowd broke out in cheers, not for the Senator, but for the nominee, Donald Trump as he entered the arena to listen to his son’s speech and timed to show Cruz who the Party chose. (win, lose or draw)

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  1. Kasich and Cruz were the last men standing, and the wounds are still raw. I suspect that they will come around in time. This primary was particularly brutal, and I would guess going forward that there will be short term grudges held by runners up, based on how ugly things got in the end, and how campaigns will likely be conducted in the future.

  2. No doubt in my mind that Trump entered the arena early. He has never shown himself to be the kind of man who steals someone's thunder. Cruz showed his true self – the one I glimpsed in Coeur d' Alene.

  3. Kasich could never get more than a couple hundred people to listen to him at a sitting, so he held "town hall" meetings, while across town Trump filled stadiums and sent thousands away for lack of capacity. The ego smashing truth for a supreme ego was brutal.

    Ted wanted to win by any means and became "lying Ted". Even pounding the Bible didn't bring enough Bible pounders to his team.

    Cruz can still be a Senator, but I would lay you long odds that he will never be elected president of the nation. By his own admission, he wants to become a malignant heckler, criticizing a Trump presidency. That's not what Reagan did to Ford, was it?

  4. Ted seems to be a 'small man'. And because he showed it on the stage, Trump decided to show him who the Alpha Male at the convention was…

  5. I also read there's a billionaire that holds "Court" are the convention. Cruz tried to enter his suite and was turned away. I think this could hurt the rest of his career. I think a lot of people were thinking he'd be good on the Supreme Court. He may have lost that too.

  6. No, Reagan was not the sore loser that Ted appears to be. He even picked Bush Sr. for Veep, and I recall that the primary between those two was pretty brutal as well.

    NOTE: Just as Corinthians II is not 'Two Corinthians,' one doesn't 'pound' a Bible, one 'thumps' it. And they are not 'Bible Pounders,' but rather 'Bible Thumpers.' Hopefully no fellow 'thumpers' took offense, LL.

  7. Ted is not on the short list for the Supreme Court.

    If Ted has the good grace to apologize and become part of the team (something that he has never done in the past – even as Jr. Senator), I think that he can clean it all up. I'm sure that being booed from the stage at the National Convention has to sting, though. And humility was never core in his group of skill sets.

  8. I was disappointed. People say "why should he support Trump after all the things Trump said about his family?"
    Well, if he wanted to prove he was the bigger man, he would have. They all promised the first debate, to support the winner.
    Then he didn't.
    OH well. Learn something new every day.

  9. The RNC was worried about Trump breaking off. The rest of them all thought that they'd win. If the pledge would have been to support Trump if he won, they'd have still all signed because they thought that they'd win.

    Jeb! (and family stayed home) Very poor form, and exceptionally disappointing, but then again, maybe Jeb! didn't have the energy to show up?

  10. Good thumping point. Kasich always sounds like some kind of deli snack to me — "I'll have a double kasich on rye, hold the mayo."

  11. I don't know if you've ever seen him eat (on TV), but he downs an XL pizza at a single setting. Reporters have commented on it. Nobody knows why he's thin. So it may be more than a coincidence that his name reminds you of a snack. To me, it's a car part: "Sorry Mr. but that kasich is shot and will need to be replaced."

  12. In four years Americans won't remember what Cruz said, so I don't think his speech is fatal. His inability to work with the political system, however, is fatal and is the reason he fell to Trump.

  13. It's Ted's character flaw. If he had Bill Clinton's magnetic affability, he'd have been the one giving the speeches, but he's not. He's mean and small and it shows at crunch time. People just don't like him.

    Trump has succeeded because he has the money to carry his own weight and because he speaks his mind and enough people liked that.

  14. LSP – That's hilarious about the "Double Kasich on rye." I gotta use that!
    LL – Pounding instead of thumping and mispelled "Mea Culpa." And you claim to be a man of faith. LOL! 😉

  15. Cruz had kind of a "guy next door" look about him, but he let too much of his small mind show until he became the drunk heckler.

  16. I suspect that the mea/mia combined with pounding instead of thumping will mean that I'm on the highway to hell.

  17. SHELDON – If you ever meet him, mention my name, and ask him how he liked being the target in a grand jury investigation.

  18. I disagree about the 4 years. This will never go away. Hubert Humphrey never recovered from the tears. This was bigger, I think, and Ted doesn't even have a dynasty to fall back on like Hillary did. He was never popular enough to overcome something like this, no matter what happens with Trump. Once a joke, almost always a joke.

  19. Yes. In fact, I would be surprised if Texas sent him back to the Senate after his term is over.

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