The Tiger Year is upon us. More specifically, this is a Water Tiger year. There are many ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year and then you can just let it pass as another day on that long journey through life. Out with the Water Buffalo (2021) and in with the Tiger (2022).

The Black Tiger Year (2022) augers poorly for some. It doesn’t bode well for many, depending on how you look at it. The official beginning of the new year is said to be Feb. 4. And yet today is also the day from other sources.

Before predicting your fortune regarding your money, career, marriage, or health in 2022, you have to know what type of element you are and what your Lucky Element is from your Astrology Birth Chart. The Lucky Element is the major factor to determine people’s fortune.  Tiger contains mainly Wood. It also contains some Earth and Fire. If your Lucky Element is Water, then Water of 2022 will bring you good luck. If your Lucky Element is Wood, then the Tiger of 2022 will bring good fortune to you. If your Lucky Element is Earth or Fire, then you may be out of luck.

If you want to hedge your bets, send a red envelope to the White Wolf Mine c/o me. I’m sure your luck will improve if you do… PS – do not send “Hell Money” – only real currency.


  1. Isn’t all money Hell Money, now?

    Seems like one of the zeros fell off all my notes since 2019…


  2. Oh, a project…I like projects. Honestly, never much looked at my horoscope (Virgo), and have no idea what “element” I’m supposed to be. But you’re saying if I send money to the WWM I can be enlightened with that knowledge? You self-identifying as a religion now? Sounds a lot like Scientology, the more cashola one pays to the hierarchy the more enlightened one becomes.

    • I never thought of inventing a sci-fi religion but if it helps all of you and I become fabulously wealthy, why not?

      Sure, the more money you send to my tax-free religious sci-fi foundation, the smarter and more successful you’ll be. Look at Cruise, he has his own P-51!

      • From my cheap seat everything I see is smoke and mirrors and a complete lie, perception management designed to afford the willful destruction of America by the self-appointed elites/rulers who never see consequences, even into their 80’s. Blood on their hands in spades.

        Covid, while a real virus (now no worse than a cold for 99.99%) was a Psy-Op to see who was compliant. Jan 6th was another to provide an avenue of political prisoner allowance. And no one Truckers may descend on DC…will that be our Tiananmen Square? Dementia Joe did say, we have F14’s. That would light the fuse.

        Yesterday Sirius/XM announced a new Neil Young channel, what kind of in-your-face bravo sierra is that? Will call them to cancel my remaining subscription. Money talks…no enlightenment required, only this – our Founders KNEW man’s evil proclivities:

        “When in the course of human events…But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        • “And NOW truckers…” iPad. I’ll add this:

          “The time for half measures and talk is over!” (Maximus)

          • Maybe (referencing a new Sci-Fi faith) we should build a temple in DC so tall that it reaches to heaven. I admit that it was tried before. Have all black workers so that the Ebonics can’t be any more misunderstood than it is. We might get some real Biblical action when the presidential choppa lifts Creepy Joe to the top.

          • Good concept, and tax free to boot. Regardless history, the new and improved Tower of Baubles WOULD work for the Left, just ask them.

            A Lefty called Prager upset that “some Canadian truckers pee’d on a monument”. Prager pointed out how the Left justify complete desecration of our monuments but one elsewhere is “Horrors!”. Depends on whose ox is getting gored. God might rethink his “no more floods” promise.

          • We shall construct a Temple of the Living Elvis to eclipse all others including the City of Las Vegas (and Clark County)!

    • Kle’s about right. You need to add a zero to every banknote to bring it back to normal. I went to a Mexican joint for lunch yesterday in Camp Verde. Standard lunch & soda with tip was $20.

  3. Perhaps sending ammo is an acceptable substitute? I would suggest USPS flat rate boxes. However, if shipping from LA, I would avoid the railroads.

    • I’m broadening my horizons with this new and apparently lucrative New Year. Who knew that the Tiger would be so generous with the wolf?

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