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House Republicans called in Hunter Biden to testify on the Oversight and Reform Committee due to his experience in African cobalt mining. Cobalt is used in the manufacturing of car batteries. According to Ranking Member James Comer, Hunter Biden secured a contract with the Chinese Communist regime due to his expertise on the subject. Unfortunately, since the Republicans are in the minority, they don’t have the power to subpoena.

Hunter Biden is one of the most talented men in America. President Brandon said that “He’s the smartest man I ever met.” His art is the most expensive and sought-after in the world of people who may wish to do business with the federal government.


TV Series Review – Foyle’s War

Foyle’s War is a British detective drama television series set during and shortly after the Second World War. To me, it’s one of the better series out there.

Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen), a widower, is quiet, methodical, sagacious, scrupulously honest, and frequently underestimated by his foes. Many of his cases concern profiteering, the black market, and murder, and he is often called on to catch criminals who are taking advantage of the confusion created by the war.

As the war rages around him, Foyle, works to keep focused on his job.

Although Foyle often comes up against high-ranking officials in the British military or intelligence services who would prefer that he mind his own business, he seeks justice tenaciously. Throughout the series, he is assisted by his driver, Samantha “Sam” Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks).



For Riverrider


Rand Paul – (Gateway Pundit) Senator Paul who is also a physician began his speech with the following:

Absolutely without question, we’ve never seen a period of time in our history where the government is so dominating the decisions that you make between you and your doctor.  I have friends who are physicians who come up to me and they say they are being threatened.  They are threatened by their board credentialling.  They’re being threatened by licensure if they speak up.

And what are they speaking up to say? – Many of the same things that I’ve said. One, is that vaccines should be a choice, and really whether or not you get vaccinated or whether or not you get treatment for COVID, should be individualized.  This is what Scott Atlas and the other doctors that advised President Trump said.  They said, ‘why don’t we target the people who are most at risk and why don’t we emphasize them for encouraging vaccination and treatment instead of saying one size fits all?’.

I think it’s actually malpractice to tell a 10-year-old that they should have the same response and same protective decisions as an 80-year-old…

…What we have learned is the government has not been honest with us…



A friend from my SDVT days sent me this. He was an enlisted man who worked for me. Then he took a commission with the Army and flue the. C-12 Huron. Great guy, great memories. We may yet work together on a project somewhere.

We were working on one when the plague wiped things out. Shipmates – trust, shared experience, and a sense of adventure.


  1. I could use a personal physician.
    I can’t bring myself to visit one.
    Too many doctors have been complicit in the murder of patients because they won’t buck the system to keep their paycheck.

        • My dentist is 73.
          He works to get out of the house… he and the Mrs caretake their grandkids while the daughter is ‘away’ for several years.
          Not much offering of discussion concerning the kids’ male parent(s), and it is none of my business irregardless.
          My physician of two decades croaked January 2022… a few hours after his second [‘shoulder’ as YouTube sensation Bjorn Bull-Hanson codes it].
          I turn 70 in a few weeks, training new crew is part of the gig.

    • It’s not just about keeping the paycheck. Speaking as someone who went through the US Medical training pipeline, but from an outsider’s perspective, I see two major reasons for the apparent complicity of many physicians regarding covid.

      1. Genuine belief that covid is highly dangerous to the population at large, and this danger justifies nearly any action “against” it.
      2. Disinclination (or frank inability) to think critically.
      3. Paycheck (i.e. some combination of greed/cowardice) is a distant third.

      Regarding genuine belief: This is in part a sampling problem. As an MD you tend to see sick people. When you are attending on ICU service, you see critically sick people. Duh. So in your experience, all the people you see with a diagnosis of covid are really sick. Therefore you conclude that covid makes people really sick. OMFG! But you don’t see all the mildly ill (or even asymptomatic) people with the coof. This inability/refusal to reason it out ties in with my point #2 (below).

      Critical thinking: The medical school selection and post-MD training processes (residency, fellowship) do NOT select for critical thinking or independent inquiry. They select for ability to memorize and regurgitate large amounts of information, some important, much else largely irrelevant. And the clinical years do not generally reward intellectual curiosity. Far too many attending (“teaching”) physicians rely on “proof by intimidation” as in “because I’m the boss.” While a clear chain of command is necessary, this does not make for good learning. Also, a lot of clinical medicine is pattern recognition and Pavlovian response rather than reasoning things out. (This is not necessarily bad, but it can be limiting.)

      I was quite ill last year and for the first time in my life was on the patient end rather than the MD end of things. It’s very interesting to look through the telescope from the other end. Got lots to say about that, but to focus on The Coof: Several subspecialists (from multiple subspecialties) have tried to get me to take the Jab. It is clear that most of them genuinely believe that it is in my best interest to get the Jab. Because I am an MD, they’ve been polite enough to discuss it with me. Despite my revulsion, I’ve been polite right back and explain my reasoning why I think (not feel, not believe, THINK) the risks far outweigh the benefits. Not one single specialist has been able to refute my reasoning. They’ve given up. Interestingly, the Infectious Disease specialist recommended the Jab apparently pro forma. I declined and after my first sentence of the explanation she said, “Hmmm. Yeah. I hadn’t thought of that but I see your point. Okay, moving on….”

      • Mike, I interviewed a young lady who lost her husband,
        The doctors in the hospital specifically told her, “But I’d loose my job.”
        One doc stood and up, got her hubby Ivermectin and he responded, then an admin overruled and he died.
        Turns out there’s gonna be a documentary including her testimony and that of others who suffered the loss of loved ones similarly.

        • I’m sorry to hear about the woman who lost her husband. And I’m not saying that cowardice (moral and otherwise) doesn’t play a role in the shameful performance of some doctors; seen it myself.

          • Mike_C and I were sick at the same time – different illnesses – opposite sides of the Island. We e-mailed. Thanks Mike. I appreciated that.

          • Jules gave me a joke of the day on the count-down to my birthday to raise my spirits and so many other things. She rocks.

  2. nice rifle….the pentagon bucking the system, says it is unable to confirm the “bucha massacre” in ukraine. seems satellite pics appear to show the bodies laying there two weeks ago, yet townspeople/relatives walk around pointing out their loved ones for the cameras. guess they were warned we wouldn’t buy another made-up chemical attack…..spying on veritas, add it to the list of atrocities against the constitution that will never get adjudicated, along with the covid conspiracy. meanwhile a gangbanger in sacremento kills six with .40 and slojoe screams for an assault weapon ban. gotta love a one track mind. but hey its spring, no more snow. that’s something and we’re not glowing, yet.

    • The lies, diversions (look, a squirrel!), and trillions in deficit spending that we won’t ever be able to pay back continue without a pause.

      • But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

        I rest my case….

  3. I completely agree with your recommendation and comments about Foyle’s War. One of the best things I have watched on TV. We saw it on Acorn TV, a streaming service we subscribe to. Intelligent stories and a lack of the gratuitous violence so common to US television. And “Sam” really made the show, perfect foil to Foyle. I highly recommend it. Thanks

  4. Honeysuckle Weeks? Does she go by the nickname “Honey?” Or God forbid “Suckle?” LOL. The Brits have produced some first-rate TV dramas and once you decipher the cultural differences and weird, subtle humor, they are very watchable. My favorite was Lovejoy with Ian McShane. (1984-1994)

  5. Read a deal on the Bucha genocide…as RR suggests, it’s a false flag operation. The fawning for Zelinsky is like Covid, seems perception management. A speech during some Hollywood awards show? Weird. And when Joe makes idiotic statements like he did yesterday, it’s a warmer-upper to getting us heavily involved. The screaming war-haters ARE the war-mongers.

    As for RR’s latest installment…nope, not real, staged…convince me otherwise…because I never see woman like that (heh, maybe I need to get out more). MrsPaulM packs her S&W as needed. But like those svelte gals in bikinis holding up a huge Marlin on a perfect fishing day with great makeup and a massive smile, and no slime on them, I’m skeptical of those gals who look like they could take on the Russian army all by themselves. BUT, maybe they do exist…might be a better fit than the Resort FBI for Hunter overwatch.

    Need a new series to decompress and blot out the insanity that wants to come through the front door and sit on my couch. Thanks for the recommend.

  6. Foyle’s War was good for sure. He didn’t waste words, did he? I think I’d have a hard time watching now because it’s pretty old and I’d guess is that it is pretty low definition. I’m having GREAT difficulty watching anything that is scripted and involves acting these days.

  7. To Ed: Find a good doctor. That shit is important! I have a younger Doc, named Tiffany….(to which anyone who knows me says, “Of course she is.”) When I have an appointment she asks if I want the Vac. I say NO, and we move on.
    As far as Bucha, real or false flag? Neither would surprise me. Ukraine trying to drum up more sympathy and support? Or Russians being Russians? I’ve spoke with a couple Russian vets of AFG. The stuff of nightmares.
    Oh, is anyone else surprised that the CG is getting a new ‘female(???? Hey, I’m not a biologist)’ Commandant who has never commanded a ship?

  8. Finally am seeing both my primary care physician and cardiologist in person this month. While not a fan of being poked, prodded, and questioned, it is necessary. Telephone conferences don’t do it for me. Interesting, neither give me any static about my decision not to get the JAB or any other flu shots.

  9. Foyle’s War is excellent! And it would never get made here in the current environment. Re the spying, is ANYONE really surprised anymore?

  10. Hunter Biden is what Tony Soprano would call a “good earner”. Beyond that, he’s a reprehensible individual.

    The only British drama series I ever watched was “Upstairs/Downstairs”. Quite a good series.

    I have a few momentos like your SDV Team One. I look at them and smile, but few other people would guess their significance to me.

    The bond between Sailors, their shipmates, and their ship, is something few people can even fathom….It’s truly a “You Had To Be There…” experience.

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