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Water has been a serious issue in California since people first moved to California and needed water. There is a drought in the state and no reservoirs have been built to deal with water storage in decades. Why is that? Environmentalists have opposed flooding land for fear of negatively impacting species which would presumably be unable to move fast enough to escape the slowly filling void. 
One can only wonder how stupid, that stupid can get.
California Governor Jerry Brown is known for being old, more
senile than Joe Biden (as if that is possible) and morel liberal than
Barack Obama.

11 thoughts on “California Solutions

  1. Herbert Stein once quipped, and I paraphrase: "if something can't go on, it won't." The Greenies and their agenda rule in the Golden State, especially in Sacramento. And accordingly, if their agenda is carried out to its logical end, the population will plummet from its current 35 million folks to 10% of that….or less.

    Ask any dues paying Greenie where exactly will all of those displaced folk go, and what will they do to survive once they must leave and allow Gaia to rule in their stead? You of course will get a response that resembles crickets chirping.

    These tree huggers just don't care what happens to humans, as long as their snail darters, spotted owls and the like are OK. I just wonder why so many Californians are voting with these asswipe Greenies, when their existence is nowhere to be found on the long term green agenda. I can only conclude that most Californians are dumber than a bag of hammers.

  2. Dumber than a box of rocks.

    I think that the deep blue hand-out dependent liberals will go someplace like Wisconsin or Connecticut while the red-state types just move across the borders.

  3. I am loathe to disagree with you, LL (but here goes…): Hand-out dependent liberals, once the well dries up because they have been laying sideways in it for too long, them and all of their liberal buddies, are not going anywhere.

    Not to Wisconsin, not to Connecticut, they ain't goin' nowhere. Once the government checks stop showing up in their mailbox, they will get together with their liberal buddies, whose government checks have also disappeared, and rampage through town. Armed with bricks, pitch forks and torches, they will be looking for the lousy sumbitches what took THEIR money.

    Somebody's gonna pay. Anybody. Don't matter who, they are going to see to it that those checks start showing up again, and it's not going to be pretty when that happens.

    Mark my words.

    Other than that slight disagreement about Wisconsin and Connecticut, we're seeing pretty much eye to eye on these stupid scumbags.

  4. I once told a congregation, in a sermon, "I am not a tree hugger." No one seemed surprised. Weird, eh?

  5. If you'd said it in Austin, you might not have made it out of the meeting alive while the congregation treats you like Julius Caesar.

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