Bastille Day Massacre

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The recurring theme in every French terrorism investigation, and in our own experience in the US, is that the terrorists take their time. They plan well and they always have help. They also communicate freely. They are not lone wolves and they are not recently self-radicalized.
The Paris prosecutor, Francosi Molins, provided an update on the progress in investigating the Bastille Day Massacre. 
Molins said that Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel who drove the truck in Nice was not recently radicalized, as some press outlets have reported. The 31-year-old man seemed to “have planned his criminal project several months before transitioning to action.”

“The investigation underway since the night of 14 July has progressed and not only confirmed the murderous premeditated nature of Bouhlel’s act, but also established that he benefited from support and accomplices.”

Molins said four men and a woman not known to intelligence services were “involved in the preparation” of the attack. They have been placed under formal investigation. Three of the men are Tunisian-born or French-Tunisian. The woman and the fourth man are an Albanian couple.
The French obtained this information from the killer’s cell phone.
On the 21st, the French parliament extended the state of emergency for six more months.

8 thoughts on “Bastille Day Massacre

  1. We can beat these animals, just as we can put a man on the moon. If we set our minds to it as a nation, they have no chance. But the gloves have to come off. We need to understand that this ideology has deep, deep roots. It is adhered to not just by the thugs who carry out these attacks, they have a support system that includes immams and followers. All of these people who adhere to this ideology need to be included in our gun sights.

    Extreme? Not at all. We used to wipe our enemies out until they begged for mercy. We need to return to that sentiment. Or these animals will continue their carnage.

    Nothing more complicated than that.

  2. Professionals know how to deal with it. When was the last time politicians and entrenched senior civil servants let professionals do their jobs?

  3. When Reagan was president. A little bit when GW Bush was president following the Sept 11 attack.

  4. Amen to that. I don't think there are enough people who think like you, but we should certainly give it a go.

  5. Now they have their hands tied behind their backs and have to study a manual on how to let people change gender and how they will be treated if they do. Gag me.

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