I Believe that Obama is the Problem

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The most concerning problem with the economic disaster we’re stuck in courtesy of run-away Congressional spending paired with the Obama Administration’s Keynesian economic model is that we don’t seem to have found a bottom yet. You can’t pull out of it until you bottom out. Yes, Vice President Joe (Slow Joe) Biden has said that we’re climbing out for the past three years as the numbers get worse. Ignore him.
There are a number of books predicting gloom and doom (and they sell). People want some sense of certainty in a very uncertain world and they turn to the ‘experts’.  Unfortunately the experts are seldom more correct than a broken clock (right twice a day). Because I’m clearly not an expert, I don’t fall into that model ;^).
Quite frankly, I think that the only thing that will inspire sufficient confidence to pull out of this mess that we’re in will be Obama’s departure from public office. The business community (other than Warren Buffet) doesn’t trust him and they’re not going to go out on a limb and hire people in anticipation of a better business environment with him sitting in the White House. Obama’s dismal leadership, his un-American behavior and his anti-business stance are a leading factor in why things are not getting better. Even the labor unions are leaving that sinking ship. (LINK).
Obama almost single handedly created the Tea Party in America. So, yes, he has done something right.

5 thoughts on “I Believe that Obama is the Problem

  1. LL<

    I can't fully agree. RINO false Republicans along with the majority in D.C. who always put their power ahead of the country is the problem Or head Socialist has in fact found the perfect foils for his planned destruction of this country as we know it! He is the leader, but the majority of everyone there are fervent followers as lon as it benefits them.

  2. Yes, the RINOs and Democrats working in concert got us into this mess. I believe that the primary obstacle to recovery at the moment is the Obama Administration – therefore, Obama.

  3. There are a lot of people who got us into this mess, but Obama and his dogged pursuit of Keynesian programs is hanging the millstone around our necks and telling us it's for our own good.

  4. I'm glad to see Obama's wasting his money advertising on your blog again.

    Several things are going on here. You have a government that thinks it can and should solve everyone's problems. Too many voters think this too.

    This government is too busy theorizing instead of just taking a hands off position. When all of your advisers are college professors, all hell done broke lose.

    FDR broke an economy and set an example for Obama to follow. DC needs to get it's house in order and get out of our way.

  5. Obama's going to fix everything…sometime next week…when he'll make another speech and focus his attention like a laser, again, on the economy.

    When was it that we became a nation of idiots who think that government can fix things?

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