What to do with Iran?

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יוֹם כִּפּוּר‎‎ Yom Kippur Blog Posting
Context and Precedence
Iran is refining uranium to construct nuclear fission bombs to detonate over Israel (and likely other places as well depending on how many bombs that they make). Iran has not been shy about declaring their intent and Israel is unambiguous about how they feel about having a nuclear bomb dropped on them.
The Obama Administration’s foreign policy of appeasement of Jihadist elements within Islamic nations has been ill conceived, and their sanctions against Iran have not stopped the centrifuges from spinning 24/7/365.
What should we do?
Whoever is president next needs to work with our Israeli and Saudi allies to QUARANTINE Iran. That means no oil is pumped and exported. This would likely include bombing roads, railroads, bridges, and similar lines of communication and transportation that are or could be used to transport oil outside of Iran. Any ship violating the quarantine would be disabled (torpedo into the propellors or we could lay mines of our own). The Saudis would have to agree to make up the Iranian oil output from their massive facilities – this until the Iranians submit to on site inspection nationwide to determine that their nuclear program has been completely dismantled. If the Iranians are viewed to be at a point where they are “90%” complete in their refining efforts, we should bomb those locations used to manufacture nuclear material.
Any hostile action taken toward US/Coalition forces should be met with hostile force.
I do not advocate invading Iran. However, we need to have a coherent way to stop them from developing nuclear weapons. I see this as the only rational way to proceed. We can keep up a quarantine and no-fly zone for years. Let’s see how they can make it without oil, imports or exports.
Talking and being nice doesn’t work. Sanctions aren’t tough enough.
Aggression unopposed becomes a contagious disease. 

“My position has always been, along with many other people, that any differences be resolved in a nonviolent way

–President Jimmy Carter 

9 thoughts on “What to do with Iran?

  1. Obama's Iran doctrine includes giving Imadinnerjacket a public forum on Yom Kippur to spew his holocaust-denying anti-Israel ideas. Meanwhile Obama is running interference by threatening the Israelis while Iran operates undisturbed in developing their nukes.

    I would imagine Romney's foreign policy will be an improvement over this.

  2. obama can't understand that the world is not just another "neighborhood awareness" program, i.e. a "conable" constituency."

  3. I'm with you. If Israel goes it alone, it could go nuclear and that's something that nobody – not even Iran wants to see. The US could manage it with a quarantine. I've considered a number of scenarios and that's the only one that works in my limited brain. Of course, the Iranians won't be happy but they'll shoot off a lot of their Russian and Chinese missiles and will need to make new orders for more. But with a quarantine, they'll have to wait until it's lifted to get the reloads delivered…

  4. Opus, you are such a cynic – thinking that the Iranian hate fest on Yom Kippur is anything but an accident.

  5. Are you calling the African Americans in Chicago a "conable constituency"? If you are, you might be a racist. If you think that Obama was elected based on his race and not his qualifications, you are also a racist. And if you disagree with any of his policies, you're definitely a racist. If you use the code-word "apartment", you are also a racist. And finally, if you are not a Democratic Party contributor you're a racist.

  6. Q: Why aren't there any moslems on Star Trek?

    A: Because it takes place in the future.

    It's only a joke, lighten up.

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