Hillary and her favorite Weiners

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Headline: FBI reopens Clinton criminal investigation after new emails found in Anthony Weiner case 
It’s 10 days before the election and Director James Comey may be showing that he has a spine…or maybe not. Could he be trolling for an even bigger bribe?
Time will tell.
Meanwhile some cynics suggest that Hillary Clinton may have offered disgraced US Congressman, Anthony Weiner the job of Attorney General in a Clinton Administration. If true, how will that play with the promise that we know has been made to Loretta Lynch, long time Clinton friend (and co-conspirator)? 
To find answers, Virtual Mirage’s investigative staff called the Clinton Campaign Headquarters in Orange County, California and spoke to ‘Erasimo’, who would not give his last name. Erasimo claimed not to have details about the potential appointment of Huma Weiner’s husband (who isn’t a lawyer) to that auspicious post, held by the perjured Eric Holder.
Our probative questioning went to the press conference that candidate Clinton had yesterday, where she was heard to “cackle” after she left the podium. Erasimo said, “(ha ha) She definitely did cackle, you’re right there, but it was because she know she gonna win and when she do, dey be a lot more cackling.”
There you have it. A confident Hillary Clinton and a staff confident of a Clinton/Weiner victory.
I don’t know what Hillary is saying about the leaking weiner problem tonight. I’m guessing that she chased a couple capsules with a stiff drink and is snoring, curled up next to Huma Weiner. However I’m not so naive as to think that they can hide the weiner at this point. In any normal election cycle, Anthony Weiner would shoot himself in the back seven times with his revolver and the FBI investigation would rule it a suicide. After which the FBI Special Agents would have their wives run for office and would each receive half a million dollars in cash. That’s just how it’s done these days.
Ok, I know that the FBI doesn’t investigate suicides of that sort. But at the highest levels there’s some very weird stuff going on. It’s not a great time to be part of the FBI, an institution that has become a national symbol for political crony corruption under Director Comey. The FBI needs a shake up that cleans out the viper’s nest at the top and includes a new definition of who they hire that is not based on “diversity quotas”.

Maybe just hire on qualifications and character – with an eye toward ETHICS.

20 thoughts on “Hillary and her favorite Weiners

  1. Do I detect a bit of doubt on your part about Comey's motivations on this, LL? Surely he's simply doing the right thing. This time. And I got a hunch there ain't no cacklin' goin' on in the Hillary campaign jet (aka 'Broomstick One' as called by her secret service detail). Just flying ashtrays and lamps.

  2. This has become too overwhelming for me to even try and sort it out. It brings to light the depth of corruption in all these horrible people. I'm going back to bed.

  3. Am I hearing this right? You detect a mood change – perhaps frustration on the part of the Bitch of Benghazi? In her press conference, she said that the whole e-mail thing was handled and factored into her campaign. She took three (scripted) questions at her press conference before her handlers ended it yesterday. It was the first press conference that she held during her campaign. Doesn't that show confidence?

    Today she'll wake up (hung over) and may take another couple drinks and another couple capsules – but it's 'hair of the dog', you see. Nothing new there in Clintonian Camelot (going to be called Camalot when she flees to Qatar)…

  4. Corruption? Ok, that's what you call it. Inside the Beltway, it's called "governance" and it's how our masters deal with us. We should be thrilled that our betters have such love for us – such respect. They go to great lengths to insure that the "right" sort of leader is installed.

    The Mainstream Media (Ministry of Truth) is there to cheer on their champion and to boo the other person with equal vigor.

  5. Even if Shillary wins, how will she be able to govern? Assuming the RINOs keep control of both chambers, there will be ongoing scandals that will allow partisanship to run amok. As an old fart, I can remember how the Nixon administration faltered. In more recent times, her husband's administration didn't function too well amid the scandals.

  6. Watergate was nothing compared to the rampant corruption that is Wienergate. I don't think that she could govern and based on all information, the hits will keep coming from Wikileaks.

  7. Yes, I detect a a major league mood change in the Old Crone's dugout. That phony baloney presser was pathetic. She sure was smiling a lot, though, but I suspect all of that smiling stuff disappeared and those ashtrays and lamps started flying everywhere aboard Broomstick One, and Carlos Danger should be put on suicide watch. No telling how he will do himself in: maybe put his feet in a washtub full of wet cement, let it dry and then throw himself in the East River. Like you said, maybe pump seven bullets into his own back, that oughta do it.

    I can't help but enjoy this, maybe justice will prevail after all. Polls are showing that The Donald may not lose in a landslide, just lose by 3 or 4 points. I don't believe any of that for even one second.

    It's over for the Old Crone. Woo hoo!

  8. I felt a bit sorry for the Djinn, Huma, out of misplaced chivalry, 'til a friend reminded me, "Look at its TEETH."

    Perhaps the Deep State has abandoned Hillary? Weird scenes inside the gold mine.

  9. Once the demon flees its host, things begin to collapse. I don't know that it's happened yet, but you can feel the impending doom.

  10. Fredd, a Weiner suicide is likely, particularly if he is a witness to anything. I found Slow Joe's reaction to him learning of Weiner's involvement (h/t CW) particularly amusing. youtu.be/bdCuDF4u5Yg

  11. “Tip Of The Weiner” Ha! The media. Love ‘em.

    James (new Bond) probably wants more money. Perfect timing for an extra big bribe an’all. He’s got his eyes set on that brand new Vantage. Can’t fault him… Everybody can be bought.

  12. Oh, I think that the bribe that Comey would be looking at would buy a whole fleet of Vantages.

    Or maybe he will commit suicide like the other people who have crossed Hillary.

  13. I think there is PSH in Hillary's camp, mainly because they have NO idea what the FBI has this time…

  14. Huma Weiner knows what's on the computer that she shared with hubby. Hillary needs to ask her (and likely has). In addition to Anthony's kiddy porn there may be all of the "destroyed" e-mail.

  15. The New York Post had a subtitle, "DICKILEAKS – FBI Reopens E-Mail Case." HAHAHA Dickileaks sounds like a symptom of VD.

  16. Aren't all the "destroyed" emails in the NSA cloud? There was no Grand Jury convened for the Hillary investigation so these emails couldn't be subpeonad, but surely there is some other way to access this "destroyed" information.

  17. The NSA is not bound by a grand jury subpoena because disclosure of that information would reveal 'methods and sources'. It's protected under the cloak of national security. And NSA means No Such Agency anyway… Forget those buildings at Ft. Meade. Those are a figment of your imagination.

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