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Captioned Title: “Of or relating to animals, usually worms or bivalves, that ingest earth or mud to extract the organic matter from it.” Unflattering view of the American permanent Washington establishment or “swamp.”


Bullet Points:

** PJ Media reported, “Illegal Alien Released on Gun Charges, Shoots Trans Illegal Alien, Authorities Helpless.” Yeah…whatever.

** (h/t EdB and “The League”) (The Hill) DEI — the identity-obsessed dogma that goes by “diversity, equity, and inclusion” — has now trained Google’s new AI to refuse to draw white people. Even more alarming is that it’s also infected the supply chain that makes the chips power everything from AI to missiles, endangering national security.

The Biden administration recently promised to finally loosen the purse strings on $39 billion of CHIPS Act grants to encourage semiconductor fabrication in the U.S. But less than a week later, Intel announced that it was putting the brakes on its Columbus factory. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has pushed back production at its second Arizona foundry. The remaining major chipmaker, Samsung, just delayed its first Texas fab.

This is not the way companies typically respond to multi-billion-dollar subsidies. What explains chipmakers’ apparent ingratitude? In large part, frustration with DEI requirements embedded in the CHIPS Act.

Commentators have noted that CHIPS and Science Act money has been sluggish. The CHIPS Act is so loaded with DEI pork that it can’t move.

** Actuarials drive Insurance – The Sacramento Bee reported, “State Farm plans to not renew roughly 72,000 property and commercial apartment policies in California starting this summer, the company announced Wednesday.” California is a bad risk. It can be fixed, but it wouldn’t be progressive.

** Gun control only ends well for the people who control the guns.

** If the government can turn off cell phone service, what do you want to bet that they can also turn off your electric car?

** As reported in a previous VM blog: Things worked well enough under apartheid, but the African National Congress is having problems in South Africa now. It’s about water, but what is more racist than water? CBS reported, “For two weeks, Tsholofelo Moloi has been among thousands of South Africans lining up for water as the country’s largest city, Johannesburg, confronts an unprecedented collapse of its water system affecting millions of people.

“Residents, rich and poor, have never seen a shortage of this severity. While hot weather (global warming) has shrunk reservoirs, crumbling infrastructure after decades of neglect is also largely to blame. The public’s frustration is a danger sign for the ruling African National Congress, whose comfortable hold on power since the end of apartheid in the 1990s faces its most serious challenge in an election this year.”

** This lays it out. When I went to high school, I had a rifle and shotgun in the rack in my pick-up truck.


Les Apaches

An Apache revolver is a handgun that incorporates multiple other weapons, made notorious by the French underworld figures of the early 1900s known as Les Apaches. They are visually similar to weapons from WWI.


Should Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Fall

This is who he would like to be: the next President of the United States.  Nicole Shanahan (38), whose claim to fame is that she married one of the founders of Google.

According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) data, Shanahan gave $30,000 to the Biden campaign in 2020. She has also made several donations to ActBlue, the Democratic fundraising arm, and one to the Democratic National Committee (DNC). One can only opine what the difference is between Shanahan and Kamala Harris. Maybe they could debate. Harris is an Indian, and Shanahan is half Chinese, so they might have difficulty out-ethnicing each other. Both self-identify as female.

I wonder how much Shanahan paid for the Veep slot next to RFKjr. Or does that sound cynical? The selection essentially drops RFKjr from the race. I wonder if that’s what he intended.


Meme of the Day


Identify the Tracks




Identify the Aircraft


This was produced in response to a US Navy requisition.


46 thoughts on “Limivorous

  1. Baffled: You would not believe the number of … disagreements I’ve had with physicians on the faculty of, among others, Harvard, Columbia, Michigan, Stanford, Penn, the list goes on. The vaxx koolaid is damn near academic medicine orthodoxy, so far as I can tell. That was during peak Covid though. I’m not sure what the big brains think now. A few now tell me they’re glad they personally got vaxxed and boosted and boosted (sic) but try won’t let their minor children get the shot. Hmmmm.

    Shanahan: who what?

    Schumer: not touching that one.

    1. I still can’t figure out RFJjr on that one. Shanahan’s place on his ticket should wipe out any Republican cross-over vote, but it will take votes from Pedo Joe. Was that the intent? Maybe so. RFKjr really hates Pedo Joe and that gang of mountebanks. A Trump “too big to steal” victory might be what he’s after now.

      1. I say good, let him bleed votes from The Husk while tanking his own campaign. She’s a wealthy operative, hence the pick…can fund herself. Stupid question: Was she born a US citizen or is she another Manchurian? Mom immigrated from China. Her history suggests she is the typical Lefty with money.

        1. All of those questions are valid. The most poignant might be, “Would she make a better president than Kamala (the Ho) Harris? — who appears to be every bit as weird, disconnected and stupid as Pedo Joe.

          1. Good point, albeit not a very high bar. We can do better than that, but guessing TPTB controlling far too much don’t want the bar any higher, can’t steer their rotten ship from hitting the support pier. (It’s a metaphor)

  2. Identify the Tracks:
    1. Sd.Kfz. 251/20 mounting an infrared searchlight
    2. T77 Gun Motor Carriage

    Identify the Aircraft:
    3. Gyrodyne YRON-1 Rotorcycle
    4. Yakovlev Yak-15 Feather

  3. South Africa: Before Europeans colonized SA nobody was living there. Once the Europeans made it productive the Africans took an interest in migrating there. Time to pull out and let it fall.

    1. Agreed 100%. The time to have left was long before now, though. Once the ANC took over, the handwriting was on the wall. The problem with the Third Rock at this point in our history is that there is no new frontier to flee to. Admittedly, I have settled in one of the more remote places in the Lower 48, but witness my connectivity with the Internet, SatCom, paved roads, APS power lines, and if not that, solar panels. Google Earth… Musk speaks of Mars but if that is somehow terraformable, it’s 100 years away and I fear that it will be californicated immediately.

  4. Reference the T77 Gun Motor Carriage:

    How do you keep the guns fed? It doesn’t appear that there is sufficient room inside for crew and the ton of ammo it would take to keep firing in an engagement either ground or air.

    1. Buddy of mine was in the 11th ACR in Viet Nam while George Patton’s kid was running it. He said they scrounged up a mini-gun from someplace, mounted it on a M113 APC and went out looking for trouble, and found it. I asked him how that worked out and he said not very well. He allowed as how the experiment was actually working real well for 5 minutes or so until they ran out of ammo, and then it was like, oh crap, let’s get the hell outta here!

      1. Buddy of mine was in Marine Recon in Vietnam and they somehow got their hands on a 20mm aircraft gun and rigged it to use as a sniper rifle to shoot elephants on the Ho Chi Mihn Trail. Seems the Norks would load elephants up with explosives and cover them with elephant hide and from the air the ‘phants would look normal. Buddy said 95% of the time there would be secondary explosions from the elephants after hitting them with the 20mm.

  5. SA – i see Marxism is working there too. I wonder if Chelsea will follow in mom’s footsteps and get a “global initiative ” going to fix things. Like Hillary did in Haiti?

      1. Meanwhile Zimbabwe is begging the magic white people to come back to Zimbabwe to bring their magic dirt powers to make the farms productive once again (you know, like they were when it was Rhodesia and the whites made the country the bread basket of Africa.)

  6. shanahan reportedly donated 4 million to rfk,jr’s campaign. they’ll destroy rfk soon enough as they admit he is a threat now. just like they’re going after p diddy. can’t stand the guy but one look at the vid of the raid and i can see its all about him supporting trump. the media were quick to put out false reports that he fled.

      1. Add HGH…few men look like that 70 without a lot of “science”, which speaks to his mentality. I don’t dislike him, just suspicious…same with Gabbard, she speaks well but is a wolf-ette cloaked in a soft surround.

  7. Re: Turning off Electric Cars.
    Soon they’ll be able to turn off all cars, electric or not.
    The Infrastructure Bill passed in 2021 mandates that all vehicles produced after 2026 have a ‘kill switch’.
    Systems will include cameras to monitor your head position and eye behavior. Breathalyzers and touch pads to detect your BAC. They will also collect data on your driving behavior and transmit it to “????????”
    Heading home after a long day at work and your head bobs a little? Giving a friend a ride home from the bar? Swerving to avoid water or debris on the road after a storm? Get from point A to point B too fast?
    No one can tell me that this feature won’t be used for other purposes.
    Look it up.

    1. I’ve followed that development. What’s done can be undone. If you think that they’re having difficulty selling electric cars, the rat-cars will be nearly impossible to unload.

      1. OTOH, it might make fo a great black market for really good hackers who can make your vehicle invisible to the “all-seeing eye”.

      2. I do not plan to buy a new car but if I did I would have it modified. My oldest son is a Master Mechanic and can easily modify any vehicle. I am a retired Electrical Engineer and was in Telecom through my career. All vehicles today that operate via key fobs to operate with start button can be shut down remotely as they have ON STAR or similar, but that requires the govt to get a warrant to ask the vehicle manufacturer to shut it down. The govt future plan will have more control of the vehicles then they have now.

        1. JG – the evil me thinks that it would be cool to be able to hack the kill switch so that “I” could use the app or whatever to do unto others before they did unto me. I’m sure that I’m not the only one to think of that.

          1. I think kill switching someone in a remote area would be great for kidnapping. A self-driving vehicle that also disables the door handles from the inside is an even better tool for kidnappers.

            One young mom and a toddler delivered to Pedo Pete and his friends as ordered. Half price if it’s not there in 30 minutes.

            I’m told I have a dark perspective on the world. I dunno. But you tell me if that’s crazy. Or implausible.

          2. I used tracker units that we embedded in vehicles – 20+ years ago. I had a tech that would go to a dealership and practice on the make/model before the actual event. Then we’d set up on the car and do it (armed with a search warrant). The trackers we used drew power from the target vehicle and we could kill the engine and lock or unlock the doors. They were advanced at the time and expensive. I’m sure that you could buy them far more inexpensively now.

            In any event, we played out your scenario more than once, but they were arrest situations, not kidnapping/rendition. However the scenario runs the same.

    2. Cynical me points out they can’t get the software now installed (to increase profits without having to do real engineering) working properly. Adding a “kill switch” will increase the clusterf**k.

      1. As we just saw yesterday, power loss is catastrophic, cutting power in a vehicle will have dire consequences (look at the problems with the idiotic self-drivers).

  8. Saw one of those Apaches last December at The Henry Ford Museum.
    Wasn’t impressed.
    One of the few guns I didn’t say “I’d like to have one of those.”.

    If we can’t make chips here, don’t hold your breath on pharmaceuticals.

  9. “Limivorous”
    Hmm! you’re being very kind – again!
    In reference to the Anacostica River Watershed, I would have used coprophagous.

  10. I see similarities between South Africa and my hometown, for mostly the same reasons. Infrastructure requires more than skin color and ideals. The most prestigious of salaries, with titles of importance, never seem to handle problems that require sound engineering and the associated costs.

  11. I’m liking the “word of the day”…Limbaugh-esque with vocabulary expansion. (Freely admit I had to pause for pronunciation, like it’s a foreign language.)

    When a Nations elected (meaning “they work for us”) decide to intentionally hamstring and/or undermine infrastructure (like bridges, roads, supply chains, food production, energy independence, power grid, etc.), steal elections, wreck our currency and position in the world…at what point do ‘We The People’ wrest control from these thieves and idiots, taking matters into our own hands? Time For A Reset ™

    As for the above, thinking Trump could pull in his markers with trusted constructors and offer to fix the FSK Bridge; they could clear the channel by Friday, and inside of of a year have a new bridge…assuming government stayed out of the way, otherwise it’ll take years. Like this:

    Myers Inc., of Rancho Cordova, California, pulled out all the stops to complete the reconstruction of the Interstate 10 bridges in a blistering 66 days-or a whopping 74 days ahead of the original contract, earning a $14.8 million bonus. Myers saved time and streamlined his operation, even building his own rail siding for material deliveries because TPTB tried to hamstring him to avoid paying any early completion. (Thereafter Sec. Trans Pena’ – another putz – worked overtime to say government and inter-agency cooperation were the reasons for the speed.)

    In 1980, Florida’s Old Sunshine Skyway Bridge out of St. Pete (similar “erector set” style construction as the FSK bridge) was hit in a similar manner when heavy winds pushed a freighter off course, hitting one of the support stanchions. 1200 feet of the southbound lane fell into the Gulf. In 1987 the new Sunshine Skyway Bridge was opened, they installed 60 foot “bumpers” around each pier.

    We’re America, damnit!…despite the idiots in charge, this can be done in short order…yet already we’re hearing “10 years or more” from the bloviator “experts”. Baloney! How about 1 year max, with incentives for an early completion. Git er done.

    1. BTW, I’m offering to help direct if need be, will channel my father and his well-known approach for office building construction: Everyone owns the work and the result. There is no ‘holier than thou’ or prima donna attitudes allowed on the jobsite.

      1. I’m not gazing into a crystal ball or anything, but if the city, the county, the unions and the democrat party have anything to say about it, the re-make of the FSK bridge will take at least a decade and a trillion dollars. Deciding which contractor to select based on DEI criteria could take years by itself. You need a democrat, negro tranny veteran owned business to manage the construction. It will be like the Obama Regime trying to create a health insurance website.

        1. My fear…meaning an economic “bloodbath” for us Peons.

          Trump and Musk should team up, get it done in short order, no fussing around with the Grifter Class, who don’t really own it, therefore shouldn’t have a say in the matter. Too much rests on political hacks to get anything done, and when they involve themselves We The People have little recourse. Best to head it off at the pass, assuming that’s possible in Baltimore. I will add, listening to Levin play the first 15 minutes of Dispatch comm’s, the 1st Responders (et al) got on it in short order once hearing the “mayday”, saved lives and never once hesitated…they get the credit for avoiding further disaster. The Police Chief was no nonsense, total professional, zero pandering to the inane reporter questions. The others…well, same-o, same-o.

          “Stuff” happens, it’s what we do after that matters.

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