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The discussion today begins by taking the form of a question that the average fifth grader might have asked.
Harambe would surely have asked the question if he hadn’t been shot in the prime of life – but he’s with Elvis – in a better place. Even though this is a sermonette, I am not going to take this any further than that.
Even though a fifth grader would have asked the question – “If Hillary is innocent, then why did her staff need immunity deals” – NOBODY in the mainstream media did, which confirms to me the long-held belief that they are NOT smarter than the average fifth grader. Mainstream media people are progs by definition, which means that believe only what they are told to believe by their betters/masters.

Now that it’s too late to indict Hillary before the election, the corrupt FBI is back into the Hillary Clinton case. It’s re-opened. How convenient is that? I’m sure that Hillary will clear this up if she wins the election. 

There are also the elite pundits – who didn’t ask that question either – and are paid millions of dollars a year to formulate questions. Some of them (George Will comes to mind and so does Carl Rove) are so beat up that Trump is the Republican nominee, that they are pickling their brains with gin to avoid having to ask any questions. You only need say, “Trump” and they reach for the hip flask in an effort to dull the pain.
It will be interesting to see Barack at the Trump inauguration when Trump has promised to undo every-single-screwup that Obama made. Then again, I don’t know what Barack has to hide. He may be fleeing to Kenya to avoid prosecution along with the Clintons and may miss the big show. One can only guess how much he will steal from the White House the way that the Clintons did when they left office. 
And what of Michelle Obama’s 112 staff people? Where will they go for work? Listing the previous boss as a “wookie” clearly won’t get them government work in a Trump Administration. Maybe they can go to Chicago and claim ‘legacy status’ and get lucrative city jobs? Most city workers in Chicago are said to have dead relatives who are also on the payroll working for them. Naturally, they accept the checks each month on behalf of family members. Thus those 112 staff people could translate to 500-600 more pay checks going out to new “city workers” in the windy city, all of whom will vote “Democrat”, the party whose totem is an ass.

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  1. We'll see how this FBI bombshell plays out. I am guessing that there were so many threatened leaks by honest FBI agents that Jim Comey had to re-open the case to keep the place from meltdown.

    I hear that pervo Anthony Wiener's cell phone was prominent in the re-opening of the case, so we'll all be privy to salacious garbage in the next few days that hopefully will slop all over Hillary's presidential aspirations.

    One can always dream, can't he?

  2. I have no idea how Wiener will play with the Clinton scandals but salacious doesn't begin to describe how it could play. MSNBC might even report it!

    My sense is that somebody had a chat with Comey. I don't know who, but somebody. If Hillary seeks asylum for high crimes and misdemeanors in Qatar, he doesn't want to be there with her for having conspired to commit.

  3. This is interesting, dead people on the payroll. Some say that Hillary's dead and a dybbuk, which is why she attracts flies that land on her face.

    Maybe Chicago is right for "her"?

  4. She's from Chicago.

    I would say that she could return, but she'd end up being taken into custody there. She needs to flee to the Middle East, Russia or China.

    If she is elected after this, God help the Republic.

    It may come down to a non-peaceful transition of power to oust her from office. I wouldn't have ever thought that would be necessary, but at some point you have to ask yourself where the greater good is.

    America is a really screwed up place and 8 years of Barack & Candidate Clinton are symptomatic. People worship the Kardashians and tranny daddy.

  5. There is no one in the Clinton camp, nor in the mainstream media, who says anything that could be interpreted to point to Hillary's innocence. Innocent people don't obfuscate and equivocate like the cackling Chicago woman and her retinue.

  6. No, there's nothing that points to her innocence. She did what she is said to have done. Progs reply that nobody should care.

    To be fair to Democrats, this doesn't auger well for them. They've become the Party of Corruption – it's in the videos, in WikiLeaks, it's part of the Clinton legacy and Obama before her. The only thing that they can say is, "So what? – vote for the Bitch of Benghazi anyway."

  7. I don't think anything will come of this latest 'revelation'. If she is still allowed to run, then she will still get away with it all.
    You all be safe and have a blessed weekend.

  8. Should Trump win, I wouldn't count on Hillary getting away with it all. Obama might pardon her on his way out of office, but he has to be specific on the particulars of the pardon. With all she's done, the pardon will likely be inadequate.

  9. Your theory about somebody leaning on Comey: who in hell has that kind of sway? And where was this guy three months ago?

    Of, if this guy talking to Comey was not leaning on him, what on earth could have persuaded him to pull the trigger this time? Guilty conscience?

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall of Comey's office. Juicy, so juicy….

  10. Comey has always held himself out as incorruptible. It may bother him that the rest of the nation doesn't hold that same opinion of him?

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