At the WHO

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is under pressure. President Trump stated that the US would continue its participation in supporting the WHO at a rate commensurate with that paid by China (currently paying 10% of what the US pays + bribes to Tedros).

The WHO is a lot like the United Nations – and as with the UN, there are a lot of small nations who seriously hate the United States. It’s in this backdrop that the first meeting of the World Health Assembly post Chinese Plague will take place beginning tomorrow (Monday).

China is set to be challenged on two of its most sensitive issues: (1) The Communist Party’s initial handling of COVID-19, which “escaped” from the Wuhan Virology Institute (The Chinese bioweapons laboratory) and (2) the status of Taiwan’s participation in the WHO discussion.

A U.S.-backed bloc is also pushing for Taiwan, whose handling of the virus has been a rare success story, to attend the meeting as an observer. The move — aimed at strengthening Taiwan’s official and unofficial diplomatic relationships — has angered China, which views the island as a province and has long sought to isolate it on the world stage.



Barack Obama, and George Soros

George Soros (Soros spelled backwards is still Soros) is a villain to much of America, but he’s the darling of the American Progressive Elite. His enduring friendship with former President Barack Obama has been steadfast even during the Chinese Plague. The two darlings of the progressive left are pictured here for your reference. Some believe that the close friendship is about to be strained as Obama’s role in spying on the Trump campaign is revealed. The media (heavily influenced by Soros’ billions) will rally behind Obama, but it’s going to cost Soros a lot of money to salvage that situation… money that could be spent on any one of a number of other progressive efforts to “globalize” America, strip Americans from the protection of the Bill of Rights, etc.


No More Mercy

USNS Mercy (T-AH-19)

Hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH-19) left Los Angeles three days ago, seven and a half weeks after arriving at the California hot spot in the Chinese Plague. The crew of the Mercy treated seventy-seven patients (in a ship designed to treat 1,000 casualties at a time). Don’t ask me how much it cost the taxpayers to start up the Mercy (a reserve ship) and sail it from San Diego (32nd Street Naval Base) to Los Angeles, and have the ship standing by at the (largely empty) cruise ship terminal. Mercy’s mission was at the behest of FEMA, though it involved a US Naval Ship with a US Navy crew.


CALPERS and China

The California Public Employees Retirement System’s investment in China has been questioned in light of the Chinese Plague. CALPERS is fighting back to defend Ben Meng, CalPERS’ chief investment officer, born in China, asserting that any criticism of Meng is racist. (of course it is – everything is racist). CALPERS has $400 billion invested in real estate, the stock market, and in China as part of its international portfolio.

Before Meng was CALPERS chief investment officer, he was China’s deputy chief investment officer of Communist China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange, or SAFE. That gig at the Worker’s Paradise ended in 2018 when he moved to CALPERS.

I don’t care that Ben Meng is in charge of investments for the $400 billion retirement fund, so long as the fund completely divests itself from any investment in or for the People’s Republic of China. Meng is a US Citizen, with strong ties to Communist China. He has a right to remain in and work in the USA. It’s debatable where his loyalties are.


      • He’s a US citizen.

        I view this as one of those situations where we need to stop the relationship with China. We need to allow people like Meng to find work as a common laborer if he has not committed treason. Mostly we need to keep Meng (and Pelosi) from situations where they can betray the nation.

    • I expect that if pressure was brought, that he would self deport and go back home. If he’s not making seven figures, he’ll go back and maybe get a seat on the Politburo.

    • It’s progressive to join arm in arm with the Worker’s Paradise.

      It’s progressive for the Communist Chinese to give Hunter Biden (and his dad) $1.5 billion to play with. It’s a gift, not a bribe. An investment in China’s future.

  1. $400 Billion? That is a hell of lot of dinaro… How many countries together do not half half of that as their GDP? If they have $400 Billion they can pay their own damn state costs, Pres Trump ought to tell them to pound sand when asking for federal bailouts.

    • It’s a State Pension fund but it’s owned by the members (technically) and privately managed. California is a big state. Law enforcement officers contribute 27% of their pay to retirement. In many cases that’s split by the State/County/City and the officer, but it’s a bucket of money. Add the teachers, the tree trimmers, the administrators, the staff, etc. in a state with 33 million people, and it adds up.

  2. Grifter’s and cretins at all levels pulling the proverbial wool over the fear-filled uninitiated. Prison would be too good for all of them.

    The longer this unconstitutional garbage continues, with state’s effectively eliminating portions of the Bill of Rights as if they are the Supreme Potentate’s of our lives, the less charitable I am getting. Lord help me not launch the “East Coast” in me on the next person who tells me I’m being unsafe by NOT wearing a mask…in my car, or in a line, or in the “essential” Home Depot. So I stay away when possible to avoid SJW idiocy.

    • I have only worn a mask one time and that was in Costco about two weeks ago. I wore a bandana and managed to look fierce enough that several shoppers stopped me at random and asked me if I was planning to hold the place up.

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