This is my third attempt at a Veteran’s Day blog post. The first two made me sound more angry and bitter than this one does. It’s still a rant though. I received a survey asking about white veterans, Hispanic veterans, Asian-American veterans, black veterans, and so forth. I want to reach through the computer screen, grab the piece of shit who is working to divide veterans based on race by the throat, cyber drag them here to the remote White Wolf Mine, and have a kind discussion with them. 

And I feel a lot the same way toward politicians who categorize veterans as “domestic terrorists”. Flying the American Flag is not an act of terrorism. Demanding that voting be free and fair and not subject to fraud is not terrorism. Asking out elected officials not to use our military to engage in endless, purposeless, wasteful wars for the sole purpose of lining their pockets is not domestic terrorism.

Our generals and admirals have slipped far below the bar of what we expect in leaders. Our commander-in-chief is a senile, doddering, fool, who shits himself in public regularly and has to be whisked off so aids can clean him. The #2, is a cackling whore who nobody takes seriously.

NONE of that is the fault of veterans.


And while I’m on a rant…

Isn’t it interesting that Merrick Garland signed the James O’Keefe search warrant?

Ok, rant over.


Identify the Mystery Aircraft


Identify this FAMOUS Squadron


Deniable War

Laos, 1969. Known as Ravens, they were recruited from the US Air Force, scrubbed of their identities, and employed to conduct close air support, fire control, and other covert missions in aid of Hmong forces.


Delta Force mobile task force in Iraq, 2003. Note the mounted M82.


US Navy SEAL wearing the gear of a French Navy Commando Trepel operator during exercise Ouerka, Djibouti, 2019.


  1. A jet and a prop, what a combo. What’s next, the Thunderscreech?

    And the Black Sheep Squadron. Very interesting people, crappy tv show (though I watched it. My favorite plane was the J2F Duck float plane.)

    • There were three or four jet-prop combos that came out in the same timeframe. Aircraft manufacturers weren’t ready for a post-war jet quite yet. None of them went much beyond the flying prototype phase because jet propulsion was on the way.

      I watched Black Sheep Squadron too. They could have done better with it but — Hollywood.

      • My father, who turned wrenches on some of their aircraft (he was a squid, but if a plane was busted they didn’t care who fixed it, according to him) watched the show quite faithfully, but quite literally viewed it as a comedy program. Which it was.

        God Bless all here who carried the flag. I honest to God feel sorry for those who opted out, genuine medical conditions excepted, of course.

  2. It’s okay to be angry and bitter, LL. I expect we are all angry and bitter here, and you have more reason than most people.


  3. 50 yrs since I signed up.
    It was an honor. Still is.
    All enemies foreign an domestic.
    Including a “president ” and his administration.
    Thank you to my brothers-in-arms.

  4. Basic training 1978. We were informed that no matter what color our skin was, we all bled od green. I still remember that my brothers in arms are all the same when it comes to support and defend.

    • We are all Americans. And in service, it had nothing to do with the color of your skin and everything to do with the content of your character. It’s a lot like a blog – colorblind. In the Obamanation and in the Biden Regime content of character is only celebrated if you’re evil.

  5. Larry,

    You and the readers will probably like this commentary from Alan Farrell, retired SGM and former Green Beret, and now retired from teaching French at VMI:

    His book of poetry “Expended Casings” is also a delight. “50 Cal., a Love Song” is a favorite of mine.

    “Asking out elected officials not to use our military to engage in endless, purposeless, wasteful wars…”

    Did you seen Congressman Turner on Tucker last night? Ukraine, back on the interventionalist menu. God did he squirm when Tucker asked him if he called for putting American troops on our own border to defend our own country. Trump should find somebody, even a retired truck driver, to primary the man.

  6. djibouti, another shithole va guardsmen are about to be dropped into. another generation of veterans born. with the current leadership, i fear for their safety. china has a base there and aspires to increase their presence. i notice we are going to all the countries surrounding ethiopia. is joe trying to counter china in the region? not likely. is he trying to strangle ethiopia for the chinese? possibly. follow the money i always say. happy vets day, LL.

    • My default setting during the Biden Regime is that there’s an expectation that we will be on the wrong side no matter what happens.

  7. A snappy salute to all my fellow veterans. LL, you are not alone in your anger. Hopefully the tide is starting to turn. I have been flying the 13 star flag since president depends was installed. For today, the big stars and stripes goes up, and an M-1 with fixed bayonet stands guard in the lawn.

  8. July 1970. Got off the plane at lovely Ft. Polk, LA. There was drill sergeant Morgan. Big ugly black man. First words to us – “I likes white meat”. He got our immediate attention. The company was a 50/50 mix being trained for Vietnam. Some of my closest long term acquaintances today are black men I shared a foxhole with. We will probably talk today. Veterans day is on the calendar but slowly disappearing. I might be wrong, but neither of my children will mention it today. I let it go because I don’t expect a thank you.

    • Gary, I received a call from Maine this morning. My nephew (the MD) and his two young sons were having breakfast. It’s a ritual phone call where I talk about our family’s history and their contributions to the nation – military and not. We had ancestors who fought in British North America before there was a USA. We had ancestors who were literal pirates. Some fought for the North, some for the South. Some were pioneers in the west. At least one fought in the trenches at the Marne. WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Irag, etc. It’s all part of the DNA.

  9. Boyington made 2 cameos on Black Sheep and was listed as ‘technical adviser’. When asked why he agreed when the show was so unrealistic he replied, “I needed the money.”

    • I met Pappy Boyington at a dive bar in Newport Beach, CA where he used to bend an elbow. He had a big problem with alcohol and one of the problems that he had was that he couldn’t buy a drink – anywhere. Once the patrons knew who he was, they’d fight each other to buy Pappy another round. I’m trying to recall the name of the bar. It was a little hole in the wall.

      Frankly, I was as bad as anybody else in that time and place, buying a round for the bar just so that I could buy one for him.

      • Today, the official position of the Pentagon is that the military’s first job is to fight the war against the weather. I’m afraid that looking at it now, it would be unlikely that I’d sign up for Creepy Joe’s military.

  10. Thank you to all veterans, most especially the combat vets. You deserve it everyday but especially this day.

    • It was nice speaking with you on the phone today. It’s good to hear that the Specialist is on the road to a commission.

  11. Agreed on the race crap. I’ve had my six covered by black guys, white guys, Hispanic guys, those of Asian ancestry, as well as American Indians, and I watched out for them as well. You, as well as a number of others here, can say the same.
    The XP-81 was an interesting plane. Another interesting plane was the Douglas XB-42.

  12. Happy? Veterans’ Day
    Yeah! Happy I made it through:
    very unhappy that quite a few of my good friends didn’t,
    very unhappy ‘bout a near irrevocable split with my Dad, his argument: “But there are so few of us left.” (sort of lost the entire family: Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, from Poland, Germany, Austro-Hungary, the Baltics over the last two centuries; more or less the inverse of decimated)
    I have nine years on Ed; signed on in ’62 on the first day of school with absolutely no guarantee I wouldn’t be pulled out at any time; two years active to be stuck in the middle of Nowhere, USA.
    Could’ve been worse (though I don’t know how); wasn’t exactly overjoyed about being a “support troop”.
    But Happy?
    That’s almost as good as “Thank you for your service,” from one of the Canadian returnees.
    Bitter? Me? Nevah!

  13. Interesting mix of weapons in the Raven’s photo- looks like they have it covered from 3.75 rockets to Hmong crossbows. What are the long black-white striped tribal weapons? Blow pipes? Single shot shotguns?

  14. About time you let loose on a proper rant, with today being what it is, every Veteran is allowed righteous anger over the weasels who have no clue the difference between FMJ and Hollow points, and would likely pee their pants when faced with real threats.

    H/t to all who have served.

      • No kidding, with todays sweeping definition changes, never know what the Left will be trigger by. If you are a Caucasian defending yourself from 3 Caucasian anarchists trying to kill you, apparently you are a racist.

        • He killed democrats – felons, child molesters, fiends – you know, democrats. That makes him a racist because if black people would have drawn down on him, he’d have killed them…that’s the very definition of a racist.

  15. On Veterans Day I think back to the late Mike Royko (Chicago Tribune columnist) and his Veterans Day column). It was usually about the vets having to go to work and people who avoided the military getting the day off as they had some type of govt job.

    How many vets out there have to work today? I’m retired now (USCG 1976-1997) so I get the day off…

    • You deserve the day off.

      For the record, I had a pizza for lunch today (true, it’s cold pizza leftover from last night’s supper, but it’s still pizza) in celebration of the day. Better than a C-Rat.

  16. I stay away from most things that happen on this day. Free restaurant meal? No thanks. For most of our fellow citizens, this is a day they can feel a little less guilty, IMO. “Thank you for your service!” while thinking, “Sucker, sure glad I got out of it”. Or, am I too harsh?

    • Most of us don’t want a free meal. I’d just be thrilled if the C-in-C didn’t call us all terrorists. I’d also be happy if he didn’t keep shitting himself in public, and if he could learn to read the teleprompter.

  17. I didn’t serve, but thank you all for doing so.

    And I completely understand the wrath you all feel towrds the current administration.

    I met Pappy at the Chino Warbirds Airshow. He was signing copies of his book, which I bought.

      • Once set a couple of rows back from him on a Hughes Air West flight. The pilot and co-pilot came back from the cockpit to say hello to him. He got off ahead of me at the next stop but I didn’t want to bother him.

    • He usually does. If you get the opportunity to meet Jim (Old NFO) Curtis in person, don’t let that opportunity pass. He’s one of the great ones

  18. The Black Sheep Squadron was the only one I knew and only because I recognized “Pappy” Boyington.

    I want to thank all the Veterans on this page for their service.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  19. The Ravens pic has a very Terry and the Pirates vibe, wot?

    Good reading non-fiction: The Ravens by Chris Robbins

    Good reading fiction: The Laotian Fragments by John Clark Pratt

    It’ll piss you off but good non-fiction: Tragic Mountains by Jane Hamilton-Merrit

  20. My T-37 instructor in USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) (1974-75) was a T-28 Raven FAC. He told some stories about it that I always found a little slanted. Years later after learning about the Raven FACs, I understood that he was leaving out a lot of stuff he couldn’t talk about. One thing peculiar about him was that he didn’t drink alcohol; he would be at the casual bar drinking soda’s with lime. I thouhgt he was a teatotaller. I found out just before graduating UPT that he contracted Hepatitus-A just before returning to the States and that is why he couldn’t drink.

    Here is a thought toast to him, “The Doo”!

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