Recount Observers are Needed


If you can spare three days or more, the Trump Campaign and the RNC are in need of poll watchers to observe the ballot recounts in several battleground states such as PA, GA, WI, MI, NV and AZ.

Your expenses will be paid for by the RNC including airfare, hotel, meals and airport transfers.

If you are interested, please contact Republican National Committeewoman Janet Fogarty –

Include your full contact information: name, address, e-mail, phone number as well as your earliest available start date and the amount of time you are willing to serve.

These recounts will take time, but they will not be done fairly without sufficient scrutiny. This blog has readers, some of whom have time on their hands. Think about volunteering a few days of your life for a good cause.




  1. I can see them getting so many requests the RNC having to turn away hundreds of thousands… I seriously consider it, but, I am having an infected, atrophied right kidney removed Nov 19th.

  2. Janet, I can help with the recount! Info for contacting me/Squatchlander@ or John Michael Haneline on my FB message board…..Please Respond, I’m willing to help with the work of a recount!

      • I’m wondering if this is legit. I emailed and have heard nothing. Anyone else? Was this set up by someone who wants names and addresses for retribution??

        • I don’t know. They have their enemies lists. It’s everyone who registered as a Republican – 70 million. They know where the clusters are and they know where you live. Doing something about it without having a backlash like no food anywhere resulting from a trucker strike, and other acts of civil disobedience and mischief is a lot more complicated.

          Just follow this blog. They will likely nuke me first.

  3. Pennsylvania judge awards Trump Team first court win. Bit by bit.

    AZ count still not finish (Seriously?) but Trump – still behind but reversing trend.

    Dominion Software is under the microscope, as they should be. Feinstein’s hubby is part of that one. True or not, it appears serious vote flipping from Trump to Biden by the source code seems to be the next thread of deception being revealed.

    Bit by bit.

    • “Dominion Software”
      Dominion: to hold power over, to dominate

      Boy, not only are they not trying to hide anything, they’re waving it around in our faces.

      PS there are so many refutations by trusted news sources and trusted fact checker services (staffed by Top Men, and Top Women, and Top Transpersons, and Top Otherkin, and Top Furries, etc etc etc) denying any connection between Richard C. Blum and Dominion that I’m now convinced that there IS a connection. The honorable Mr Blum is of course the husband of the notable patriot Senator Dianne Feinstein.

      • Get the lie out far enough in front, create the “popular” narrative as it were, so that the uninitiated believe the Dem’s and their propagandists. This gets spun back around where POTUS takes Term #2 (which I believe he did in the honest part of the election), we’ll see the unhinged come apart.

        It’s despicable in a supposed free county. Prison is too good for them. It’s the Basement for them, with deference to the guilt-ridden whistleblowers, who should get no blow-back because they ultimately did the right thing.

  4. I just sent my email request. I have deplorable friend who will gladly join me for the cause. FREEDOM.

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