For the First Time in History…

America has no president. We have “The Big Guy”, a weak, “owned”, frail, figurehead, not elected, but installed by a criminally corrupt political system. That system has an agenda and protection of your legal rights is not part of it. Agents and operatives of that system need to take a hard look in the mirror and decide what part they wish to play.


Palm Pistol

Le Gaulois palm pistol, A small double-action firearm fired using a squeeze trigger, loaded with half a dozen stubby cartridges. It doesn’t require a genius to make them. Just some steel, and a good machine shop.

The “Stinger” issued to OSS operatives as a pen-gun was even more simple, firing a .22LR for use at point-blank range, in crowds. Fire and drop.


Identify the Aircraft



Modern Leadership


Identify the Tank

I’m giving you two photos to work with,  but you shouldn’t need them both. When you look at the bogies and running gear (after all this time looking at tank quizzes) you should be able to name the country right off the bat.

The classification evolved over time – self-propelled artillery, assault gun, A/T Tank, etc. They all work. This particular unit was one of the best this country produced in the time period.

While more attention is paid in most quarters to the evolution of military aircraft, the evolution of armor followed the same pattern.

Some countries were able to evolve industrially, and some were not because of the nature of the war and the relative significance of Armor. The Japanese seemed content to function without armor…and without air supremacy, your armor has a much shorter life.


There is no transition from Daylight Saving Time to Standard time in Arizona. We don’t move the hands of the clock backward and forward…


  1. Repeating what was said earlier/elsewhere: even an idiot gets it right once in a while. When the administration is wrong 100% of the time, it’s deliberate.

    • When you take everything into account, the weaponization of IRS, FBI, and other institutions is most disturbing of all because it requires the complicity of a lot of people.

        • > Modern George looks like a banker.

          He was, he collected taxes to pay the revolutionary war debt “loans” for the rich seaboard families:

          Those would be the “loans” taken out by the not-yet-Americans via their legislature which didn’t exist yet. Conclusion: “taxation without representation is fine if we do it”

          • Touche’.

            My comment (erroneously placed due to wacky iPad) was intended as complimentary; he looks distinguished and thoughtful, which coincides with what I have read about him. We sorely need more of his type in office, although I suspect he’d wreak havoc on House clearing if he were with is today.

  2. Well, of course you’d live in a place that doesn’t follow the rules. What’s the time Mr Wolf?

    That handy little palm pistol looks like a staple gun but it’s a lot more exciting.

    • “Staple gun”
      Hah! That thing needs to say “That was easy!” after being fired. Then it’d be not a staple gun but a Staples (TM) gun. Future “smart” versions of the device will be able to sense and process biometrics of the target. Basically it’ll say “That was easy!” If and only if you’ve killed your target.

  3. I noticed that the Veep now speaks with a Pepe le Pew/Maurice Chevalier accent. Isn’t that special? She learned to speak “French” in just a few hours. I’m sure that France is honored. She’s so smart. She’s a Space Veep too, which is even more special. Maybe Bezos could give her a flight in his flying penis?

  4. The Semovente was probably the best armor the Italians produced. The Germans actually didn’t dislike the ones they captured, nor did the Brits. One of the few Italian vehicles that could effectively take out an M3 or M4 medium.

    That Frog trainer/light attack looks much sexier than the T-37/AT-37, but I’d rather have the Cessna, especially the upgraded AT-37 version.

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