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I feel so neglected, so overlooked, so dismissed, so — empty. Who knew that the stewardesses who served in the British Airways first and business class cabin also served in other ways (h/t Stormy).  I only fly in the good cabins (first class or upper class) and not one, “coffee, tea or me” question, with a wink or something. 
No invitation to tea and crumpets and a happier landing. 
I’m definitely not cool enough. – OR – Were they actually spies working for MI-6 who feared my mojo? Now that is a question isn’t it? 
When you fly Aeroflot, the flight attendants are mostly models and there’s an assumption that they work for Mother Russia and whisper in Putin’s ear (red sparrows).  
So British Airways, thanks for NOTHING!

13 thoughts on “Friendlier Skies

  1. I've never flown British Airways, so no comment.

    The gals on SAS, however, were something to behold….

  2. My most recent on BA, LAX to HHR, was wonderful. I may have been the only passenger who remained awake the entire flight. I participated in three parties with the FAs. In order to not disturb the other pax, wink wink, the FAs conspired to arrange a private lounge seat for me to which they brought every form of liquid libation. Oh, and how they did serve, the details thereof to be left to the imaginations of the reader.

    Now that I think of it, their planning must also had included a knockout drug for me misses for who sleeps 12 hours straight through? And if she had the merest suspicion of what had actually transpired I should expect divorce paper upon landing.

  3. At least I had the better meal and more comfortable seats with leg room offered at the front of the aircraft.

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