There is a big push from key Republicans who are in the pocket of the Military-Industrial Complex and Democrats who lap at the same trough to send more US troops to Ukraine.

At present, there are 300 soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade on a training mission in Ukraine, and best information, they are not in Donbass.

There is absolutely no reason for the USA to intercede in a civil war in Ukraine. The contested area is overwhelmingly pro-Russian. Crimea voted over 95% to rejoin Russia.  The numbers fall at about the same level in Donbass.

There are different political philosophies, different ethnicities, different traditions, and different cultures to be considered. Drawing a line on a map rarely works. Imagine forcing Texas to join California, under Californian control, and you can visualize the situation.

A shooting war wherein the US is inserted would help to keep the same level of military expenditure going that we experienced in Afghanistan and the military-industrial complex wants to keep that ball rolling.

The Ukrainian army is experiencing a shortage of 5.45 mm and 7.62 mm ammunition. Do you know why? The only ammunition plant in Ukraine was in Lugansk, (now held by rebels). The country sold its (huge) reserves from Soviet times long before 2014 on the “military” market. Who profited from the sale? Guess.

Do you think a country that is allegedly at war with Russia has built an ammunition plant in 7 years? No. They didn’t need to because foreign aid dealt with the problem.

They did try to make 152 mm shells – Ukrainian principal artillery caliber. The shells were unusable. They exploded before reaching the ground or did not explode at all. It was a scandal, but that’s the situation.

“War is a racket”

There is an oiliness about the American desire to join in the civil war on the side of Ukraine. Remember that “The Big Guy” got a piece of every crooked energy deal that went down in Ukraine. How will the kickbacks work now? Will Hunter Biden give up his lucrative art business and return to be a bagman for oligarchs who have interests in Ukraine?

Cynics, and I include myself in their number, believe that one purpose of this move is to take the focus off China, the legitimate enemy of the United States and, frankly, the rest of the world. There has been a concerted effort by sinister globalists to make Russia an enemy of the US since the Russia hoax that involved President Trump.

China does not want to see a world where the US and Russia making a common cause against THEM.

Never forget who owns the Biden Crime Family.


  1. China owns the Bidens, and by association, owns much of the media. Both, without remorse, imperil the United States, are guilty of sedition (if not outright treason) and would be prosecuted if justice wasn’t blinded by money. They’re really no different than many in Russia, and the United States. As long as blood is spilled to enrich others, there will never be anything resembling peace. As long as fiction is the replacement for truth, there will be few with the ability to have all the facts for logical reasoning.

  2. Hopefully we will stay out of the entire Ukrainian mess but I doubt it. As you said it will refocus attention away from China with the added benefit of lining the pockets of defense contractors.

    If Crimea wants to be under Russian control and the Russians are for it then it is none of our business.

    The Bidens will profit from both sides of the conflict. Just business as usual, nothing to see here, move along.

  3. “The contested area is overwhelmingly pro-Russian. Crimea voted over 95% to rejoin Russia. ”
    and Joe Biden won the 2020 election

    • Now, I’m sorry to hear. that, LSP. I’m sure that he’ll account well for himself. But we shouldn’t be going to war with Russia over that.

  4. In fairness, the Russians don’t help the case for treating them better very much.

    All the ridiculous James Bond Supervillain Doomsday Weapons of late aren’t really international confidence-builders, for example.

    Overall though, I concur with your assessments here.


  5. brandon is sending fla national guard to ukraine. ukraine elected pro russian president which hillary/cia deposed and started this fiasco in motion. they don’t want it to go to full on war b/c they are making huge sums in graft money on all the ukrainian industries. they have their tentacles in everything. the guard will get caught in the middle. …..yemeni forces attacked the us embassy and took hostages yesterday. haven’t found a peep about it on the news or net. state dept. says the yemeni workers disappeared 5 days ago. that should have triggered marine security, but nothing was done.

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