Happy New Year – 2017

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It’s time to throw the runes again and when that doesn’t work, consult the tea leaves as we prognosticate the coming year. I will share a few thoughts. Chime in if you would like with predictions of your own:

* Mainstream media ratings will continue to decline as they make themselves increasingly irrelevant. All of their foot stomping, grasping of therapy pets, crying towels, and wearing onesies in their safe spaces didn’t do much for their anointed queen. Their hatred for President Trump won’t translate into public opinion as he delivers on promises to help make America great again, and his approval rating will climb steadily through the year.

* A Muslim nation will welcome Christians to build churches and cathedrals and Jews to build synagogues and temples, which it will protect as America protects mosques….. hahahaha. When pigs fly.

* Progs will replace their love for #blacklivesmatter with increasingly open loathing and hatred for President Trump – as we have seen so far.
* President Trump’s agenda (including support for Israel) will garner grudging support from the Democrats who will want to bitterly oppose him but may not be able to because opposing rebuilding inner cities and delivering jobs to the poor cut to the heart of what the Democrats once were.
* The repeal of Obamacare will grind on and on in Congress, eventually turning into a Republican modification that looks something like the old medicare with a few bells and whistles tacked on.

* Wars and Rumors of War: In 2016, the world still featured six major potential theaters of general war. Three of them – North Korea vs South Korea; China vs Taiwan; India vs Pakistan – experienced increased tension compared to 2015. All three are threats of alliance warfare involving China. China is trying to juggle a lot of things and a shooting war anywhere in their sphere of influence would unbalance the act, so they’ll try to tamp things down in 2017.
The situation in Syria will improve if only incrementally. ISIS will be more difficult to eradicate than President Trump thinks it will be, and the Saudis will continue squaring off with Iran in Yemen (and elsewhere). Ukraine/Crimea will continue to simmer.

Last year, Swedish officials became particularly nervous about Russian muscle flexing. They ordered all municipalities to make preparations for a general war with Russia. The threat from Russia was mainly subversive and mostly bluff. Russian leaders continue to retaliate for NATO’s expansion to the borders of Russia. Under Putin, Russian unconventional tactics have thus far blocked additional expansion and put NATO on the defensive. Putin has used bluffs, demonstrations of new military capabilities, cyber attacks, and subversion.

Nevertheless, the Russian state remained incapable of waging general war because of its economic weakness. In 2017, Russia will work toward rapprochement with the Trump Administration and will work collaboratively with the US against radical Islam.

* Politics:  (1) Barack will host his own talk show on MSNBC and the ratings will suck; (2) Anthony Weiner will get into some sort of trouble with sexting and will inevitably draw Hillary and Bill into the scandal; (3) Michelle Obama will go out in public and nobody will know (or care) who she is. She will lose more hope; (4) Bill Clinton will dump his current mistress (Energizer Bunny) and will hook up with one of Hugh Hefner’s cast-off’s. Progs will tacitly approve because they live through Bill, the “first black president”; 
* I will move from Southern California to Scottsdale, AZ, and will continue to work on my usual projects for fun and profit as the White Wolf Mine plan is fully executed. At present, I don’t think that I’ll be in the new compound until 2018, but that’s in the future and the crystal ball is misty.

20 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2017

  1. May I add some forecasts:
    Science &Tech:
    Chinese data will show EMDrive works. Development of 0.5-1.0N/kW class device by end of year.
    No significant development in LENR power generation.
    Home 3D printers with surface finishing capable of printing hard steel alloys costing less than $10k. Ghost guns anyone?
    Disruption of Trump's inauguration. Low level leftist agitation in Dem controlled cities. Reduced corporate tax rates, incentives to hire in US. Repeal of Obama executive orders. Trump EO to "Pournelle" labor regs i.e. double the applicability floor.
    Rapproachment with Russia, standing up to China.
    Muslim terrorist attacks in Germany, France, UK, US.
    Asad regains control of Syria; purges.
    Refugee/economic migrant problem not fixed.
    Increase in nationalism in European politics; ouster of Merkel, counter-jihad attacks on Muslim enclaves.
    Economics&Social: US economic collapse postponed 18 months. Perhaps averted.
    Reduction in welfare benefits leads to Summer riots in Dem controlled cities.
    US national debt stops growing; perhaps reduced the $18T; forecast reduction to $15T by 2020. Inflation increase to 3%, FRIR increase to 0.5%.
    Peace on Earth: unlikely.
    Evidence of ET life: likely.
    Habitable exo-earth: discovered.

  2. There have been a lot of claims that extraterrestrial life will be discovered "soon". While I don't deny that it must exist out there, the evidence has been illusive so far- 2017? Who knows?

  3. We can look at the macro picture and speculate. I am far more optimistic with Mr. Trump as President and Commander-in-Chief than the alternative.

    At the micro level, bills will still need to be paid and aging will continue to hammer my body. No need to bitch, just drive on.

  4. White Wolf Mine: did you fire your architect yet?
    Sweden: to hell with those flaming socialists, let Russia have Sweden. The Swedes have been lounging under the defensive umbrella of the US and NATO since WWII, and instead of investing in their own defense (battleships, aircraft carriers, tanks, etc.) they instead spent their wealth on social programs. Cut those Swedes loose, see how they fare in a dangerous world without Uncle Sam's 'training wheels.'

  5. The architect is still scribbling away.

    The Swedes have their hands full with Muslim rape gangs roaming the country.

  6. Thank you, Jules. That project is inching its way toward completion. I'll be much more content once we've broken ground.

  7. I may need to modify my prophetic mutterings as the year progresses to remain "correct". Think of Hillary reseting her campaign ever two months and you'll see where I'm headed.

  8. Trump will reboot the Dakota Access pipeline project. He will also start taking another look at nuclear energy.

  9. I'm positive of the former, and it would make sense to take a very hard look at the latter. Clean nuclear energy is a very good option. France's power grid is 80% nuclear, for example.

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