Is a Cooked Bird, Prejudice?

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My daughter, Emile, attended a picnic pot luck lunch at college that coincided with the final exam process.    She told me that she planned to bring fried chicken. I said, “confess up front to the students that you’re part black.” Your chicken is award-winning and the black people at school will wonder if you’re part negro because it will be better than their momma and their grandma’s chicken.
Her reaction was, “you are so racist”. 
Yeah, of course. I’m also islamophobic and all of the other things.
She took the chicken, it was a massive hit, and a black student came up to her and asked, “are you part black? Because that chicken is even better than my grandma makes!”
Naturally, she immediately texted me with a ROFL. 
Sometimes the old man isn’t as dumb as she thinks that he is.

8 thoughts on “Is a Cooked Bird, Prejudice?

  1. The following declaration will make all the grammas, nannas and aunties out there want my head on a pike: no homemade recipe comes close to the fried chicken you get at Church's. Not Popeyes, not KFC (although great stuff in its own right), nobody does it like Church's Fried Chicken. Sorry nana, your chicken is lame comparatively speaking.

    There, I've said it. Now let the hating begin…..

  2. Everyone has their favorite recipes. Church's is beloved in the black community, but it's not nearly as good as what I get at home. Which was the point that the student made.

  3. Church's is loved in the black community because it was one of the first successfully black owned companies. Like the pResident, they will support anything to do with black peoples stuff.

  4. Just taking fried chicken should label her as racist. But, now if she took fried chicken and watermelon…

  5. I didn't know that. Church's Chicken is always greasy, and that's an immediate turn off. Emilie cooks with safflower oil and it never comes off as greasy in the slightest.

    It all comes down to everyone's tastes and preferences being slightly different.

  6. Once had a neighbor for several years that was the blackest black man I've ever seen. One day he said to me, "In all the years we've been neighbors you have never said anything about me being black".
    My reply? "Sorry Geech, I thought you knew".

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