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This blog has explored why the American system is floundering, why the Obama Administration is pushing it down the slippery slope, and why Hillary will keep up the ‘good work’. Culture and societies are destroyed by too much consumption and not enough production, a debased currency and endemic corruption. It was true of ancient Rome and Persia and the modern poster child is Greece. Is America also following that pattern? It may depend on who you speak with. 
Noted historian, Victor Davis Hanson, says that  two more fundamental causes for decline are even more frightening: an unwillingness to pay taxes and the end of the rule of law.
Al Sharpton is again prominently in the news, blaming various groups for the Baltimore unrest. But Sharpton currently owes the U.S. government more than $3 million in back taxes, according to reports. His excuses have ranged from insufficient funds to pay them to sloppy record-keeping and mysterious fires. 
Sharpton, a frequent White House guest, apparently assumes that his community-organizing provides him political exemption from federal tax law. He seems to be right, at least as long as the current administration is in power. 
The Clinton Foundation is expected to refile its tax returns for 2010, 2011 and 2012 after failing to separate government grants from donations. If an average citizen tried to amend his taxes for such huge sums and from that long ago, he would probably be under indictment. 
News reports of undocumented donations from foreign governments caught the foundation underreporting its income. The well-connected Clinton clan apparently assumed that their political status ensured them immunity.
Under the current system, the very wealthy have the pull and capital to navigate around the 3.7-million-word IRS tax code. Billionaire George Soros, a proponent of big government and higher taxes, reportedly could face a tax bill of approximately $7 billion after years of deferrals. (IBD)
The politicized taxation system in America means that if you’re part of a corrupt system such as we found former IRS official Lois Learner to be, the Justice Department will overlook your crimes. Increasingly in the United States, the degree to which a law is enforced — or whether a person is indicted — depends on political considerations. 
There is no doubt but what former first lady, scorned wife, US senator, secretary of state and corrupt fundraiser, Hillary Clinton, will only expand the system of patronage and favoritism that already exists. Thus it should be no surprise that Wall Street, Big Hollywood and other heavy donors find Hillary an acceptable successor to Obama.

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  1. I can see the Clintons flourishing in ancient Rome as a corrupt part of the senatorial class, but Sharpton? I think we've one-upped the empire of the Caesars with that high stepping mountebank.

  2. You are of course referring to the "buck dancing" Reverend Sharpton – yes, even the crowned heads of medieval Europe did not have a jester in Little Al's class. There may be a reason for that. About the first time he popped off, he'd likely be skewered and fed to the pigs.

  3. With the justice department so corrupted now, none of these criminals will face indictment or even investigation. The fix is in for them.

    And the incoming GOP administration will not have the stomach to issue indictments on these crooks, as they will consider the payback they will get once they lose the next election and the crooks and thier buddies are back in office.

    Quite a few banana republics are looking down their noses at us.

  4. This is amazing… If any of US tried that, our asses would be UNDER the jail in a heartbeat…

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