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Even as I clean up from NY Eve and and box the Christmas stuff, it’s all getting packed for moving instead of going to a place in the garage. Big doings as I CALEXIT. 
My daughter Kelly and my three lovely granddaughters will be moving out of the mansion this week and will move to Arizona. I will miss them very much. You can see them (right) partying like it’s 2017. Between the ice cream and goodies, I’m shocked that they were able to sit still for this selfie that Kelly managed.

LL, headed off to work.
For those of you who know the girls, Emilie is still home and is patching up things with her Naval Aviator, who has been home for Christmas. That’s a good thing too.
Now there is the challenge of getting the house ready to sell, packing, and keeping up with work, which has been going crazy in a good way. I am not quite sure how I’ll manage flying around the country and hemisphere with the other things going on but it will work out as it always does. I don’t plan on getting a therapy pet to help me get through it.
I expect that the political blogging and ranting will continue through the coming year, God willing. I appreciate you who read my scratching and comment from time to time.
I could have made New Year’s resolutions, but why? There are none that I would have any interest in keeping – so why bother?

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  1. A suggestion: Hire a home-stager before listing your house. Have your realtor make some suggestions and then vet their work before choosing one.

    Here's one I follow on-line. Under "hire me" she lists some recommended home-stagers, but I'm sure your realtor knows of some good local ones.


  2. Good luck with all that. That packing malarkey is such fun isn't it…. I feel your pain.
    I think a wolf would be good as a therapy pet and go beautifully with your many masks. 😉

  3. I agree with Jules. Get a Wolf Therapy Pet. Imagine the kind of therapy the beast would provide when, say, BLM tries to infiltrate the Compound's perimeter. Powerful, right?

  4. Adriene's idea for the stager is sound, I've done it on a number of our houses, and it makes a difference. Also providing a binder listing paints, appliances, and service (pool, yard, et) providers, etc. etc. You'll gett'r done, all in good time.
    Moving can be such fun, said she who quit counting after the moving of the camp coffee pot & the box of rocks 29 times.
    So good to hear that Emilie and her beau are working things out, Yay.
    Just think what a terrific place the White Wolf is going to be for all those grandkids! Summer camp with Grampa will be one of the highlights of their lives.
    Life is an adventure…

  5. Sounds like all things are moving in a positive direction, which is a GOOD way to start the new year!

  6. My late father recommended moving with a 5 gallon can of gas and a book of matches.

  7. And make sure they "stage" your house to be appealing to a woman.

    While having a man cave look to it is certainly appealing to the male side of things, it's almost always the woman who gives the "GO-NOGO" approval to the purchase.

    My wife has been doing all the painting/cleaning/organizing for our sale with that in mind, and remembering the first home purchase I was involved with, I'd agree with her!

    My first wife called all the shots; I just wrote all the checks!

  8. I don't know what I hate more, moving or painting. If I had it, I'd pay a moving company pack it all and move it. But, alas, I can't afford to pay attention. Good luck, keep on smiling.

  9. Yes, moving is a major league bitch. When I was young and in the US Army, moving was all part of the gig, and I moved maybe 15 times in 12 years. Never thought twice about it.

    Of course, I was young and dumb back then. Now that I am old and dumb, moving sucks. At least I have a few nickels to rub together now, and Allied or Mayflower does all the back breaking work, and I just stand and point at stuff. Still, a pain regardless.

    I still have unopened boxes in my basement, taped up and never touched from my last move 13 years ago. I could simply throw them in the garbage and never know what I threw out, and my life would not change in the slightest.

    Then there's moving twice: once out of your current digs into temp digs while the hovel is constructed. Then once done, do it all again.

    Oh man, I do not envy you LL. Until after all the dust settles, that is.

  10. This is a pack once, move twice sort of project. I think that I'm going to put some of the compound's STUFF into storage and do without some of my gear for a year.

  11. I have a goal of tossing what will turn out to be unopened and taped boxes that remain in the basement until my kids open them after I die. Let's see if that happens.

  12. I have been looking out by Fountain Hills-ish for a rental. But I'm not locked into any particular district. I've been reading on zillow.com but haven't done any foot work.

  13. And if you know what it is when you toss it, you will need it in the next day or week. Guaranteed.

  14. I have always hated moving. In the military, or as a civilian. Always new stuff to get used to; and as I get older, I like that less.
    I am glad to hear this New Year is getting a good start for you and your family. God bless you all.

  15. Moving can be hell, but it can also highlight the bestest feelings of rounding the next new corner that can open whole new worlds, i.e., it doesn't all have to be bad. Hey, you could've been doing the same thing under hillary's administration.

  16. Nope. You won't toss them, or disturb the faded and cracking packing tape. They will be like Al Capone's vault to your kids. They will think you packed your priceless collection of Ming vases within, and when they open them they will find 24 Mason jars, no lids, all individually wrapped by Mayflower in 1991, still intact after all these years.

  17. The process of moving is a headache even with people helping you move. I'm not packing up the U-Haul and going it alone. Even so it's a process that I'd rather avoid.

    But it's my choice to do all this. I'm following my star.

  18. Thank you Linda G. At least I'm not moving to some uncivilized outpost like New Jersey, Detroit, Aleppo, etc.

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