Happy Mother’s Day

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Even if your mother is no longer living and even if you never knew your mother, you have one. We owe our mothers life and so much more. The woman who raised me and loved me was not my birth mother. She was my grandmother, but no one could have loved me more, and though she passed, I still honor her.  Happy Mother’s Day!


In nature’s realm, all gleams must fade away,

Like leaves of gold that dance in morning’s light.

Each precious hue, ephemeral display,

With fleeting grace, succumbs to dark of night.

The golden dawn, in beauty’s fleeting breath,

Paints skies and fields with hues of richest gold.

Yet time’s relentless march, a dance with death,

Steals fleeting splendor, stories left untold.

No gold can stay, though cherished and adored,

Its brilliance dims as shadows claim their sway.

Yet, in its passing, lessons are learned,

Embrace the moment, for it too shall stray.

The Sermonette


Bullet Points:

** Fractional Reserve Banking – a massive Ponzi scheme completely legal and exploited by all banks. Instead of lending against deposits, they lend against — nothing on hand, maximizing profits. And it works so long as the loans are paid back with interest. If they’re not, the bank is found to be insolvent.

** Ah, the good old days.

** Florida is the first state to ban fake meat out of health concerns.

** Extinction.

** (The Bee) NASHVILLE, TN – Leaders from the United Methodist Church have announced a tentative plan to split the church over differences on whether or not Methodists should be Christian or some social group with a vague deist motif that makes up morality based on whatever it feels like. (Your Sermonette)

“There was just no way to reconcile differences,” said Rev. Lloyd Patrick, one of those dismayed by the recent push by traditionalists to follow the Bible instead of each person’s own heart. “A lot of people still want to follow Jesus — a person from 2000 years ago who made no statements about pronouns and thus has no relevance today — which is just silly since we all know so much more now and have a better grasp on morality than a bunch of ancient people.”

Rev. Patrick went on to describe how Christian beliefs put an unnecessary burden on people, as they can lead to ridicule or even being canceled. “I guess they don’t have to worry about that in primitive places overseas,” Rev. Patrick said, “but we can’t be expected to deal with that in the U.S.”

** Over the past week, the Biden administration has sharpened its criticism of Israel’s war effort in Gaza and threatened to withhold arms from Israel if it goes ahead with its plans to bombard Rafah. But U.S. pressure has not succeeded in inducing Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu to scale back his assault on the southern Gazan city—let alone lay out a serious plan for a postwar future for the region. Nobody respects Jo/Ho/Blinky at State. Nor, might I add, should they. At least the democrats might have picked a smart whore instead of the one they have running as Pedo Joe’s replacement in 2024.

** Mark Zuckerberg considered acquiring or permanently funding The Associated Press. Then Soros told him, “relax; we already own it.”

** The Daily Caller reported, “Disney’s Stock Plummets As Market Grapples With Earnings Report.”  –DeSantisfreude– Instead of dipping into state politics, Disney should have stuck to what it does best. Groom children.

** Some say, “The FBI only solves crimes it commits. And even then, not often.”

** Time reported, “New York Governor Regrets Saying Black Kids in the Bronx Don’t Know What a Computer Is.” She embarrassed the Homeowners Association board so badly that they almost had to let a black family move in to prove they weren’t racist.


Should we discuss the Second Amendment on Mother’s Day?

What better day?

The gun control lobby is consistently pushing narratives that support gun control. However, their proposed anti-2A legislation lacks “common sense” policies, as they claim.

Ammo.com compiled the data to show the anti-gun control arguments that the media, politicians, and gun control advocates won’t tell you.

Here are a few highlights that you’ll find in the Ammo.com report:

  • Gun control support is dropping nationwide; Whereas 78% of Americans supported gun control thirty years ago, only 56% support it today.
  • Homicide rates increased after federal gun control legislation. National homicide rates increased to 8.9 per 100,000 people after the 1968 Gun Control Act and reduced to 5.07 per 100,000 after the Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired.
  • Despite claims, the Supreme Court consistently rules that the Second Amendment applies to individuals and is not a collective right that applies solely to militias.


In this Month 1999

in 1999, actor Oliver Reed died in Malta during the production of GLADIATOR. Reed had consumed 8 pints of beer, 12 shots of rum, half a bottle of whisky, and cognac after challenging sailors from HMS Cumberland to a drinking contest in a pub. He then defeated several sailors in arm wrestling before collapsing.


Identify the SPG/Vehicle






Parting Shots


27 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Identify the SPG/Vehicle:
    1. Sherman hull with AMX-13 turret
    2. M56 Scorpion
    3. Sd.Kfz. 10/4
    4. Beaverette Mk III AA with Boulton-Paul type A turret

  2. If I were hanged on the highest hill,
    Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine!
    I know whose love would follow me still,
    Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine!

    If I were drowned in the deepest sea,
    Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine!
    I know whose tears would come down to me,
    Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine!

    If I were damned of body and soul,
    I know whose prayers would make me whole,
    Mother o’ mine, O mother o’ mine!

    I’ll be running the 100 yard line at the range today. I’m hoping to see some mothers out there today.

          1. Two words: Body armor. Nah, you’ll be fine…just say a few heavy duty prayers of protection beforehand.

          2. I was finishing up at a range yesterday and a group of “young adults” come in and start clowning around.
            I thought about how immature they were acting, and glad I was leaving when the manager storms in.
            She had been watching through the video feed and when she walked in their muzzle control was non-existent, guns pointing at people..
            She told them they act like that one more time and they are gone, no refunds. I think she was lenient.

  3. You sure that’s a Bee article about UMC? Be-coz it’s pretty close to what their “leaders” are trying to do to it…..and largely succeeding if running off most of their affiliates is the goal. Which it may in fact be.
    I grew up Methodist then UMC when they merged with United Brethren and have no use for it these days.

    1. Having never joined a church nor attended any service other than a funeral in decades, who am I to offer an opinion? There are these words called the Ten Commandments that have endured for how long? Seems to be a fairly clear and concise framework for a decent life, IMO.

  4. If Oliver Reed really died like that, well, that’s one legendary way to cross the Rubicon. Tip of the hat to you, sir.

    1. “Feelings” trump everything nowadays…well…for those who think they are the sole arbiters who get to reinvent society on their terms. Problem is it’s based on self-loathing and zero Biblical tenet. Funny (not) how God sets forth “X” and man (aka ‘some in society’) work overtime to sway and smudge the lines to twist the outcome into what they demand. “Open minds” on such things get filled with anything and everything…there’s no substance, it’s hollow.

      God says to stick to the basics and you’ll do just fine….otherwise, without that premise, now look, chaos without a conscience abounds. Yet we’re the bad guys.

        1. Sometimes I get the feeling they’re in a different reality than I am. The worst thing is…..They Just Don’t Learn….

  5. Oliver Reed- Heard that story about him. Not all actors are man-bun sportin’, skinny jeans wearing wimps, many have some depth. Major h/t to Mr. Reed, went out on his own terms, livin’ large while owning every Gladiator scene he was in…and that’s tough to do opposite Crowe. Might be on the re-watch list tonight with a finger of rum on the side table.
    Plant-based slop…err…”meat”, is similar to EV’s; looks okay on the surface, seem to do the same thing as the real-deal, but once you partake there is a bad taste left that just doesn’t measure up. Any fool dumping a bunch “FDA Approved” chemicals (some likely unknown) into their body (aka ‘temple’, Catholic or not) means nothing anymore…how’d that work out with the Not-A-Vax, Astra-Zeneca anyone?
    Mom’s been gone a few years now…larger than life despite her stature, the glue of our family, fun but serious…and could cook like no other (miss the Sunday full spread roast beef dinners that were cooking all day after church). We boys later realized that our good fortune, not all mom’s were alike in seriousness or allowing us to explore our personalities within the boundaries of “the rules” (and to not embarrass the family…that would’ve been ‘me’). Miss her dearly. “Skaal!” to mom.

  6. My mother is most what defined me as a boy. Sure, my father was present and an important part of that upbringing. Of the six kids I was the one that most emulated her, you could not double dog dare me, like my mother, her fiery perfect Irish temperament manifested most strongly and gentile, loving spirit imbued me with wonder and caring. I was the only child that followed in her footsteps as a nurse, a profession she loved and I came to love. In all that I was my parents nightmare, headstrong but not foolish, I tested their patience, I still was loved. I miss my mother, my friend and mentor.

  7. Mother’s Day. I had a much, much better mother than I deserved and I thank her and will leave it at that.

    Plant based meat. Maybe someday..but not today, or this week, or this decade. Way too salty and taste free and now I have to have tri-tip for dinner tonight..

    Religion. Personal opinion but I find way too many organized churches get in the way of a belief in God by interjecting what the individual pastor believes into faith. I believe in a God that started this whole mess (the universe) going. I try to be charitable and treat others like I would like to be treated and I hope I would want to be flogged and left to rot in a gibbet if I legitimately raped someone. I also think the Ten Commandments are a pretty good guide to life that should be followed and that is about it.

  8. Yet again, another outstanding watercolor. LL, you’ve been hiding your light under a bushel. And a very engaging ecclesial infographic.

    A session singer from Minneapolis (!) once told me she felt guilty because she was a catholic, do understand pronouns weren’t disputed in those days, and I asked her, “Monica, people generally feel guilty about some wrong, some malfeasance that they’ve committed. What. Have. You. Done.”

    She had to laugh.

    The girl sung for Led Zep, back in the day, and Plant afterwards. A right diva.

  9. Here’s a Happy Mother’s Day to MrsLL, your daughters, and all the other mothers out there.
    The watercolor is gorgeous. It’s one of those paintings where I feel as if I’ve been there. It’s a very nice meld of modernism and abstract. Bold strokes, excellent use of color, and well-balanced composition. It gives the feeling of a Fall day, probably a Sunday, or perhaps just a mid-week afternoon.

    1. Larry “Bob Ross” Lambert…doing that with the correct shading, strokes, and perspective…so [seemingly] quickly is serious talent, but we are not surprised.

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